10 New Year's Drinks Worth Staying Up For

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Ready to ring in the New Year? Toast in style! From Champagne to gin, and tequila to big-batches of punch — these recipes are perfect for bringing your favorite people together to reflect on the past and celebrate what's to come. Raise your glass and keep the party going with these 10 New Year's Cocktails... these drinks are worth staying up for!

10 Toast-Worthy New Year's Cocktails:

1. Pomegranate French 75

Pomegranate French 75

The French 75 has been ringing in the holidays since the 1920s (and maybe earlier) and has always had a festive kick. Yet even it could use a splash of Christmas color! Pomegranate French 75 combines the bubbling, boozy, heady champagne and gin brew with the sweet and vibrant tartness of pomegranate juice. The drink becomes a luscious, rosy pink that feels as romantic and enchanting as the holidays can be! Pomegranate French 75 is a drink so delicious you'll want to raise a glass to it!

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2. Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb image

It's a festive, fruity explosion of flavor! The Cherry Bomb takes the classic bubbly joy of champagne and stirs it with tropical pineapple and deeply-sweet maraschino cherry juice. You can practically see the fun fizzing up in every flute you fill with Cherry Bomb; guaranteed to blow people's minds! Bottoms up and cheers!

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3. Champagne Holiday Punch

Champagne Holiday Punch

Fruity, refreshing, and fun, all the requirements of a tasty glass-of-class! Champagne Holiday Punch will "wow" your guests and leave them coming back for more. Orange juice and dry Champagne take center stage with cranberry juice, ginger ale, sliced strawberries and oranges, and a little basil all joining in on the punch party. 'Tis the season to celebrate in style with Champagne Holiday Punch. May all your celebrations be bright, and bubbly!

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4. French 75

French 75 image

The French 75 is one of the most historic and historically popular cocktails ever created. It's been around since World War I and even appeared in Casablanca because it's simply that delicious. The floral and herby flavor of the gin pairs well with the tart lemon juice and the sparkling Champagne. The French 75 helps ring in the new year with the taste of class and sophistication.

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5. Bubbly Love Potion

Love Potion 4

What's the secret recipe for falling in love? While we don't have those kinds of answers, we know that no matter what, you're bound to fall for this Bubbly Love Potion. The sweetness of the rich blackberry syrup mixed with your favorite sparkly Champagne will have the strongest magnetic effect on your taste buds... after one sip, you'll know it was meant to be. It'll be love-at-first-taste, without a doubt. So, go ahead, see what love's all about with a nice, chilled glass of Bubbly Love Potion!

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6. Million Dollar Mule

Million Dollar Mule

The trusty steed of the cocktail world shouldn't be confined to the tavern or the pub! It belongs in your living room or on your patio with you, helping to melt away your cares from a long day! The mixture of spicy, bubbly ginger beer and lime juice creates a brew that has tang and sharpness, with just the right amount of sweetness! Serve it up in a copper mug for the full experience, but no matter how you serve it, Million Dollar Mule is worth its name and then some!

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7. Sloe Gin Fizz

Sloe Gin Fizz

Sloe Gin Fizz is a classic cocktail in some parts of the world, and just taking a sip you can see why. Sloe gin by itself is a delicious liqueur with notes of floral, almost royal-rich plum flavor. Adding a touch of lemon juice for brightness and simple syrup for sweetness, all Sloe Gin Fizz needs is a bit of club soda for that trademark bubbly fun! Don't let your beverage game fizzle out!

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8. Sparkling Blanco Sangria

Sparkling Blanco Sangria image

Some drinks are just as beautiful to look at as they are to sip. The glow of a sunbeam through a glass of Sparkling Blanco Sangria definitely qualifies. This sweet and buzzy summertime refreshment is infused with fresh citrus, crisp apples, and floral nectarine flavors, and then it pops with sparkling wine and bright soda for a glittering gallery of tastes. The fruit glistens like jewels in the chilled brew! Sparkling Blanco Sangria is a drink of luxury, especially considering it's so quick to make. Sparkling smiles are sure to follow when you start serving these.

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9. Top-Rated Margarita


Honestly, no matter what cuisine is being served, you're always gonna want this Top-Rated Margarita in your glass! It tastes like sweet and sour nectar from above, and adds just the right kind of tingle to your meal to makes it a little bit more fun. Plus, it's super, super quick to stir up! Three cheers for Top-Rated Margarita! There really is none better!

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10. Poinsettia Sipper

Poinsettia Sipper

This festive drink resembles the gorgeous Christmas flower in color and the whole feeling of the holiday season in taste! The Poinsettia Sipper bubbles with charm and spark, with the sweet tartness of cranberry juice for vibrancy and flavor and orange zest for a little hint of winter sunshine in every sip. Plus, this is an incredibly easy cocktail to whip up in the jingle of a jingle bell! Frosty and refreshing, Poinsettia Sipper decorates the table the same way the wreath decorates the door... only this is one decoration you can drink down and enjoy to the fullest!

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What will be in your glass at midnight? Let's get mixing! Cheers!

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