10 Weird Drinks You'll Be Craving

Unicorn Lemonade 8

Sometimes things are just so strange that you have to love them. That's definitely how you'll feel about this unique list of sippers we've rounded up for you! From alcoholic drinks to healthy juices, your thirst can always be quenched in a fun and brow-raising way!

No More Boring Hydrating Thanks to These 10 Interesting Drinks:

1. Hot Cocoa on Ice

Hot Cocoa On Ice

A refreshing, cooling hot cocoa! Well sign us up! Hot Cocoa on Ice is an extra chilled chocolate brew, with the rich, creamy goodness of chocolate making every sip a sensation. And better yet, it's not even filled with regular ice, but with chocolate ice cubes! Nothing could make summer or winter more chill than this Hot Cocoa on Ice!

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2. Apple Butter on the Rocks

Apple Butter On The Rocks

Nothing like a fall afternoon of front porch sittin'. It's so much fun, you may not even want to wait for fall to roll around. With Apple Butter on the Rocks in hand, you are in for one sweet afternoon, regardless of the season. When yummy, creamy apple butter, beautifully seasoned apple cider, and smooth and smoky bourbon are shaken, not stirred, it will quickly become your fall go-to drink of choice. Apple Butter on the Rocks is smooth and easy just like a great fall afternoon. Come on over and sit a spell!

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3. Beet-Me-To-It Juice

Beet Me To It Juice-2

Don't you hate it when someone gets ahead of you?! Beet-Me-To-It Juice will be a healthy step ahead to help you feel your best! When you take juicy beets, flavorful Granny Smith apples, and sweet carrots, you get a generous dose of great taste for a great reason! Beet-Me-To-It Juice will get you going and keep you ahead of the game. Hurry, you don't want to miss this!

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4. Grasshopper Sipper


Wow, oh, wow! Looks sure can be deceiving! At first glance, this Grasshopper Sipper might look like a child's birthday party treat turned drink. But believe us, this is an adult only, one-of-a-kind, and a very memorable twist. Fresh, minty, creamy, chocolatey, and a little frothy... need we say more?! Even though we set the stage for one, don't make your friends green with envy! The Grasshopper Sipper can be doubled, or tripled, or even more, to be enjoyed and shared with other like-minded adults. We give you the green light to hop to it and start making this for your next hoppin' good party or even just a quiet evening at home. And please don't be deceived, there will probably be no sipping happening here... gulp, gulp, gulp... we know you are going to love it! But do us a favor and gulp responsibly. Enjoy!

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5. Unicorn Lemonade

Unicorn Lemonade 1

If you need to add a little sparkle to your day, we might just have the most magically majestic way to do it! Unicorn Lemonade is just about as fun as it looks. But what makes this sweet pitcher of classic lemonade so special? It's the layers of multi-colored ice cubes that create such a beautiful treat that looks like something you'd only see in your imagination! Oh, and the cute and colorful sprinkles surrounding the rim bring the actual sparkle you were longing for. Whether you have some littles in your life to delight or need an excuse to release your inner child, sipping on Unicorn Lemonade will make everyone's charming and whimsical dreams come to life!

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6. Florida Swamp Juice

Florida Swamp Juice-1

The Sunshine State is known for, well, its sunshine... but also, its beautiful beaches, enchanting amusement parks, and everything touristy in between! And under all that glitter and glam, about 30% of that big ole state is made up of wetlands (i.e. swamps!). There's some pretty crazy wildlife out there, so naturally, we created this Florida Swamp Juice to commemorate them. And not only does it commemorate the swamp and its creatures, it also kind of resembles it; but in a very fun way! This unique and sweet drink is an amusing green color that delivers a citrusy lime flavor and adds some Florida fun to your day, wherever you are! The optional addition of creepy crawly garnishes just makes things all the more fascinating, sort of like the murky lands that this Florida Swamp Juice is inspired by. It's a real adventure you probably never thought you'd go on, but we think you'll be more intrigued with every sip!

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7. Mermaid Water

Mermaid Water

We are sure you're going to think this drink is fin-tastic! Mermaid Water is the best drink you'll find above the sea, featuring a tall glass of icy-cold, sweet berry and glacier freeze sports drinks layered one on top of another, with a bottom layer of tropical pineapple juice. From the bottom to the top of your glass, this drink will have your tastebuds fluttering with glee from under the sea! What's it called again? Mermaid Water! Don't be such a guppy and pour yourself a glass!

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8. Giggle Juice

Giggle Juice image

Tee-hee! Giggle Juice will get you smiling, laughing, and generally enjoying the evening, morning, or whenever you serve it up! A brilliant pink and fizzy concoction, Giggle Juice is a tangy and sweet citrus-flavored brew that refreshes and encourages you to chill. Sweet and springy, a glass of this beverage is wonderful for enjoying at garden parties or for any occasion that could use some extra chuckles! It might actually make you laugh out loud!

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9. Ice Princess Hot Chocolate

Ice Princess Hot Chocolate-6

There is nothing more fantastically royal than a mesmerizingly dreamy drink on a cold winter's day! Take the chill off with a captivating cup of Ice Princess Hot Chocolate! Avoid the arctic rush with some steamy white-chocolate-infused milk that brings a touch of vanilla and a blue aura of loveliness and fun. It's extravagantly crowned with some light-as-a-cloud whipped cream, passionately-purple sprinkles, plus bold and beautifully blue rock candy sticks for a charming mug of warmth that all your snow bunnies will love. Let it all go with Ice Princess Hot Chocolate! It's just magical!

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10. Condensed Milk Lemonade

Condensed Milk Lemonade

Condensed Milk Lemonade completely changes the lemonade game for the better! The lemonade is still electrically zesty and sweet, striking that perfectly refreshing balance you've come to expect, but now it's also creamy and luscious, creating an entirely new flavor profile to eliminate the summer heat in just a few sips. Of course, you can't have just a few sips of Condensed Milk Lemonade... you're going to need a whole glass or two of this speedy and sensational brew!

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