11 Fruit-Infused Main Courses

11 Fruit-Infused Main Courses

A little sweet can make the savory all the more electrifying! And fruit can make meat dishes lighter and fantastically summery! So with these 11 Fruit-Infused Main Courses, you can find the best of your succulent favorites elevated by a touch of fruity flavor! These are some of our cherry-picked favorites!

1. Finger-Licking Lemon Chicken

Finger-Licking Lemon Chicken

Bring on the napkins! Finger-Licking Lemon Chicken will have you elbow-deep in lip-smacking great taste! A freshly butchered chicken is tenderly browned, then immersed in a lemon and garlic sauna of a slow cooker, along with some chicken stock to get the juices flowing and create the base of a gravy in the making. We've got thyme, lots of thyme, and the flavors in Finger-Licking Lemon Chicken show it! Serve with your favorite(s) and you will have them eating out of the palm of your hand... it's just that finger-licking-delicious!

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2. Sweet Orange Chicken Thighs

Sweet Orange Chicken Thighs

Sweet Orange Chicken Thighs know that a little sweetness can really enhance the natural savory flavors of poultry... and embrace that fact wholeheartedly! The tender, succulent chicken thighs are grilled for maximum flavor and juiciness, and then brushed with a homemade, sunny, tangy glaze that will have you licking your fingers! Sweet Orange Chicken Thighs help you find the bright side of life, with a flavor that will have your taste buds positively glowing!

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3. Romano's Lemon Chicken

Romano's Lemon Chicken 1

Romano's Lemon Chicken basically speaks for itself when it comes to that cooked-to-perfection, great taste. Breaded and well-seasoned, these lemon-coated chicken cutlets are tenderly fried to a golden-brown. Then, they're topped with some wholesome mozzarella cheese and slipped into the oven to finish the deed. When you are needing to refresh your chicken repertoire, let Romano's Lemon Chicken add a little kick to your chick. Our friend definitely knows his chicken!

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4. Slow Cooker Orange Chicken

Slow Cooker Orange Chicken image

Why rush out for disappointing fast food when you can take it slow and enjoy the best version of the same meal? Slow Cooker Orange Chicken practically cooks itself, so you still have that don't-need-to-worry feeling that fast food provides without having to leave the house. Its savory chicken is coated in the same sweet and tangy citrus glaze that gets everyone excited. Slow Cooker Orange Chicken satisfies cravings with its beautiful balance of flavors and its surprising simplicity.

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5. Easy Lemon Salmon in Foil

Easy Lemon Salmon in Foil image

This simple salmon recipe is a dinnertime trifecta; healthy, filling, and quick. And one more thing: it’s easy to clean up as all the ingredients cook inside aluminum foil (hence the name). Fresh lemon juice and fresh dill brighten up the flavor profile, while butter and garlic give the salmon a comforting richness. Serve this Easy Lemon Salmon in Foil alongside a side salad or wild rice for a well-rounded meal.

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6. Grilled Lamb Chops

Grilled Lamb Chops image

This recipe for Grilled Lamb Chops is lamb chops made easy! This recipe is simple and perfect for anyone who enjoys grilling. The homemade marinade made of orange juice, soy sauce, honey, garlic, and ginger makes these chops juicy and flavorful! Grilled Lamb Chops are simpler to make than you think, and they are so delicious. Pair them with any side and enjoy their yummy tenderness.

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7. Lemon Butter Fish

Lemon Butter Fish image

The mild flavors of white fish are perfect for accenting and melding with richness and tartness for a truly delectable dinner! Lemon Butter Fish is pan-fried to a crispy delight with a herbaceous jacket before being drizzled with lemon butter. The lemon butter is the stuff of dreams, bright and rich and wonderful for elevating savory sensations. Lemon Butter Fish only takes 20 minutes to make so you can save yourself a trip to your favorite seafood restaurant and whip this up yourself!

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8. Cranberry Apple Pork Chops

Cranberry Apple Pork Chops image

Pork traditionally pairs well with fruits as it has uniquely sweet notes in its savory flavor. Most recipes pair it with apples, but could you do something more with pork's delicious strengths? Cranberry Apple Pork Chops answers that question with a powerful yes! The tartness of the cranberries adds a new dimension to the crispness of the apples and the fattiness of the pork, making it intriguingly delectable. Cranberry Apple Pork Chops are vibrant, vivacious, and very enjoyable!

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9. Easy Lemon Pepper Chicken

Easy Lemon Pepper Chicken 3

When you need the winds of change to switch up your chicken, this little helper will be a sight for sore eyes. Easy Lemon Pepper Chicken will ease your worries and put a new hop in your dinner step! And when we say easy, it is just that – so easy! All it takes is a little bit of lemon-infused butter sauce and some tender, juicy chicken, all topped with some fresh, succulent lemon slices. Bake it to release all the lemon love you can imagine. Easy Lemon Pepper Chicken is the new hype "chick" for your next I-need-good-food-fast kind of meal. A change will do you good!

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10. Chinese Lemon Chicken

Chinese Lemon Chicken image

Put a (citrus) twist on traditional orange chicken! Chinese Lemon Chicken has the same sweetness, tang, and savory flavor as its more well-known counterpart, but with a sharper, zestier, and slightly sweeter sauce that will get your tastebuds dancing! Chinese Lemon Chicken can be ladled over rice, which is perfect for making sure you catch every drop of this fantastic sauce. This is the new gold standard for home-cooked Asian cuisine that's actually golden in color!

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11. Kielbasa & Apples

Kielbasa and Apples image

Kielbasa & Apples pull off what seems impossible: being fast, easy, and delicious! It only takes 30 minutes and 5 steps to whip up the smoky, savory sausages with softened sweet apples and onions in a brown sugar sauce, so you can make it on any weeknight regardless of your schedule. Kielbasa & Apples is a hearty, hot, and deeply gratifying dish, perfect for replenishing and restoring after a long day. Make sure you have plenty of rice so you don't miss a drop of the sauce!

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