11 Lovely Lasagnas You'll Absolutely Love

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Whether you're trying to save a bit of time, some cash, or your family from quarreling about what's for dinner, (or really, all of the above) you can always count on some cheesy, warm, bouncy lasagna to be the solution to it all! There's a reason this Italian classic is loved by many, and now you have a long list of recipes to choose from when the craving hits.

1. No-Hassle Lasagna

No Hassle Lasagna

No time? No problem! No-Hassle Lasagna is here! Easily add frozen raviolis into the mix with the savory ground beef, rich spaghetti sauce, and melted mozzarella cheese for layers of ease and great taste. No-Hassle Lasagna gives you your time back, but in return you still get the same delicious Italian taste you love from traditional lasagna! That's a fair trade in our books... and to our taste buds!

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2. SOS Skillet Lasagna

SOS Skillet Lasagna 01

When the family is all there, you need good food... and good food fast. Let SOS Skillet Lasagna save the day! Loaded with your choice of ground turkey or beef, authentic Italian seasonings, and tangy sauce, this lifesaver of a dish uses egg noodles to speed up the process of ending your hunger dilemma. Sound the alarm and end the distress of what to fix. SOS Skillet Lasagna will be your white flag rescue that your crew will be scrambling for. Food crisis averted!

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3. Sausage Lasagna Bake

Sausage Lasagna Bake

No fiddling. No layering. Just classic lasagna flavors in a single skillet! Oh hey, that means the Sausage Lasagna Bake is no-mess either! That's the beauty of one-dish meals... well, one of the beauties. The other, as anyone who eats Sausage Lasagna Bake can attest, is the savory, spicy flavor! Plenty of pork sausage, bright tomatoes, tender noodles, and lots of melty, creamy, and tangy cheeses just make the most scrumptious sense together! It's a win all around!

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4. Poor Man's Lasagna

Poor Mans Lasagna (8)

It's true... it's rough out there! So, if there's any chance to save a buck or two, we're all about it. Poor Man's Lasagna hones in on that strategy and creates a budget-friendly way to make a delicious dish! The flavor amazement of the tender penne pasta that's packed in with the creaminess, sauciness, and cheesiness is so astounding that it'll have you completely forgetting you're in the process of pinching "pennes." See what we did there? Cheaper isn't always synonymous with lacking flavor! Enjoy all the benefits of Poor Man's Lasagna! You deserve it!

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5. 3-Cheese Lasagna

3-Cheese Lasagna-4

One of anything is never really enough. That is why 3-Cheese Lasagna is on the mark and it's just right! When oven-ready lasagna noodles are immerged into tomato-saucy layers, featuring creamy ricotta, perky parmesan, and memorable mozzarella cheeses, all melted and intermingled together for Italian-love in every bite... well, you've got one great taste! We will tell you one thing, 3-Cheese Lasagna is hands-down the one and only way to build an incredible lasagna. Uno fantastico!

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6. Killer Chicken Lasagna

Killer Chicken Lasagna (7)

Be prepared to be amazed! Killer Chicken Lasagna is scary good! Loaded with layers of bouncy noodles, a creamy, cheesy filling, a fresh spinach sauce, and juicy chicken, the red-sauced-kind might not ever make it back to your kitchen because this one is just so delicious. Everyone will be screaming for Killer Chicken Lasagna! It really adds a thrill to dinnertime!

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7. Lazy Lasagna

Lazy Lasagna 1

We all have them. The days where you only want to stay on the couch in your comfy clothes and not lift a finger. The days where spending time in the kitchen sounds like the last thing you want to do. Well, before you go and order your favorite takeout for dinner, let us tell you about Lazy Lasagna! Perfect for days such as these, the warm, bubbly, cheesy, and meaty layer-upon-layer of noodles will only take up a little bit of your relaxation time. You simply brown the juicy beef, simmer the tangy sauce, and layer it all up between bouncy noodles before it spends time in the oven! You can continue your lounging in a matter of minutes and still enjoy a good, comforting meal. Embrace your desire to do nothing! That's what Lazy Lasagna was made for!

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8. 6-Cheese Lasagna

6 Cheese Lasagna image

It doesn't get any more cheesy than this! 6-Cheese Lasagna is truly loaded with cheese flavor, from the creamy ricotta to the creamy mozzarella to the sharp parmesan and Romano, the combination is a joyous and joyously stretchy lasagna. Add in some savory beef and tender noodles and 6-Cheese Lasagna becomes even more hearty and satisfying. Once you announce this is what's for dinner, people can't get to the table fast enough!

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9. Beefy Lasagna

Beefy Lasagna image

Your lasagna is getting beefed up! Beefy Lasagna layers tender noodles, creamy ricotta, and melty mozzarella and Monterey Jack cheeses with beefy meat sauce. Every bite is extra savory and hearty thanks to the meat infused in the rich, mellow sauce. Beefy Lasagna is an excellent dinner for Sunday nights to get the week started on the right foot!

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10. Skillet Lasagna

Skillet Lasagna image

Skillet Lasagna serves up the slow-cooked flavor of a comfort food classic without the fuss or the schedule-eating cooking time! The pasta is tender, the beef is savory, the cheese is cheesy ( of course) and melty, and the tomato sauce is rich and mellow. Skillet Lasagna only takes 20 minutes to make, so you can get that tantalizing Italian taste no matter how busy your schedule!

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11. Easiest Lasagna Ever

Easiest Lasagna Ever image

Easiest Lasagna Ever? The easiest? Oh yes, the easiest. This recipe is perfect for those who want that Italian comfort food but don’t want to worry about making 20 layers! Instead, these layers are easy to assemble, easier to make, and filled with the rich, savory, cheesy flavors that make lasagna so iconic. Easiest Lasagna Ever is perfect for dipping your toe into Italian cooking or for when you want a hearty dinner without the effort. Tender, rich, beefy, cheesy—just wait!

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