11 Potluck Main Dishes to Impress Your Guests

11 Potluck Entrees

Making enough for everyone is always a little tricky. How much will everyone want? What about seconds? And will the main course be satisfying for everyone? These 11 Potluck Main Dishes to Impress Your Guests at your next party ensure that not only will everyone leave the party happy, but full... and eager for the next shindig!

1. Potluck Spareribs

Potluck Spareribs image

Potluck Spareribs are welcome at any cookout, where they’re guaranteed to impress! The ribs are tender and savory, coated in a sticky, sweet, and tangy sauce caramelized on the meat. Potluck Spareribs are messy and marvelous, exactly what you want served alongside cookout staples like mac and cheese and potato salad. Don’t worry, there won’t be any leftovers of these ribs.

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2. Midwest Tater Tot Hotdish

Midwest Tater Tot Hotdish image

If there's any dish that best captures the flavor of family reunions and neighborhood potlucks, it has to be the Midwest Tater Tot Hotdish! This nostalgic and filling dish has the crispy tater tot crust that defines a hotdish, with extra crunch and spice from crispy fried onions. Creamy, savory, and beefy, you can't help but scoop a big pile of Midwest Tater Tot Hotdish onto your plate. It's the taste of community, no matter where you are or who you're with!

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3. Potluck Chicken Sliders

Potluck Chicken Sliders

Oh, how patience is rewarded. It takes close to 24 hours to properly make Potluck Chicken Sliders. But goodness gracious, can you taste all that love and effort in every bite! There just isn't chicken around that is quite so flavorful, so savory, so tender and juicy as this! Shredded and mixed with smoky, sweet barbeque sauce before piling it on a bun, Potluck Chicken Sliders will make you the hero of the potluck and it will be the most popular dish. You might want to serve yourself first before stopping by the party!

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4. Church Lunch Bake

Church Lunch Bake

You can't have a church lunch, a potluck, or a great get-together without the perfect casserole. There might even be a rule about it somewhere. Not to worry, the Church Lunch Bake will make everyone who tries it happy in an instant; all they need to do is bite into the tender pasta, the juicy, savory chicken, the rich tomato sauce, and the melty cheese. How could anyone not be satisfied with the Church Lunch Bake? Once you bring this to the gathering, don't be surprised if people ask you to bring this dish to every future party!

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5. Favorite-Church-Potluck Casserole

Favorite-Church-Potluck Casserole

Let's face it, there isn't a better buffet than one found at a church gathering. And this often requested, always faithful Favorite-Church-Potluck Casserole is one classy dish that will stand out in every crowd. The dependable strength of the hearty ground beef and the honest-to-creamy-goodness of the sauce covering the devoted vegetables will have you singing to the choir. Don't ever doubt this dutiful and delicious Favorite-Church-Potluck Casserole. It is hardcore committed to being the best dish at the table! We'll save a seat for ya (as if there isn't already an unspoken seat-saving rule), so get ready to dig in!

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6. Stack Supper

Stack Supper

Potluck, Tuesday night, and game day... just a few of the best times to enjoy this easy dinner option. Stack Supper gives you a simple way to present a delicious, fulfilling meal. All layered on a crushed cracker crust, cooked rice, seasoned ground beef, and a creamy cheese sauce come together to create the most delicious base to ever be. Then, it all gets topped with shredded lettuce, sharp cheddar cheese, plump tomatoes, and pimiento-stuffed olives, to either be served alone or with crunchy tortilla chips. Stack Supper makes suppertime, no matter the occasion, just the best time!

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7. Kentucky Hot Brown Casserole

Kentucky Hot Brown Casserole image

The Kentucky Hot Brown is a luxurious open-faced turkey sandwich with nearly a century of history in its native state. The Kentucky Hot Brown Casserole captures the unique blend of flavors and incredible richness in a much more shareable form! Each bite of this casserole has the creamy, savory sauce draped over meaty turkey and sweet, bright tomatoes. Topped with melty cheese, Kentucky Hot Brown Casserole has truly transformed the signature sandwich into a dish welcome at any potluck or dinner party. Make sure to save a piece for yourself because, otherwise, it will be gone before you know it!

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8. Bacon Cheeseburger Crescent Ring

Bacon Cheeseburger Crescent Ring image

The Bacon Cheeseburger Crescent Ring is the pull-apart, tear-and-share version of a fast-food favorite that you won’t believe. Each buttery puff of pastry is filled with beef, tangy pickles, and melty cheese for that classic burger taste you love! Pillowy and perfect the Bacon Cheeseburger Crescent Ring is sure to wow everyone at the party and to be gone before you can blink!

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9. Breezy Brisket & Potatoes

Breezy Brisket and Potatoes image

Brisket, when cooked correctly, is the tenderest and meatiest cut of beef ever, with plenty of juicy fat to lend it even more flavor. But cooking it correctly requires so much time and effort... unless, of course, you make Breezy Brisket & Potatoes. This slow-cooker version of the classic dish braises the beef in a combination of sweet, tangy, sour, savory, and smoky flavors almost barbeque-like in its depths. Nestled along the meat is a heaping helping of fluffy potatoes, so there's no need to worry about a side dish! Breezy Brisket & Potatoes are perfect for potlucks or relaxing evenings at home after a long day. It's not just a breeze to make, but a breeze to enjoy!

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10. Southern Tea Sandwiches

Southern Tea Sandwiches

Tea parties are one of those things that feel fun as children and yet only become more fun as you grow up and actually get to start hosting your own real parties! But it isn't a proper tea party without the right dishes to nosh on, like Southern Tea Sandwiches! Toasty slices of bread envelop a creamy, bright interior of cream cheese, tomato, and an herbaceous sauce of your choosing. A little red onion adds sharpness and helps bring out the natural sweetness of your tea as you sip and relax through the afternoon. Southern Tea Sandwiches are light and elegant snacks that feel like a full meal, exactly what you want from teatime!

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11. Happy-Crowd Bake

Happy Crowd Bake

When you're throwing a party, you want people to arrive happy and leave happy. The best way to do that? Share an incredible meal with them. That's the whole appeal of this Happy-Crowd Bake: you make it ahead of time and then freeze it so it's ready to go whenever you want it! It's a cheesy, hearty, rice and chicken enchilada casserole, smothered in spicy enchilada sauce and even more melty cheese! You can't go wrong with the Happy-Crowd Bake... you'll clearly see everyone smiling as they enjoy each and every bite!

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