11 Recipes Inspired by States From Sea to Shining Sea

Kentucky Grilled Chicken-3

Ever had the urge to travel around our great nation? Well, we know visiting every single state can be a little challenging, but the next best thing is enjoying their inspired cuisine! So, here's a cheaper and unbelievably delicious way to check off that dream on your bucket list!

1. Perfect NY Strip Steak

Perfect NY Strip Steak image

New York City is known for some of the most fabulous wonders in the world; the Statue of Liberty, Time Square, and the Perfect NY Strip Steak, just to name a few. While you may have to travel to see the landmarks, this dish will bring all the exhilarating flavors of the City That Never Sleeps to the comfort of your home. The juicy steak is smothered with garlic and herb-infused butter and slow-cooked to juicy, rosy perfection. The Perfect NY Strip Steak will fill you up and may just leave you dreaming big.

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2. Florida Margaritas

Florida Margaritas

The Sunshine State has brought a sunny little respite to your day! These Florida Margaritas are really in a tropical mood and will inspire you to be in one, too! The drink is bright and vibrant, a literal taste of a sunbeam with its bold orange flavor! It's refreshingly cold, delightfully upbeat, and so, so, so easy to make! Bring a little of the sunny coast to your next party with these Florida Margaritas!

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3. Chile Colorado

Chile Colorado

You may not think of Colorado when you think of tasty Tex-Mex flavors, but the Centennial State rises to the occasion with Chile Colorado. Each bite contains a warming, vibrant amount of heat (which can always turn up if you are feeling spicy!) in addition to the truly melt-in-your-mouth beef. Classic chili seasonings and a hint of bright, tropical lime bring the whole dish together, just waiting to be scooped onto tortillas or poured over Mexican rice. Chile Colorado is a mountain of flavor just waiting to be climbed!

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4. Georgia's Finest Pulled Pork Cornbread Casserole

Georgia's Finest Pulled Pork Cornbread Casserole image

You might think it's a requirement for food to be covered in peaches when it's inspired by the Peach State. While peaches are tasty, Georgia's Finest Pulled Pork Cornbread Casserole is a must-try, too! You'll be ecstatic to slide your fork into some Southern classic sweet and fluffy cornbread that's topped with tender, juicy pork smothered in your favorite tangy and smokey barbeque sauce. Georgia's Finest Pork Cornbread Casserole might be a mouthful to say, but you'll be happy to be eating mouthfuls of its filling, savory goodness!

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5. California Burger Bowls

California Burger Bowls image

California Burger Bowls have ambitions. They want to amaze your tastebuds while also offering a healthy, easy, and speedy lunch or dinner. And they succeed! In less than half an hour, California Burger Bowls whip up juicy, savory turkey burgers loaded with the easygoing heat of the West Coast sun and topped with tangy and sweet bites of tropical fruit with the smooth creaminess of avocado. Each bowl is pure happiness all the way down; it leaves you feeling good and your taste buds feeling elated.

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6. My Maine Hero

My Maine Hero

This is one heroic dish! It's just missing the cape (although you could always use a napkin to make a cape for it, if you'd like)! My Maine Hero is a classic lobster roll with incredible, juicy lobster meat, crunchy celery, and creamy, tangy mayo all inside a butter-grilled roll for extra richness and crispiness! Find your own coastline with My Maine Hero and feel ready for your own dinnertime heroics!

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7. Ohio City Chicken

Ohio City Chicken image

Just a heads up, Ohio City Chicken... does not contain chicken. The name comes from the early 1900s when chicken was, in fact, more expensive than pork in most parts of the U.S.A. The name stuck, so the street fare favorite still has the comically misleading name. Thankfully, nothing is misleading about the taste of Ohio City Chicken; it's essentially chicken-fried pork on a skewer, so the pork says juicy and savory with plenty of crunch on each bite. It's perfect for enjoying while on a leisurely walk through your favorite city or for just kicking back on the couch; it brings big city flavor wherever you are!

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8. Kentucky Grilled Chicken

Kentucky Grilled Chicken image

Kentucky Grilled Chicken... hmm, the name sounds so familiar, for some reason. Maybe it's the juicy, unforgettable, grilled-to-perfection chicken breast that's ringing a bell? Or possibly, the salty, savory, spicy sauce it's smothered in that's triggering a memory? Whatever it is, while eating Kentucky Grilled Chicken you'll feel very inclined, almost forced, to lick the delicious seasoning and juices off your fingers!

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9. Michigan's Fantasy Fudge

Michigan-s Fantasy Fudge 3

If you're feeling nostalgic for your childhood trips to a certain island that sits in Lake Huron near the Great Lakes State, well you're in for a special treat. Michigan's Fantasy Fudge is a pretty close replica of the sweet, rich, chocolatey fudge you might have once snacked on while strolling through that quaint and charming small town. Whether you're celebrating a holiday or just craving the sweetness of old times, Michigan's Fantasy Fudge is sure to delight. Mmm, there's really nothing better!

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10. Alabama Fire Crackers

Alabama Fire Crackers 04

Nope, no fireworks here! Just the spiciest explosion of buttery flavors you've ever tasted! Alabama Fire Crackers are just what you'd think they might be: salty, crunchy crackers, soaked in Southern-inspired spices with a kick! Baked to infuse all those flavors together and create an even more satisfyingly toasty crunch, Alabama Fire Crackers will blow your tastebuds away!

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11. Louisiana Crunch Cake

Louisiana Crunch Cake

A Southern staple and scrumptious sweet, Louisiana Crunch Cake is truly delightful with its extra-tender texture and wonderful vanilla flavor. Of course, the real treats might just be the simple but splendid vanilla glaze and the crunchy, sweetened coconut on top that lends this cake its name. Southern hospitality has never tasted better than with this Louisiana Crunch Cake!

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