12 Easy Beef Recipes for Dinner

Cozy korean beef bowl-3

Do you have a freezer full of beef, but you're tired of your typical go-to recipes? These 12 Easy Beef Recipes are sure to bust you out of your rut. From stews to pastas to sandwiches, we have something for every type of taste bud!

1. Cowboy Frito Pie

Cowboy Frito Pie 07

Get back in the dinner saddle again with this twist on a delicious taste. Cowboy Frito Pie will lasso in your taste buds and won't let them go! The forever-loved and crunchy corn chips are in every bite of this perfectly seasoned ground beef, bean, and cheese roundup of great Tex-Mex flavors. Get along, little doggie, and make this Cowboy Frito Pie for all your rowdy partners. Giddy on up to a great supper!

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2. Cold Night Cheeseburger Soup

Cold Night Cheeseburger Soup

No more cold evenings! No more shivers! No more bland soups! Cold Night Cheeseburger Soup is deliciously decadent and oh-so warming! Filled with fragrant, succulent ground beef and sharp, melted cheddar cheese in a savory chicken broth... oh yes, Cold Night Cheeseburger Soup has some wonder to it! You don't even need to worry about fries, because tender potatoes are floating right beside the beef! Be gone chilly day! This soup has all we need!

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3. Texas Cowboy Tortilla Stack

Texas Cowboy Tortilla Stack

Home, home, home on the range... where the dinner and the side dishes play. Texas Cowboy Tortilla Stack will roam right into being your favorite downhome meal! Bigger is always better when it comes to stacks of tortillas layered with a ground beef mixture that rides alongside baked beans, stewed tomatoes, corn, green chiles, and pepper jack cheese. Saddle up for a flavor ride of your life because the dinner skies will never be cloudy when Texas Cowboy Tortilla Stack is comin' to town. Your little dears (or deers) will love it!

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4. Wintertime Stew

Wintertime Stew

Nothing beats a big bowl of Wintertime Stew when the chill begins to settle in the air... except a warm fire to enjoy it with! Big chunks of savory, succulent, steak-seasoned beef help bulk up each spoonful, with plenty of creamy, protein-packed beans to add even more filling fun! Herbaceous, flavorful, and oh-so warming, Wintertime Stew casts the cold right out the door!

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5. Easy Cubed Steak

Easy Cubed Steak 1

No need to fret! No need to stress! Easy Cubed Steak is here to make dinner a breeze! Just add everything to a slow cooker then sit back! Relax! Let the savory, super-tender beef soak in all those delicious, mushroom-enhanced gravy flavors! You can serve Easy Cubed Steak on just about anything and have it be a fantastic, warming meal! Stressing over supper is so last year!

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6. Cozy Korean Beef Bowl

Cozy korean beef bowl-1

Got the craving for some coziness? This Cozy Korean Beef Bowl is a simple and quick way to feel full and also get you wrapped up in your favorite blanky in no time. It's one of those beloved, one-pan meals that comes loaded with savory, spicy, and beefy flavors. You can eat it by itself or serve it over rice. But no matter how you choose, you're sure to feel comfy from the inside out with a Cozy Korean Beef Bowl in hand!

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7. Delicious Cabbage Soup

Delicious Cabbage Soup

A meal that warms your soul. It's something we all need when the rainy days start up. Delicious Cabbage Soup can be the comforting refuge you need to lift your spirits and warm you from head to toe. This soup takes your taste buds by storm; tender, sweet cabbage, savory ground beef and pork sausage, plus vibrant tomatoes all mingle together, swimming in a beautifully seasoned, succulent beef broth. You will be on cloud nine when Delicious Cabbage Soup breaks through the storm to deliver some great flavor. Let the sun shine in!

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8. Roast Beef Supper

Roast Beef Supper-3

You don't have to be from the South to enjoy this Roast Beef Supper. With a beefy chuck roast packed with yellow onions, fragrant garlic, bright carrots, earthy cremini mushrooms, and fluffy Yukon Gold potatoes, all seasoned and roasted until fork-tender, you will quickly take a seat at the table for this one! Everyone is invited to enjoy this Roast Beef Supper any time your soul calls for a little Southern hospitality. Come on y'all, it's supper time!

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9. Midwest Tater Tot Hotdish

Midwest Tater Tot Hotdish image

If there's any dish that best captures the flavor of family reunions and neighborhood potlucks, it has to be the Midwest Tater Tot Hotdish! This nostalgic and filling dish has the crispy tater tot crust that defines a hotdish, with extra crunch and spice from crispy fried onions. Creamy, savory, and beefy, you can't help but scoop a big pile of Midwest Tater Tot Hotdish onto your plate. It's the taste of community, no matter where you are or who you're with!

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10. Dirty Peppers

Dirty Peppers

Take a tasty trip to the bayou! Dirty Peppers are a welcome treat that will result in a table full of spotless plates! A Southern must-have, the filling is dirty rice, seasoned to perfection and loaded with savory ground beef and sausage! That rice is then stuffed into a bell pepper for a polished presentation with a refreshing flavor. When topped with an abundance of sharp parmesan, Dirty Peppers wash away your hunger and satisfy even the most finicky with a plethora of tantalizing Louisiana flavor. It's so stinking good!

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11. Football Sunday's Sloppy Joe

Football Sunday's Sloppy Joe

Football Sunday needs a meal ready to take to the gridiron and go long in the flavor department! Football Sunday's Sloppy Joe is rushing to amaze your taste buds; it can be made in just half an hour, so it'll be hot and ready well before kickoff, and wow! This hearty dish is just so tasty! The beefy, tangy, thick sauce is sweet and succulent and wonderfully spiced, perfect for piling on rolls or even scooping up with veggies (it's like the best dipping sauce)! Football Sunday's Sloppy Joe is a touchdown of taste!

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12. Greased Lightnin' Burger

Greased Lightnin' Burger

Lunch is taking off like a rocket! It's speeding at the speed of sound! It's the Greased Lightnin' Burger! These powerful patties of delicious beefy goodness are smash burgers; they're smashed flat on the skillet or griddle so they cook very quickly and develop a beautiful crust! Then you can stack the Greased Lightnin' Burger on buns with your favorite toppings while you enjoy fast food from the comfort of your own kitchen! It's a flash of flavor to amaze your taste buds!

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Beef... it's what's for dinner.

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