12 Egg-quisite Egg Salads

Egg Salad with Relish-3

If egg salad is your go-to lunch, then you're going to love this! Take a gander at all the ways you can just slightly switch up your midday usual. Creamy, flavorful, and so simple, these 12 Egg Salad Recipes are all they're cracked up to be!

1. Heavenly Egg Salad

Heavenly Egg Salad image

The halo, sunbeam-through-the-clouds colors of Heavenly Egg Salad only hint at the divine flavor in store! Hearty, tender eggs mix with creamy mayonnaise, tangy mustard, and crunchy green onions for an angelically pure taste. Heavenly Egg Salad is of course wonderful in a sandwich or smeared on crackers, but you might just be tempted to eat this celestial dish by the spoonful! We wouldn't blame you if you did!

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2. Classic Egg Salad

Classic Egg Salad image

The classic of all classics! And for good reason. The tangy combination of Dijon and fresh lemon makes this Classic Egg Salad a winner. Eat by itself, as a sandwich, or as a dip with some crackers! You’ll never look for a new egg salad recipe again after enjoying this Classic Egg Salad.

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3. Delicious Egg Salad

Delicious Egg Salad image

Delicious Egg Salad is exactly the kind of dish that will make you exclaim “delicious!” The rich eggs are coated in creamy mayonnaise, tangy mustard, and crunchy green onions for a delightfully savory spread. It only takes 20 minutes to make Delicious Egg Salad, so you can whip it up for a speedy lunch spread on toast or croissants. It’s eggs-cellent.

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4. Perfect-Combo Egg Salad

Perfect-Combo Egg Salad

The Perfect-Combo Egg Salad is the pairing of hard-boiled eggs and, get this, tuna! Yes, sweet and savory tuna adds another dimension to the classic creamy, tangy sandwich favorite! With pickles and mustard added for a wonderfully balancing tangy flavor, Perfect-Combo Egg Salad is just, well, perfect!

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5. Special Egg Salad

Special egg salad-3

What makes this Special Egg Salad so special? Well... we like it, so that makes it special to us. Just kidding, sort of. We really do like this version of the creamy, chilled, tangy egg delight. It's perfect for prepping ahead for lunch when you need something hearty, but don't have time to make something extravagant. But don't worry, this Special Egg Salad does taste pretty extravagant, and we guess that justifies why we think it's so special!

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6. Egg Salad With Relish

Egg Salad with Relish

It's a simple idea, but one that sticks with you! Egg Salad With Relish; creamy, hearty, savory, but with the sweetness and sourness of sweet pickle relish mixed in to really add new dimensions and contrasts to the classic favorite. It's so easy to make a batch of this Egg Salad With Relish, you'll wonder why you had anything else for lunch! Pile it high on a croissant and fall in love with lunchtime!

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7. Crack Egg Salad

Crack Egg Salad

This is how you solve your egg salad cravings without breaking a sweat! Crack Egg Salad is the easiest way to get the good stuff on your plate, on a piece of bread, or on a buttery croissant: the amazing mixture of creamy, tangy, savory, eggy goodness with a touch of sweet and sour relish and crisp green onions! This Crack Egg Salad will have you cracking a smile in no time!

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8. Holy Egg Salad

Holy Egg Salad

Can't you almost hear angelic voices singing the "hallelujah" chorus?! Holy Egg Salad is that divine! This creamy, eggy, dilly dish is basically as heavenly as they come. Put it on a crunchy slice of bread, serve it atop a salad, or just eat it right out of the bowl for a glorious escape to blissful deliciousness! You yourself will be singing (maybe not quite as angelically) when Holy Egg Salad is up for grabs!

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9. Creamiest Egg Salad

Creamiest Egg Salad

Oh yes, this is the good stuff; the stuff that other egg salads wish they could be! The Creamiest Egg Salad is of course extra-creamy, with plenty of delicious tang to contrast the savory egg flavor and the fragrant herbs mixed in. Like all good egg salads, the Creamiest Egg Salad is a snap to make and an even easier dish to love! Whether it is for a cookout or a simple lunch, this dish always finds a way to bring a smile to your face!

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10. Anytime Egg Salad

Anytime Egg Salad

In a salad! At a picnic! In a sandwich! There's no wrong way to eat Anytime Egg Salad! And you'll be finding new times to eat it once you enjoy the savory, creamy, sweet, and tangy mix of egg, celery, scallion, and deliciously spicy mayo for yourself. You might just find yourself eating Anytime Egg Salad for breakfast! We won't judge! It's not all that different from a breakfast egg sandwich after all!

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11. "Egg-cellent" Egg Salad

Eggcelant Egg Salad-3

"Egg-cellent" Egg Salad is truly what it claims to be and is unlike any version you will ever taste! Tangy, creamy, with just the right kind of crunch, this lunch staple is sure to be your newest go-to when you're in a pinch and are craving something hearty. We love to enjoy it spread over a fluffy, lettuce-topped bread slice, sprinkled with juicy tomatoes, but that's just us. You have the freedom to inhale it however you please! Get ready to be very excited for lunch because "Egg-cellent" Egg Salad is here to make it, well, excellent!

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12. Southern Egg Salad

Southern Egg Salad image

If you think egg salad is bland and boring, you've never had Southern Egg Salad. Instead of just plain mayonnaise, Southern Egg Salad throws in sour, refreshing pickle relish, tangy mustard, and a touch of sugar for sweetness. Add in a dash of hot sauce for heat and you have a winning recipe that you can and will use for sandwiches and sides, or for eating straight from the bowl. You'll love incorporating this Southern luxury into your lunchtime spread.

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