12 Must-Try Chicken Recipes

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken 3

Chicken is a protein that is super easy to have on hand. But, what to make with it? A simple chicken breast can get a little bland and boring. Bring some extra flavor (and fun!) into your normal chicken recipes with these 12 Must-Try Ideas. You don't need to be an expert in the kitchen to crank up the heat and throw together these chicken dishes!

1. Grilled Teriyaki Chicken

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken image

Teriyaki sauce is essentially the Japanese equivalent of barbeque sauce, so why not add it to your cookout menu? Grilled Teriyaki Chicken boasts juicy poultry coated in a sticky, sweet, and savory sauce with delightful notes of soy and garlic. People will be clamoring for this chicken more than for the burgers! Grilled Teriyaki Chicken is wonderful served atop buns or on fresh garden salads, or just eaten on its own!

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2. New Mexico Chicken Casserole

New Mexico Chicken Casserole 01

Take your chicken on an awesome flavor trip! Let New Mexico Chicken Casserole travel its way to your next dinner table and your taste buds will be in paradise. Corn tortillas are generously layered with a creamy chicken-and-green-chili-filling, a sprinkle of melty cheese, and then baked until golden deliciousness. New Mexico Chicken Casserole is a scenic addition to your Mexican menu. Come along for the flavor ride of your life!

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3. Volcano Chicken

Volcano Chicken

A meal positively erupting with great flavor! Volcano Chicken overflows with so much spicy, sweet, and savory tastes, you are sure to be awed! Behold the beauty of chicken pieces breaded, fried, and then glazed with a sweet sauce that packs a very faint hint of a lava-like punch. Let aww-inspiring Volcano Chicken take your next dinner to new heights. It's a flavor explosion of mountainous proportion!

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4. Famous Butter Chicken

Famous Butter Chicken

Life needs spice, variety, and excitement, and the best way to do that is to... well, reach for spices! Famous Butter Chicken is ready to take you on a flavor journey of epic proportions through its myriad of fragrances and flavors. Succulent chicken thighs are slow-cooked with the perfect lineup of Indian spices that develops into the creamiest butter sauce. Let your chicken strut its stuff with Famous Butter Chicken. Get your spice on!

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5. Magic Chicken Pasta

Magic Chicken Pasta 3

Magic Chicken Pasta got its name because it tastes so good, you won't hardly believe it's real! But believe it or not, this dish is filled with Italian-seasoned chicken and a buttery, lemon sauce... not a magic potion! It's easy to understand why you would question a dish so simple and so yummy... you can trust what you're seeing and tasting here, though, because Magic Chicken Pasta is the real delicious deal!

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6. Cool Chicken Sandwiches

Cool Chicken Sandwiches

These aren't Cool Chicken Sandwiches because they're cold. Oh no, these Cool Chicken Sandwiches are cool, man. They would definitely wear just the right sunglasses if that was a thing they could do. Maybe they don't even need the sunglasses; being made with buttery baguettes toasted in a garlic-mayo spread and filled with an extra savory and tangy chicken filling might just be enough. It's as speedy and easy as lunches go... and that might just be the coolest thing of all!

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7. Fast Chicken Tortilla Casserole

Fast Chicken Tortilla Casserole

When time is of the essence, as it so often is, it's the home-cooked meals that suffer. "Wouldn't a quick stop at the local fast food Tex-Mex place be quicker than making something at home?" goes the logic. Well, no longer! Fast Chicken Tortilla Casserole is speedy, scrumptious, and truly wholesome! Spicy chiles, savory chicken, and crunchy fried onions all come together with zesty seasonings to make a true Tex-Mex tribute that's just so tasty! Thanks to your microwave, Fast Chicken Tortilla Casserole is ready in just 10 minutes! That's so fast, even fast food can't keep up!

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8. Talk-of-the-Town Tuscan Chicken

Talk of the Town Tuscan Chicken

Everyone's been singing the praises of and passing the word about the Talk-of-the-Town Tuscan Chicken! It's easy to see how this dish got to such a lofty position. The chicken is extra tender, as it essentially braises in a savory, garlic-infused cream sauce with vibrantly sweet sun-dried tomatoes and sharp parmesan. Then for a full Tuscan experience, it throws in some wonderfully wilted spinach! Talk-of-the-Town Tuscan Chicken will certainly have you gabbing... when your mouth isn't busy taking another bite!

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9. Harvest Chicken Noodle Bake

Harvest Chicken Noodle Bake 4

We love a fresh harvest! There's no better way to celebrate all your hard work than by getting to taste all the yummy things you've grown. Harvest Chicken Noodle Bake incorporates all of your garden-fresh veggies and mixes them with some bouncy egg noodles and some savory ground chicken. It's creamy on the inside and crunchy on top to create a bake so good, you'll always be motivated to get back out in the garden! Who needs a blue ribbon when you've got Harvest Chicken Noodle Bake?! Taste your reward instead!

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10. Chicken Fra Diavolo

Chicken Fra Diavolo (9)

Dinnertime looks like it's going to be equal parts spicy and saucy, and we know you're gonna love it! Chicken Fra Diavolo plates juicy chicken thighs over the slightly spicy, very tomato-y, saucy stuff we were talking about. It's a dish with an American-Italian background and it really is the best of both worlds. Drop the pasta and leave the burger in the bag, Chicken Fra Diavolo is what you're reaching for!

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11. Baked Queso Chicken

Baked Queso Chicken

Baked Queso Chicken goes beyond flavor. You'll need a whole new word to describe it. How can you talk about this golden-brown chicken marinated in classic Tex-Mex spices and truly convey its depth of deliciousness? Or the sautéed veggies on top and the toasted, creamy, tangy queso? We'll need a whole new language to talk about Baked Queso Chicken. Listen to your taste buds as you take your first bite. They'll know how to speak it.

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12. Yummy Harvest Chicken Bake

Yummy Harvest Chicken Bake 3

'Tis the season for warm and delicious food! Celebrate in the most delicious way with this Yummy Harvest Chicken Bake. It has pretty much every seasonal veggie you can think of mixed in, plus some juicy chicken, sweet dried cranberries, and melted cheese. It's perfect for when the weather is cooler, you're feeling festive, and you need something hearty and healthy. Get a taste of something cheery with a nice helping of Yummy Harvest Chicken Bake!

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Which new and exciting chicken recipe are you going to try first?

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