12 Recipes Inspired by Your Favorite Celebs

Sandra Bullock's Beef Casserole

Everyone loves to share their favorite recipes — it's one of the best compliments when someone wants to recreate one of your favorite dishes. It's also fun to get a sneak into someone else's kitchen and dining habits. What do they like to make for dinner, dessert, when entertaining, etc.? Ready for a recipe swap... celebrity style?

12 Celeb-Inspired Recipes:

1. Sandra Bullock's Favorite Bean Soup

Sandra Bullock's Favorite Bean Soup

This is Miss Congeniality's secret weapon for a soup that warms the soul and tastes like one of those Forces of Nature! Sandra Bullock's Favorite Bean Soup has plenty of tender veggies and creamy white kidney beans to add some Gravity to its greatness, that's for sure! There's so much succulent ham in this poultry-flavored soup, it will send a Bullet Train of savory sensation straight to your taste buds! Let Sandra Bullock's Favorite Bean Soup win the Oscar® for Best Soup!

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2. Patti LaBelle's Macaroni

Patti Labelle's Macaroni

The Godmother of Soul also knows her way around soul food! Patti LaBelle's Macaroni is a deliciously golden and cheesy marvel, with two kinds of cheddar for the full, sharp, melty flavor you've come to love. With creamy Monterey Jack and smoky Muenster added into this already delicious dairy-filled noodle dish, Patti LaBelle's Macaroni sings with tenderness, creaminess, and just pure delight. Thanks Lady Marmalade!

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3. Oprah's Favorite Cookies

Oprah's Favorite Cookies image

Who wants to have some cookies?! You get some cookies, you get some cookies, you get some cookies! Oprah's Favorite Cookies have all the personality and spark of the world-famous host, from the crunchy brown-sugar texture to the nutty pecans mixed in! These cookies are buttery and Oprah-level rich, and it makes enough for the whole studio audience in just twenty minutes. Oprah's Favorite Cookies get people on their feet jumping for joy!

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4. Jennifer Garner Chicken Tortilla Soup

Jennifer Garner Chicken Tortilla Soup

Jennifer Garner Chicken Tortilla Soup really knows how to keep things slim! This easy-going, charming, slow-cooked Tex-Mex soup is full of the vibrant, spicy flavors you'd expect, melded together to make a savory, hearty, scarlet soup with plenty of bites of chicken! Grab your favorite taco toppings, because the Jennifer Garner Chicken Tortilla Soup is going to give you a new alias: soup-master!

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5. Jennifer Aniston Salad

Jennifer Aniston Salad image

So no one told you it was going to be this way? A salad so good it's guaranteed to get you out of second gear, so to speak? That's the Jennifer Aniston Salad for you! With fluffy, hearty bulgur wheat to keep you going, feta cheese for a creamy, sharp bite, pistachios for that captivating crunch, and a little lemon juice for an endearing bit of tartness, like the sarcastic quip of a dear friend, this salad has everything going for it. It's safe to say, the Jennifer Aniston Salad will be there for you!

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6. Aaron Rodgers Ham Sliders

Aaron Rogers Ham Sliders

Aaron Rodgers is one of the quarterback greats. Why? Well, his incredible and accurate throwing arm packs a punch and you can always count on him to come through in the most crucial moments. Funny enough, when we tried these cheesy, ham-topped bites, they kind of reminded us of him... which is why they're called Aaron Rodgers Ham Sliders. Similar to him, the sweet and fluffy Hawaiian rolls, topped with that delectable meat-and-cheese duo, will really blow you away with their powerful flavors. They're simple to make, so they're always dependable when the clock is ticking. You see what we mean? So, the next time you're scouting out a reliable dinner MVP, call Aaron Rodgers Ham Sliders up to your menu roster. They'll be the clutch touchdown you've been searching for and the delicious dinner "W" you needed!

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7. Michelle Obama's Bean Salad

Michelle Obamas Bean Salad (8)

If there's one thing we know about the 44th First Lady, it's that she loves fresh ingredients. Inspired by that and her love for healthy eating, we present Michelle Obama's Bean Salad! Packed with hearty white beans, crispy snow peas, and ravishing radishes, you can feel good about each nourishing bite. Tossed with a sweet and citrusy dressing, Michelle Obama's Bean Salad will have you chanting, "yes, we can... enjoy healthy foods!"

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8. Tom Cruise's Favorite Cobb Salad

Tom Cruise's Favorite Cobb Salad

There's no risky business with Tom Cruise's Favorite Cobb Salad! It's a guaranteed smash hit, much like so many of the actor's movies! Row upon row of classic toppings, from the crumbly, sharp blue cheese, hearty eggs, and juicy tomatoes. Instead of chicken though, Tom Cruise's Favorite Cobb Salad calls on leaner, but no less savory, turkey; got to keep up your figure when you're in so many action movies, after all! This salad is going on the Walk of Fame in your kitchen!

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9. William Shatner's Muffins

William Shatner-s Muffins 1

Ready " boldly go where no man has gone before"?! Okay, maybe William Shatner's Muffins aren't exactly as adventurous as a five-year mission to space, but they do taste out of this world! Let your taste buds go on this excitingly delicious, outer space journey as you bite into these golden-brown muffins that are blasting off with melty chocolate chips. Yum! They're the best in the universe. William Shatner's Muffins shoot for the stars, but they always exceed every extragalactic expectation!

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10. Dolly Parton's Southern Coleslaw

Dolly Parton’s Southern Coleslaw3

If it has anything at all to do with the Queen of Country, well, you can count us in. And we know this Backwoods Barbie© knows her Southern foods, so we were confident that Dolly Parton's Southern Coleslaw was going to be as big of a hit as that glitter-covered, big hair wearing gal is herself. It's crispy, it's crunchy, it's creamy, and it's really everything you hope for when you're craving coleslaw. So, trust the queen! Dolly Parton's Southern Coleslaw is going to be a mega success, just like the superstar she is!

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11. Elvis's Favorite Pound Cake

Elvis' Favorite Pound Cake

Even when he was the biggest name in music and one of the most recognizable people in history, Elvis Presley never lost his love for simple home cooking. Elvis's Favorite Pound Cake was truly one of his favorite desserts, and it's pretty easy to see why! The cake is extra tender, thanks to sifting the flour multiple times, and the texture is light, fluffy, and full of rich buttery flavor. All Elvis's Favorite Pound Cake really needs is some fresh fruit and whipped cream, but even if you don't have those, you'll still be in for a real treat. You might just find a burning love for this cake!

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12. Meg Ryan Salad

Meg Ryan Salad

You've got mail, and it says that this Meg Ryan Salad is absolutely worth having! It's a simple salad with courage under fire, a bed of leafy arugula holding up sharp parmesan and fragrant shallot slices. The dressing is simple, smooth, and citrus-forward, ready to close the deal and bring your tastebuds to a promised land! The Meg Ryan Salad can open Doors (that's a movie reference, too!) and dazzle just like its namesake!

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