12 Refreshing Soups to Make This Spring

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It's getting a bit warmer, but there's still a chill in the air. Spring is the perfect time for soup. You crave something a bit lighter, but also want to be warmed from the inside out! Move on over chicken noodle — these 12 Recipes are sure to shake up your soup recipe routine!

1. Spring Veggie Minestrone

Spring Veggie Minestrone 4

Spring is in the air, but you may not be ready to give up those cozy soups you've been enjoying all winter. Not as heavy as some of those steamy wintertime bowls, this Spring Veggie Minestrone is like the light sweater of spring weather soups! Packed full of fresh leeks, sweet carrots, earthy red potatoes, aspiring asparagus, and flavorful peas, it will become your go-to comfort food for spring. Grab your sweater if you must, but try this Spring Veggie Minestrone soon and spring forward to a warm transition you didn't know you needed. Spring has sprung!

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2. Grandma's Favorite Creamy Garden Soup


Only she could walk out her back door and find something fresh to make a delicious meal from. With fresh-from-the-garden broccoli, she created Grandma's Favorite Creamy Garden Soup. She somehow can combine just a bit of heavy cream and a head of broccoli (yes, stems and all!) and produce the creamiest soup you will ever taste. No matter the season, Grandma's Favorite Creamy Garden Soup will fit perfectly into your lunch or dinner menu. It's so comforting and delicious!

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3. Springtime Minestrone

Springtime Minestrone image

Minestrone is comfort food with a history dating back all the way to Ancient Rome; it's just that tasty! Springtime Minestrone adds a seasonal sparkle to this classic dish: the soup is wonderfully savory and hearty, with plenty of tangy notes from the artichoke hearts and garlic. Filled with tender potatoes, bright green peas and asparagus, and wilted garden greens, this soup can be either a meal on its own or a welcome first course to a springtime luncheon. Springtime Minestrone lets you sip on the spirit of the season!

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4. Lemon Orzo Soup

Lemon Orzo Soup image

This light and cozy Greek-style Lemon Orzo Soup is the perfect summer soup for enjoying in the sun. With hearty veggies, warm shredded chicken, and a pop of zesty lemon, this soup tastes simultaneously bright and relaxing, almost like a sunbath in a bowl. Lemon Orzo Soup features tender cooked orzo, which soaks in the flavors and adds to the soup’s heartiness. Whether you are, it’s a beautiful day with a bowl of this soup.

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5. Big-Fat Greek Soup

Big Fat Greek Soup (6)

You're going to fall head over heels for Big-Fat Greek Soup! No matter what anyone says, you'll be vowing to enjoy this classic, savory take on Italian Wedding soup for as long as you shall live. The addition of juicy turkey sausage meatballs, plus the bouncy pasta really ties the knot on why this is the one for you. We're positive that your family is going to welcome this Big-Fat Greek Soup with open arms... it's too good to turn away!

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6. Italian Potato & Kale Soup

italian potato and kale soup (8)

Don't just be drawn in by the restaurant breadsticks; experiencing an authentic dish is also exciting at home! With Italian Potato & Kale Soup, you can quickly develop a genuine, homemade meal and all your guests will feel like family! The spicy Italian sausage, tender potatoes, savory bacon, and classic kale all simmer in a creamy broth to give you a bold, honest-to-goodness, hearty soup that has all the Italian flare you crave. Momma Mia! Italian Potato & Kale Soup is just the bona fide favorite Nonna would want you to choose. Now, that's Italian! Breadsticks, anyone?

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7. Delicious Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Delicious Roasted Cauliflower Soup image

Delicious Roasted Cauliflower Soup isn't like other vegetable soups — it's better! The creamy, mild flavor of cauliflower serves as the perfect backdrop for savory chicken broth and herbaceous garlic and shallots. Rich, luscious, and indulgently sippable, Delicious Roasted Cauliflower Soup has the deep caramelized flavors of the best roasted vegetables taken to the next level. It tastes like coming in from the cold and feeling your face warm up!

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8. Loaded Veggie Soup

Loaded Veggies Soup

Loaded Veggie Soup really does have it all! Hearty beans, tender sweet cabbage, fluffy potatoes, vibrant tomatoes; each one makes a tasty appearance in each spoonful and contributes to an overwhelmingly delicious flavor. The broth is freshly made and savory, the corn is summery and sweet, and each serving is tangy and creamy. Let Loaded Veggie Soup provide some nourishing comfort to you, in a way that only vegetarian cooking can create!

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9. Harvest Gold Soup

Harvest Gold Soup

The tomatoes are ripe, rosy, and ready. The day is long, and you need comfort. Grab those juicy, savory fruits from the garden and make yourself a bowl of Harvest Gold Soup! This rich and vibrant soup slowly simmers the tomatoes to ensure maximum flavor, and draws out their natural sweetness, then blends it to ensure it's as smooth and sippable as possible. You'll be reaping the benefits of a great dish with this Harvest Gold Soup on the table!

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10. Homemade Turkey Veggie Soup

Homeade turkey soup-1

Nothing says comfort more than a bowl of warm, delicious soup. Homemade Turkey Veggie Soup is so tasty yet so easy, you just have to get to cookin' in your kitchen. Full of those familiar ingredients you love — turkey, corn, lima beans, rice, celery, and carrots — they all come together with an irresistible broth for this pot of peacefulness! Homemade Turkey Veggie Soup will put you at ease and satisfy your soul. Let's get cozy!

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11. Corn Chowder Supper

Corn Chowder Supper

Corn isn't just all about summer. A few changes and that sunny sweetness can make for a very comforting autumn soup. Just look at this Corn Chowder Supper! Creamy, hearty, and filled with tender potatoes and succulent bacon, there's nothing about Corn Chowder Supper that isn't comforting and warming from head to foot! It's simple, speedy, and scrumptious; exactly what you need for a day like today!

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12. 16 Bean Soup

16 Bean Soup

So, what is the sixteenth bean in 16 Bean Soup? Nothing! There is no sixteenth bean! Instead, that extra digit symbolizes that this soup goes above and beyond the expected! The hearty, savory beans play wonderfully with the tangy, creamy sour cream and the summer creamed corn. And who can say no to succulent ham? Not many, that's for sure! Celebrate this above-and-beyond day with this 16 Bean Soup!

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