12 Show-Stopping Sides for Your Next Potluck

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Potluck on the horizon and you have no idea what to bring? Move on over wimpy lettuce and boring potato salad without any pizzaz... bring these Show-Stopping Sides to your next potluck and you'll steal the show! Just make sure you write the recipe down — you'll be repeatedly asked to share it!

12 Show-Stopping Sides for Your Next Potluck:

1. Corn Feta Salad

Corn Feta Salad 05

Add something fresh and flirty to your next meal! Corn Feta Salad will captivate your palate in a whole new way. Fresh-from-the-ear sweet corn is dressed to impress with some crumbled feta cheese, plus jalapeño to spice things up a bit, and a delightful rumba of flavor from your favorites like parsley, mint, flaky sea salt, and fresh lime juice. With a drizzling of olive oil, all the tastes of Corn Feta Salad join into an exciting new way to serve a side dish. Fresh has never been so attractive!

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2. Cheesy Pea Salad

Cheesy Pea Salad

Uncomplicated, friendly, and full of great flavor... you'll know in an instant that this is a dinner side winner! Cheesy Pea Salad loves to join in the mealtime fun and is willing to share the table with just about any main attraction. When sweet peas, succulent bacon, spicy red onions, and sharp cheddar cheese come together in a tangy, creamy sauce, all of those flavors become even greater than the sum of its parts! Uncomplicated yet divine, Cheesy Pea Salad is a delight guaranteed to lighten your culinary fare and your spirits!

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3. Famous Garlic Green Beans

Famous Garlic Green Beans

Famous Garlic Green Beans tastes like a star-studded performance but really, it's just a two-ingredient show starring garlic and green beans! With salt, pepper, and smooth olive oil playing their supporting actors, the dynamic duo takes center stage! The garlic is fragrant, savory, and appetizing, while the green beans offer a balance of tenderness and crispness with that beloved garden-fresh flavor! These Famous Garlic Green Beans ensure that the vegetable side becomes a favorite at your table, no matter the main course!

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4. Delicious Side Dish Bake

Delicious Side Dish Bake

Homemade toasted breadcrumbs. Garden-fresh asparagus. Creamy potatoes. It all comes together to make this Delicious Side Dish Bake... and the name alone tells you everything you need to know! The top is crunchy, the cheese sauce is sharp and rich, and the prosciutto is salty and succulent, adding another dimension to an already exceptional side dish! Delicious Side Dish Bake is perhaps even better than the name suggests!

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5. Jump Shot Mac 'n Cheese

Jump Shot Mac N Cheese 01

You have to work to get some things right. Jump Shot Mac 'n Cheese is worth the practice, and it will be a sure shot for your next meal. When you add al dente macaroni along with cream cheese, melty cheeses, a little spice, and top it all with panko breadcrumbs, you've definitely made the side dish team! Take your dinners to new heights with Jump Shot Mac 'n Cheese. It will be the game winning pasta-dunk your family will cheer for!

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6. Ultimate Brussels Sprouts Casserole

Ultimate Brussels Sprouts Casserole 3

You never thought you'd see the day! The day when you were actually excited about eating some greens. Well, that's the kind of magic the holidays bring! Get in those veggies as you load up your plate with this Ultimate Brussels Sprouts Casserole! It features those perfectly tender Brussels sprouts, but don't worry. There's plenty of melty cheese and crispy bacon to cover up the fact you're eating something kind of healthy. Nothing beats the crunchy panko topping to really give the Ultimate Brussels Sprouts Casserole some extra pizzaz. If you ask us, the deliciousness of this side dish really is a holiday miracle!

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7. Green Chile Corn Pudding


Green Chile Corn Pudding is a wonderful surprise you will definitely want to add to your must-have side dish list. Frozen corn is surprisingly seasoned with diced green chiles, loads of Monterey Jack cheese, rich heavy cream, and of course, a little butter, which all come together to make a very comforting dish. Great for holidays or any meal you would like to elevate, Green Chile Corn Pudding is an elegant way to serve corn that everyone at your table will love.

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8. Bacon Broccoli Pasta Salad

Bacon Broccoli Salad 1

Nothing says "potluck" like a good pasta salad! This Bacon Broccoli Pasta Salad will be the most requested side dish on the checkered-tablecloth circuit all year long! Al dente rotini pasta loaded with crisp broccoli, cubed cheddar cheese, roasted sunflower seeds, crumbled bacon, all topped with a bacon-infused, tangy, sweet vinaigrette dressing... well, it may just become the anthem at all the barbecues, birthday parties, Fourth of July celebrations, graduation parties, and so on! Let this Bacon Broccoli Pasta Salad carry you all summer (or any season) long and you're sure to be the belle of every ball! Happy eating everyone!

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9. Ultimate Whipped Sweet Potatoes

Ultimate Whipped Sweet Potatoes

It only takes 30 minutes to make a side dish so scrumptious, you'll be stunned that you made it yourself! Yes, Ultimate Whipped Sweet Potatoes taste like they came out of the highest-class kitchen, but they couldn't be simpler! Just whip the caramel-sweet potatoes with cream, butter, and warm spices for a smooth, creamy, rich, and delightfully flavorful dish that makes the most of the holiday season, or really any occasion! Ultimate Whipped Sweet Potatoes are just a joy to make, and even more of a joy to eat!

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10. Creamy Avocado Pasta Salad

StichedIn-Creamy Avocado Pasta Salad-001

Nothing says it's finally summer like a good pasta salad. We highly recommend this Creamy Avocado Pasta Salad to get your summer off to a great start, or just for when you're craving those warm weather flavors. Beat the balmy bliss with this cool and tender pasta, loaded with crispy bacon and juicy tomatoes, keyed up with ripe avocado chunks, and smothered in perfectly seasoned, creamy avocado-infused dressing. Creamy Avocado Pasta Salad is a refreshing way to usher in all of the summer vibes. It's so chill and so delicious! You won't even remember it's December!

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11. Killer Kale Salad

Killer Kale Salad

As far as salads go, this one slays the competition! Killer Kale Salad pairs the distinct kale flavor with crunchy, fragrant toasted almonds, ensuring there's plenty of crunch to go around in this dish! But then, everything gets coated in a distinctly sunny dressing with an aromatic garlic infusion that just draws you in for more! Calling Killer Kale Salad to-die-for might just be underselling it!

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12. Radish Cucumber Salad

Radish cucumber salad-1

Keep your salad rotation fresh and crisp with this Radish Cucumber Salad! This quick and easy bowl of garden goodies highlights juicy cucumbers and refreshing radishes. There's a sprinkle of creamy feta cheese and tangy dill, plus a drizzle of citrusy vinaigrette to add a little more flavor and fun. You could even add some protein to Radish Cucumber Salad to make it a yummy meal, or simply serve it as a nourishing side for your favorite main course. No matter how you enjoy it, it's sure to be a ravishingly delicious experience!

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Ready to steal the show at your next dinner party? Have the recipe cards for these delicious dishes ready!

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