12 Simple Sheet-Pan Meals for a Busy Week

Rosemary Salmon Sheet-Pan Dinner 1

We get it! You're busy and who really wants to wash a million dishes anyway?! We've got you covered with some easy, yet amazingly delicious, one-pan meals that'll satisfy and give you some time back in your day! Let these 12 Simple Sheet-Pan Meals show you what's for dinner.

1. Sheet-Pan Chicken Bacon Ranch

Sheet Pan Chicken Bacon Ranch image

It’s not clear who first realized the combination of chicken, creamy and tangy ranch sauce, and fatty bacon made for a delicious partnership, but that person should be thanked a thousand times over. Sheet-Pan Chicken Bacon Ranch demonstrates exactly why with flavorful, tender, and savory chicken coated in ranch and bacon bits. With cheddar cheese for sharpness, Sheet-Pan Chicken Bacon Ranch tastes like a guilty pleasure dinner that’s still hearty and comforting.

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2. The-Big-Easy Sheet Pan

The Big Easy Sheetpan 3

If you feel like jazzin' up your usual sheet-pan meal, The-Big-Easy Sheet Pan will soon be marching in with trumpets a-blazin'! This New Orleans-inspired one really has it all. The shrimp is so fresh it tastes like it's straight from the Gulf and is seasoned with the spicy, fun-lovin' Cajun goodness that NOLA is known for. Sounds like quite the party for your sheet pan, huh?! The-Big-Easy Sheet Pan knows how to have a delicious, good time! So, laissez les bon temps rouler (let the good times roll)!

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3. California Sheet-Pan Nachos

California Sheet Pan Nachos image

California Sheet-Pan Nachos are the easiest and quickest way to satisfy that nacho craving so universal to humanity. In 20 minutes, you can have a tray of crispy, crunchy nachos smothered in melty, stretchy cheese and juicy beef fresh out of the oven. Savory, hearty, and livened up with sweet onion and rich tomatoes, California Sheet-Pan Nachos are a spicy snack that will be a bright spot in your day.

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4. Rosemary Salmon Sheet-Pan Dinner

Rosemary Salmon Sheet-Pan Dinner image

Are you looking for a meal filled with ease and gusto? Rosemary Salmon Sheet-Pan Dinner is a simple and flavorful solution! In under 30 minutes, you could be chomping on a flaky salmon fillet and a side of sweet red peppers and crunchy asparagus. It's all coated in a savory, rosemary-infused sauce that will make you want to guzzle up every last drop. Prepared on one pan, Rosemary Salmon Sheet-Pan Dinner fills you up and makes more time for what matters most!

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5. Mini Meatloaf Sheet-Pan Meal

Mini Meatloaf Sheet-Pan Meal image

Everything miniature tends to be better, and that stands true for this Mini Meatloaf Sheet-Pan Meal. If the juicy, sweet, and ketchup-y mini loaves aren't convincing enough on their own, knowing that they take less than an hour to bake should do the trick. And if that isn't enough, they are accompanied by aromatic garlic and olive-oil-smothered potatoes and asparagus–so no brainstorming of sides is necessary. Mini Meatloaf Sheet-Pan Meal, we thank you. Not every hero wears a cape.

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6. Sheet-Pan Gnocchi

Sheet-Pan Gnocchi image

Sheet-Pan Gnocchi is the light, flavorful Italian dish you need on your summer (or honestly, insert any season) dinner rotation! The potato-y gnocchi, tangy red onions, juicy tomatoes, and nutty garlic get tossed on a sheet pan which results in a beautiful, colorful, golden visual and easy clean-up. Some of the favorite Italian seasonings are sprinkled on top, with yummy parmesan cheese included too for a cheesy flare. The roasted and creamy garlic is mashed up with some fresh lemon juice and savory oil that gets drizzled over the delightful dish. Your tastebuds will definitely agree that Sheet-Pan Gnocchi must be consumed year-round!

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7. Lemon Pork Sheet-Pan Dinner

Lemon Pork Sheet-Pan Dinner image

Enjoying a healthy, hearty meal doesn't have to be flavorless or time-consuming. Lemon Pork Sheet-Pan Dinner has it all! The salty pork chops, sugar-sweet potatoes, and earthy Brussels sprouts are smothered in a savory, sweet dijon-lemon sauce–say hello to flavor! They're conveniently roasted on a single sheet pan in under 30-minutes–time saved, check! See? Making Lemon Pork Sheet-Pan is all around deliciously satisfying!

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8. Sheet-Pan Pork & Veggie Dinner

Sheet Pan Pork and Veggie Dinner

Imagine a full meal coming out of the oven at the same time and on the same sheet pan. Imagine the convenience of clean-up afterwards and the time you get back, considering all you do is prep, spread, and bake the various ingredients on that same sheet pan! That's Sheet-Pan Pork & Veggie Dinner in a nutshell! The pork is tender and juicy, the potatoes are tender and fluffy, the broccoli is roasted to golden-brown while still retaining its sweet brightness. And everything is ready in 40 minutes! Sheet-Pan Pork & Veggie Dinner really doesn't mess around; it's ready to help you conquer the weeknight dinner routine!

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9. Sheet-Pan Steak Dinner

Sheet Pan Steak Dinner 2

Craving steak and potatoes, but not all the hassle it takes to make them? Well, Sheet-Pan Steak Dinner has got your back. In under an hour, you can enjoy juicy steak, tender potatoes, and even some crunchy green beans to ensure you're eating your veggies. All these yummy things get even yummier as they're topped with a creamy, homemade garlic butter... so, you know you'll have heartiness and flavor in every bite. See? Sheet-Pan Steak Dinner is looking out for you! You get to have a five-star quality dish in the middle of the week with no stress! Sounds like a delicious way to spend your evening!

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10. Sheet-Pan Cheesesteak

Sheet Pan Cheesesteak 03

In under 30 minutes, you could be chowing down on a big, 'ole fluffy hoagie roll filled with savory, slightly crunchy peppers, onions, and mushrooms, and pieces of juicy, tender flank steak! Oh, and it's all covered in melty provolone cheese, too! What's the name of this delicious game, you might be wondering? Sheet-Pan Cheesesteak! Not only is this meal not a time sucker, but it's not a dish hog, either. All these yummy flavors and textures are created in ONE sheet pan. Wow. What a time to be alive. Sheet-Pan Cheesesteak is a must-make, no doubt!

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11. Steakhouse Sheet-Pan Dinner

Steakhouse Sheetpan025

Need a table for two this Valentine's Day? Well, take a seat. We've got the fanciest, simplest, (shh, don't tell anyone that!) tastiest meal for you and your date, and y'all don't even have to dress to the nines to enjoy it. Steakhouse Sheet-Pan Dinner serves you a pair of juicy, rosy, savory steaks, a set of two heart-shaped, plump, pink shrimp, a couple of containers of rich, garlicky creamed spinach, and a whole bunch of cheesy, tender potatoes all in one pan. We guess you could say the best things come in twos! Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy your dearly beloved (meaning your date... and also, Steakhouse Sheet-Pan Dinner); dinner at home has never tasted this luxurious!

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12. Sheet-Pan Greek Chicken Thighs

Sheet Pan Greek Chicken Thighs

Sheet-Pan Greek Chicken Thighs aren't just about the chicken. Sure, the chicken is the star, a shining beacon of flavor invoking the beautiful sunshine of the Mediterranean in each zesty bite. But it also comes with juicy, bright vegetables, tangy olives, and sharp feta, adding even more to that classic Greek flavor. So, in reality, Sheet-Pan Greek Chicken Thighs are a complete meal in one sheet pan, so you can enjoy it to the fullest and never have to deal with the clean-up. That's the pinnacle of relaxation.

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