14 Beautiful Tablescapes to Inspire Your Thanksgiving Table

12 Beautiful Tablescapes to Inspire Your Thanksgiving Table

Gathering around the table for a delicious meal on Thanksgiving Day with people you love is one of our favorite times of the year.

While material things certainly aren't the most important things in life, a delightful Thanksgiving tablescape can add to the festivity and ambiance of your gathering.

Your Thanksgiving tablescape shouldn't merely be a decorative display, but instead should set the tone of the gathering and foster an environment that allows your guests to relish the things they're most grateful for in life. From linens to dishes, florals to flatware, creating a Thanksgiving tablescape — regardless of how simple or fancy — can enhance the holiday experience for all your guests.

14 Beautiful Tablescapes to Inspire Your Thanksgiving Table:

1. Pumpkins Galore

It's hard to imagine something more fall than a table full of pumpkins! This tablescape is nearly too gourd to be true.

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2. Harvest Haven

This tablescape is a true harvest haven! We love the gorgeous wheat bundles paired with soft and sweet tea-light candles.

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3. 'Leaf' It Be

An easy and festive touch? Leaves! And you can even source them from your very own neighborhood.

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4. All Things Orange

Lean into the color of the season — orange! The orange checkered tablecloth is a seasonal show-stopper.

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5. Pinecones and Scrap Ribbon

Talk about creative! We love this hanging tablescape of pinecones strung with scrap ribbon.

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6. Colorful and Easy

Non-traditional, but no less adorable. This colorful and easy tablescape brings all kinds of additional delight to an already delightful holiday!

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7. Flowering Pumpkin

Let a floral centerpiece steal the show this Thanksgiving. This gorgeous flowering pumpkin has us "oooohh"-ing and "ahhh"-ing to no end.

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8. A Fresh Scent

Talk about a dynamic duo! This pairing of white pumpkins and seeded eucalyptus pleases both our eyes and our noses.

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9. Make It Edible

Who says gorgeous decor can't be... eaten? This edible tablescape is simply divine!

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10. Blue and White Thanksgiving

If you love a traditional blue and white look, look no further! You can, in fact, style your blue and white pieces for Thanksgiving.

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11. Traditional Elegance

A true, stunning traditional tablescape.

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12. Simple and Neutral

If you're more of the neutral type, this gorgeous tablescape is perfect for you. White, green, and woods!

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13. Woodland Theme

A gorgeous woodland table for those looking to pair two of nature's gifts — pinecones and leaves. Swoon!

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14. For the Kids' Table

If you are hosting any little ones this year, consider a kids table with a fun youthful touch! Pro tip: swap the bone-china for disposable plates to spare you the heartbreak of any accidents.

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While the task of creating a Thanksgiving tablescape can be intimidating to some, it doesn't have to be! Whether you take a simple or extravagant approach to your tablescape, consider it a tangible representation of the effort and love you've put into hosting a special meal.

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