14 Crave-Worthy Quiche Recipes

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Whether it's for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, you can't go wrong with quiche! Creamy, flaky, and delightfully filling... these 14 Quiche Recipes check all the boxes. Full of flavor and packed with delicious ingredients, get ready for everyone to ask for the recipe!

1. Ultimate Ham Quiche

Ultimate Ham Quiche

Ultimate Ham Quiche! It's the brunch-favorite, the breakfast king, the lord of the egg dishes! Everything about Ultimate Ham Quiche is worth celebrating! The crust is buttery and flaky, while the egg filling is fluffy, creamy, and savory! And of course, the filling itself is stuffed with succulent ham and sharp cheese! Mmmm, you may not have room for dinner tonight, since you'll be having seconds and thirds of this!

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2. Cheese Please Quiche

Cheese Please Quiche

Oh, you want cheese? Well, buckle up, because Cheese Please Quiche will deliver the cheese; all of the cheese. Cheddar, parmesan, and mozzarella bring a creamy, sharp, nutty, melty experience that will make the morning so much brighter! The egg filling is tender and loaded with succulent bacon, and the crust is flaky, as can be expected of a great quiche. But really, this is the Cheese Please Quiche. The cheese is the star. And you'll know it after one bite!

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3. Bed & Breakfast Quiche

Bed & Breakfast Quiche

Nothing quite matches the quaintness or the coziness of waking up in a comfy bed and wandering downstairs to find the innkeepers who have a hot breakfast ready and waiting for you. While you do need to make the Bed & Breakfast Quiche yourself, you'll find that touch of wonderful warmth and charm still lingering in the buttery crust and the fluffy, creamy egg filling. Better yet, Bed & Breakfast Quiche can be filled with whatever you love most about quiches, whether that's garden veggies, succulent ham, or melty cheese... or all three! Make your home a welcoming place with this dish!

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4. Sour Cream Chicken Quiche

Sour Cream Chicken Quiche

Breakfast has never felt this elegant, and it comes from a flavor that's electric! Sour Cream Chicken Quiche infuses the egg custard with the sour cream, so each bite is creamy and tangy, right from the word "go!" It's all perched on top of a buttery crust, and filled with savory chicken and tender veggies! And of course, we can't forget all of that cheese either! There aren't many better ways to wake up than with this Sour Cream Chicken Quiche on the table!

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5. Crustless Quiche


If you're not about the crust as the sun rises for the day, then this Crustless Quiche is a lower carb answer to your morning munching! Hey, the filling is the best part anyway, right? We'd like to think so! It's so fluffy and cheesy and filled with just the right amount of seasoning to satisfy with every bite. Sounds like a light and airy start to a perfect day! Yep, Crustless Quiche is the way to go!

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6. Vegetarian Quiche

Vegetarian Quiche

Whether you're hosting an elegant gathering for a group or an intimate setting for two, this dish is sure to please the most discriminating of tastes. Our light, but full-bodied Vegetarian Quiche will be a wonderful addition to your brunch spread. The weighty-ness of the wild mushrooms melds seamlessly with the creamy mixture of fluffy eggs and salty cheese, creating the most delightful and (mostly) guilt-free collaboration for your breakfast buffet. This lovely and captivating addition to any brunch banquet or best-friend breakfast will leave your guests absolutely enamored. Vegetarian Quiche is extremely easy to throw together, all while retaining the sophistication and charm your distinguished guests desire!

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7. Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine image

Circular in shape and golden yellow in color, Quiche Lorraine is like a small sun on the breakfast table; everyone at the table will be orbiting around it. Plus, a slice of this will brighten your morning. Quiche Lorraine glitters with delicately fluffy and rich eggs on a buttery pie crust. Filled with salty bacon, savory onions, and nutty Swiss cheese, each bite shimmers with sensational flavors. You’ll take a new shine to it every time you make it!

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8. Caprese Quiche

Caprese Quiche

Caprese Quiche! What a concept! A delicious culinary concept you'll want for breakfast all year long! Upon a fluffy, creamy bed of eggs lays the classic caprese flavors of melty mozzarella, juicy bright tomatoes, and fragrant savory basil. Other quiches wish they had the panache and the charm as Caprese Quiche! Try a bite and dare to compare! You'll find yourself agreeing that no other quiche can stand up to it!

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9. Meat Lover's Quiche

Meat Lover's Quiche

Meat Lover's Quiche isn't messing around when it comes to starting your day off with satisfaction and heartiness! This sunrise feast brings you a combination of crispy bacon, savory sausage, and diced ham that is mixed with a fluffy egg mix to make sure you're really filled up and ready to take on the day. With that much protein in every bite, we promise you'll never go hungry again. Meat Lover's Quiche is in the business of keeping bellies full and yours is just the one for the job!

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10. Undercover Quiche

Undercover Quiche

It doesn't take a veteran spy to know just what Undercover Quiche is up to! With one bite of this fluffy egg and mushroom-loaded breakfast feast topped upon a crispy, buttery piecrust, you'll crack the code without a doubt. See? When something this savory and hearty comes to be, well, it's clear to see its plan all along was to be as delicious as possible. And that's all there is to it! Uncover Quiche isn't playing any sneaky games, it just wants to be enjoyed!

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11. Hash Brown Quiche

Hash Brown Quiche

Hash Brown Quiche makes one modification to everyone's favorite brunch special, but wow is it a tasty one! Instead of the traditional pie crust, Hash Brown Quiche opts to use crunchy, cheesy hash browns; that certainly adds a delectable contrasting crunch to the fluffy, creamy eggs! And of course, those eggs are filled with bacon and cheese, because can eggs really exist without bacon and cheese? This is one dish that will definitely turn some heads at the breakfast table!

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12. Quiche Cups

Quiche Cups

Quiche Cups! Say it loud and say it with a napkin and plate at the ready! Quiche Cups! The creamy, tender, eggy filling and the buttery, flaky crust you've come to love, all in cup-form! Quiche Cups! Filled with melty cheese and of course crispy, succulent bacon, because it wasn't already delicious enough! There's no way NOT to love these little guys!

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13. Barbara Bush's Mushroom Quiche

Barbara Bush's Mushroom Quiche

This isn't just called Barbara Bush's Mushroom Quiche for the fun of it (although it is a fun name)! It's actually a favorite recipe in the Bush family household, and it's easy to see why! The flaky, buttery crust supporting the fluffy bed of eggs, filled with beautifully seasoned mushrooms, and crisp green onions would entice anybody! Let's make breakfast presidentially posh with Barbara Bush's Mushroom Quiche!

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14. Famous Holiday Quiche

Famous Holiday Quiche

Famous Holiday Quiche isn't just famous for tasting amazing, although it could rest on its laurels with just that. No, it's called Famous Holiday Quiche, because whatever day you make it, becomes a holiday! The crust is a crisp hashbrown, so it's already impressive right out of the gate, and then the filling is a creamy, savory, cheesy egg concoction, speckled with succulent bits of ham. Few dishes say comfort and indulgence more than a quiche, and this Famous Holiday Quiche takes those feelings to a new level!

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