14 Delicious Christmas Main Dishes You'll Love

Sugar Glazed Ham

Craving a special Christmas main dish that warms you from the inside out? The holidays come with a bit of hustle and bustle — and planning your special meal ahead of time can make sure you stay in the holiday spirit.

From ham to brisket, soup to salmon... we have something for every taste bud that's sure to help you celebrate in festive style. Save your favorite recipe and rest easy knowing you have things planned and ready. Get ready to pull out more place settings, because with these 14 Christmas Mains, you're sure to have more guests knocking on your door!

Get Ready to Dig Into Christmas Dinner:

1. Sugar Glazed Ham

Sugar Glazed Ham

The signature holiday dish! The centerpiece to end all centerpieces! The mainstay of main courses! Sugar Glazed Ham is succulence and sweetness married to make something marvelous. The savory pork is coated with tangy mustard, vinegar, and deliciously smoky brown sugar, then roasted until sticky and caramelized! It almost doesn't matter what sides you serve with Sugar Glazed Ham, because everyone will be filling their plates with slice after slice of this festive feast!

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2. Baked Ziti With Sausage

Baked Ziti with Sausage image

Baked Ziti With Sausage is a mainstay of Sunday dinners for many households for obvious reasons — it's layer upon layer of tender pasta, rich and savory tomato sauce simmered to just the right amount of sweetness, sharp and melty cheese, and of course sausage. Baked Ziti With Sausage is a hero of a home-cooked meal that brings everyone to the table the moment it comes out of the oven. Don't be surprised if your loved ones argue over the leftovers... if there are any left!

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3. Better BBQ Brisket

Better BBQ Brisket

Brisket is a pillar of the barbeque tradition: an exceptional cut of beef grilled until truly tender. This is the Better BBQ Brisket. It's better. How much better? Well, it has delicious spices rubbed directly into the meat, so each bite is vibrant, warm, and zesty. It's coated in barbeque sauce, tangy and sweet. It will melt just in your mouth. This is the Better BBQ Brisket: you deserve something better than just common barbeque mains at your next cookout!

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4. Christmas Shrimp

Christmas Shrimp

If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, and by that you actually mean one spent on a beach full of soothing white sand, well, then you need to make sure your full holiday spread aligns appropriately. Deck your palm tree with some colorful lights, ditch the puffy coat, and enjoy some tropical Christmas Shrimp as your festive snack! You'll be filled with much cheer as your bite into those perfectly seasoned plump bites that are wrapped in crispy bacon, all while wearing flip-flops and sipping something fruity. The holidays are better with your toes in the sand and Christmas Shrimp on your plate. Kick back and relax... this is a deliciously jolly change of pace!

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5. Noel Meatballs

Noel Meatballs (1)

Get the carols cranking and then get your Christmas party started right with a delicious melody of Noel Meatballs! These juicy, flavorful spheres of beef swim in harmony with their sweet and slightly spicy cranberry sauce, spreading all the joy and goodwill your festive gathering needs. You'll have lots of reasons to sing and dance, with Noel Meatballs being at the top of that list. Enjoy this tasty appetizer filled with lots of fa-la-la-la-flavor! 'Tis the season for good times and yummy food!

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6. Slow Gnocchi Soup

Slow gnocchi soup-3

When the air is cold and your day is filled with the hustle and bustle of finding the perfect Christmas gifts, it's just nice to come home to a warm bowl of something comforting. This Slow Gnocchi Soup basically cooks itself and is ready to refuel you after that long day on your feet. The creamy, savory soup is decked out with juicy chicken, nourishing spinach, and of course, plenty of soft gnocchi. Give yourself the perfect present — a bowl filled to the brim with Slow Gnocchi Soup—it's just what you need!

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7. Christmas Lasagna

Christmas Lasagna

Merry everything! Let's eat! Christmas Lasagna is the perfect answer to feeding your big, hungry, merry revelers and carolers! Lasagna noodles are generously layered with succulent ground beef and Italian sausage slices, plus all the ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella cheeses you could imagine for an exceptionally festive pasta experience. Invite everyone over for Christmas Lasagna and they will be singing with glee. Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays!) to all, and to all a good night!

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8. Fancy Christmas Day Soup

Fancy Christmas Day Soup

Christmas calls for a full feast and, moreover, it must be a feast that goes full-steam ahead on flavor! Fancy Christmas Day Soup is one part of that delicious holiday decadence; a hearty, creamy soup loaded with potatoes, garden-vegetables, and flaky, succulent salmon. This vibrant, comforting soup is just as colorful as Christmas itself, and you'll be feeling the 5-star experience just in time for the holidays! Fancy Christmas Day Soup is a Yuletide yummy joy!

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9. Easy Christmas Sheet-Pan Supper

Easy Christmas Sheet Pan Supper

We all know that getting a great holiday dinner on the table can be a major stressor in a season often marred by too many stresses already! So why put in all the work? Easy Christmas Sheet-Pan Supper makes sure your special gathering has a dish that's hearty, wholesome, and worry-free! Place the succulent sausage, the bright peppers and tomatoes, the sweet sugar snap peas, and the savory green onions on a sheet tray, give a little seasoning, and roast! Bam! The holidays are marked by platefuls of culinary cheer, ready to be piled on toast, thanks to this Easy Christmas Sheet-Pan Supper!

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10. Garlic Butter Baked Salmon

Garlic Butter Baked Salmon image

Garlic Butter Baked Salmon doesn't just serve up flaky, tender, flavorful fish; it's actually a whole meal on one sheet pan! Golden roasted, hearty potatoes and garden-fresh, lemony asparagus cooked alongside fatty fish ensures you have everything you could want for dinner in a single dish! Infused with garlic and butter throughout, Garlic Butter Baked Salmon is transcendently tasty. In only 35 minutes, you can have a full meal hot and ready to eat. You'll be amazed at what a single sheet pan can do.

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11. First-Place Steaks

First Place Steaks

There is a lot of secret competition in the cooking world, and we are here to help you whip up a winning dish. You can easily beat the competition and win over the critics with First-Place Steaks! Take a couple of New York strip steaks, sear them to perfection, and then coat them with a garlic-butter sauce to add that special touch for the win. Make a trophy-worthy steak with these First-Place Steaks. Winning never tasted so good!

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12. Italian Yum Soup

Italian Yum Soup 4

If you're craving something Italian and are feeling the urge to exclaim, "YUM," consider this Italian Yum Soup your oddly specific match! Dip your spoon into a bowl of this savory broth loaded with juicy turkey sausage, cheesy tortellini, and tender veggies and you'll be over-the-moon that your strange hankering brought you here. Sometimes things just work out the way they were supposed to... and it's always pretty tasty and great when those mysterious ways lead you to some Italian Yum Soup! YUM!

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13. Pistachio Pork Tenderloin

Pistachio Pork Tenderloin-3

You'll go absolutely nuts for this Pistachio Pork Tenderloin! Each juicy slice is coated with a nutty, herby crust that just goes so well together. And "lettuce" not forget about the fresh and crispy escarole salad we love to serve with it! It has a tangy dressing that tastes amazing with the apple slices sprinkled on top. Add a baked potato and you've got yourself a feast. Taste Pistachio Pork Tenderloin for yourself and see what it's all cracked up to be!

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14. Holiday Shepherd's Pie

Holiday Shepherd's Pie

Everything really should be dressed up fancy to embrace the holidays, even your dinner! A few quick changes to your traditional Shepard's pie will transform it into this Holiday Shepherd's Pie, a fantastically festive flavor fountain! Caramel-y sweet potatoes mingle with rich butter and sharp parmesan for a wonderfully creamy and fluffy top, nestled atop a succulent pork sausage and sunny corn mixture, brightened with tomatoes and other garden veggies. You might actually feel a little underdressed sitting next to Holiday Shepherd's Pie this year!

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