14 Meatless Recipes That Will Fill You Up During Lent

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Trying to abstain from eating meat during Lent? Well, you don't need to sacrifice satisfaction! From fish to lentils, there are a variety of delicious main dish options that will not only satisfy a hungry belly, but also delight your taste buds! Discover a fresh take on meatless meals with one of these 14 Meatless Recipes today.

14 Satisfying Meatless Recipes:

1. Lemon-Battered Fish

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What is it about the bright citrus flavor of lemon that brings out the best in fish? Maybe the acidity and tanginess bring out the savoriness and sweetness of fish. Or maybe it just reminds your tastebuds of the beauty of the sun on the ocean. In either case, Lemon-Battered Fish promises to delight; you can hear it in the name alone. The fish is pan-fried to a gorgeous crispy golden brown and infused with lemon. Lemon-Battered Fish is flaky and tender on the inside and a true snap to make. Now you can enjoy the seaside sun from anywhere.

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2. Tuscan Salmon

Tuscan Salmon image

Take your taste buds on vacation to the sunny hills and vistas of Tuscany! Tuscan Salmon is infused with Mediterranean seasonings and dressed in a rich cream sauce that feels both rustic and elegant. Bright bursts of sun-dried tomatoes, tender spinach, and of course the flaky, fatty fish all make this speedy dish a wonder to eat! It’s a dinner renaissance!

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3. Vegan Lentil Soup

Vegan Lentil Soup

Vegan Lentil Soup proves that a soup doesn't need meat or even cheese to be heartwarming and hearty! Tender lentils and creamy beans offer up plenty of energizing protein and belly-filling goodness, made all the more delicious when served alongside sweet and vibrant sun-dried tomatoes and garden-fresh vegetables. Everything is swimming in a rich, bright vegetable broth with just the right touch of tang and herb-flavors. Vegan Lentil Soup is a delectable dish that will make everyone happy from the first sip!

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4. Quick Baked Fish

Quick Baked Fish image

Quick Baked Fish has a simple goal: get a simple yet delicious fish dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less so you don't have to add cooking to the stresses of your workday. It succeeds, and marvelously at that! The fish is flaky and tender, with plenty of rich butter and smoky seasonings to bring out the best of its flavors. Quick Baked Fish will impress by giving you exactly what you need when you need it most. So don't worry, dinner's going to be a (sea) breeze!

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5. Vegetarian Burrito Bowl

Vegetarian Burrito Bowl

Burrito bowls are pure culinary joy, and this Vegetarian Burrito Bowl ensures that everyone can join in on the fun. Instead of meat, pan-fried tofu offers a crisp texture while a distinct homage to Tex-Mex cuisine is seen in the poblano, garlic, and tomato flavors. Served on a bed of warm rice, and topped with vibrant pico de gallo, this Vegetarian Burrito Bowl provides the nourishment, the nutrition, and the taste that will make every part of you happy! That's what makes it pure joy!

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6. Vegetable Bolognese

Vegetable Bolognese

Whether you're vegetarian, cooking for someone who is, or just watching your meat consumption, this Vegetable Bolognese ensures you can enjoy the classic Italian dish, without missing out on the flavor! The sauce is as vibrant, rich, and sweet as ever, enhanced by butter (because what doesn't butter make better?) and loaded with pan-seared vegetables that add wonderful texture. The mushrooms, in particular, add the beefy flavor of a traditional Bolognese, are an ideal complement for the tender, cheesy tortellini swimming in the luxurious sauce. Vegetable Bolognese is light and delightful, while still being hearty and satisfying!

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7. Easy Black Bean Burger

Easy Black Bean Burger image

Whether your embracing a vegetarian lifestyle or trying to curb your meat intake, burger cravings can be hard to resist. Fortunately, the Easy Black Bean Burger has the savory, grilled flavor you want without the beef! Hearty, healthy, and loaded with seasonings and spices, this burger can stand next to beef burgers no problem! Slathered with a fatty, rich, and zesty chipotle mayo, the Easy Black Bean Burger wows your tastebuds and will wow everyone at your next barbeque!

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8. Garlic Spaghetti

Garlic Spaghetti

Here's how you make vegetarian cuisine as delectable and desirable as meat dishes: you increase the herbaceous, fragrant, garlic flavor to new heights and serve it over pasta. This Garlic Spaghetti is a remarkably easy and quick dish that is packed with herbs and seasonings to make each bite refreshing and wonderful. It's wonderful served out on the porch in the sunshine with a glass of white wine or just enjoyed indoors as a speedy dinner. Garlic Spaghetti is as delicious and simple as the name implies!

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9. Favorite Stay-Home Shrimp

Favorite Stay-Home Shrimp -05

When the wave of your seafood craving comes crashing in, there's no need to get in the car (let alone on a plane or a boat) to anchor it in — because this Favorite Stay-Home Shrimp can satisfy it for you! You'll feel like you're on a tropical staycation as you dive into the creamy, crunchy flavors these plump bites bring. Served over a beach of fluffy white rice, let the ocean come to you with Favorite Stay-Home Shrimp!

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10. Easy Pan-Seared Scallops

Easy Pan-Seared Scallops image

Ever been intimidated by the thought of cooking scallops? It seems like it should be the exclusive domain of top-tier chefs. But Easy Pan-Seared Scallops shows that anyone can make this seafood treat! In just 10 minutes, you can whip up tender, buttery, juicy scallops with a delicious golden jacket. It's such a (sea)breeze to make, you'll wonder what worried you in the first place. Easy Pan-Seared Scallops pair well with fresh green salads and lemon potatoes.

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11. Ethiopian Dinner Bowl

Ethiopian Dinner Bowl

The Ethiopian Dinner Bowl is some of the heartiest and most flavorful vegetarian cuisine around! The protein-powered lentils are cooked tender and loaded with plenty of zesty, spicy, and fragrant flavors. A touch of sunny lemon and deeply sweet tomato paste helps bring out the best in these once-humble beans! Speedy and breezy, this Ethiopian Dinner Bowl will become a classic in your kitchen in no time!

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12. Sweet Potato Curry

Sweet Potato Curry (4)

Looking to add a little spice to your life? Sorry, we aren't relationship counselors, but we are counselors of fine cuisine and we have just the dinner defense you've been looking for! This Sweet Potato Curry will take your relationship with food to a new level. When you marry flavorful sweet potatoes and cheerful chickpeas, along with all the faithful tastes of Thai that you fell in love with all those years ago, there will be some sweet harmony in the air tonight. Don't let boring flavors get you down; spice things up with Sweet Potato Curry and get to living again. It truly is a labor of love!

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13. Meatless Spaghetti Bake

Meatless Spaghetti Bake 3

Meatless Monday just got a little more magnificent! Okay, so it doesn't really matter what day it is, this Meatless Spaghetti Bake will forever be delicious. It's creamy, it's tender, it's cheesy. What's not to love? We should also say it's a breeze to make, which means it's perfect for whenever your pasta craving calls! Meatless Spaghetti Bake keeps things simple, and we can never argue with that!

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14. Creamy Cheese Casserole

Creamy Cheese Casserole 02

If you are searching for some delicious, no-meat meals, well, on the chopping block of all meatless dishes, we've just found the right cut of great taste that you've been looking for! Farm-fresh zucchini and spinach come to life layered with lasagna noodles that are topped with a dairy-fresh chive-and-onion-cream-cheese and ricotta mixture and a generous slab of melted mozzarella! Meat-free doesn't mean taste-free with Creamy Cheese Casserole. It's hard to beat and... it's without the meat!

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