14 Rainy-Day Recipes

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Rainy days got you feeling down? Here’s a little ray of culinary sunshine. From steamy soups to comforting pastas and feel-good casseroles, this list of 14 Rainy-Day Recipes is tailored to warm your soul and turn your day from dreary to delightful!

1. Rainy-Day Meatloaf Casserole

Rainy Day Meatloaf Casserole 1

There are no grey clouds even on the rainiest of days when Rainy-Day Meatloaf Casserole is on the menu! Nope! The cure for all the downpour depression is perfectly seasoned ground beef, which is the base for those nostalgic tastes. Topped with creamy, mashed potatoes, there's really no way you could be sad about this! The sun will always be shining (no matter the weather) with Rainy-Day Meatloaf Casserole!

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2. Brighten-The-Day Bake

Brighten The Day Bake

It's always a sunny day with this dish on the table! Brighten-The-Day Bake will make sunbeams peek through the clouds, or at least make a smile break through the gloom! A tender bed of fluffy eggs holds a treasure trove of tangy, savory artichokes, earthy green onions, beefy mushrooms, and of course, melty cheddar cheese... essentially the best things you could want in your morning meal! Bad moods and rainy weather can't touch your spirit when it's uplifted by the heartiness and the flavor of Brighten-The-Day Bake!

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3. Lemon Orzo Soup

Lemon Orzo Soup image

This light and cozy Greek-style Lemon Orzo Soup is the perfect summer soup for enjoying in the sun. With hearty veggies, warm shredded chicken, and a pop of zesty lemon, this soup tastes simultaneously bright and relaxing, almost like a sunbath in a bowl. Lemon Orzo Soup features tender cooked orzo, which soaks in the flavors and adds to the soup’s heartiness. Whether you are, it’s a beautiful day with a bowl of this soup.

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4. Sunshine Chicken

Sunshine Chicken image

Sunshine Chicken gets its bright, sweet flavors from cooking with orange juice. The result is a shimmering sensation of savoriness and sugariness, with a little tartness and tang. Served alongside fluffy rice soaked with the same citrus wonder and with a touch of heat from curry powder, Sunshine Chicken makes the evening bright with its wonderful tastes.

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5. Breakfast Delight Casserole

Breakfast Delight Casserole 1

What makes a good morning great? Is it the birds chirping their sunrise song? Is it the anticipation of what's to come? There's a lot to it, right?! Well, when you want to add a little joy to the start of your day, this Breakfast Delight Casserole is just perfect. Loaded with all your morning favorites, like fluffy eggs, crispy bacon, melty cheese, crisp veggies, and tender potatoes, it's quite impossible not to feel joy with this bountiful bake on your plate. It is a good morning, indeed, with Breakfast Delight Casserole!

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6. Easy Lemon Chicken Pasta

Easy Lemon Chicken Pasta image

Creamy, comforting pasta doesn't just have to be for the cold-weather months. A touch of lemon can lighten things up! Easy Lemon Chicken Pasta is a simple but flavorful dish that adds some sunshine to dinnertime! Infused with bright lemony flavors in a creamy savory sauce, Easy Lemon Chicken Pasta tender cooks your favorite pasta to tender perfection with juicy chicken. It takes less than half an hour to make this, so your weeknight dinners just got much more exciting!

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7. Sunny-Day Salmon

Sunny Day Salmon

Get ready to bring some sunshine to your dinner table with this delicious recipe for Sunny-Day Salmon! As the warm weather rolls in and the blue skies start shining bright, there's no better time to fire up the broiler and cook up this mouth-watering dish. The tangy mustard and lemon flavors perfectly complement the rich, flaky salmon, creating a bright and refreshing taste that'll have you feeling like you're dining by the sea. So let the sun shine in, grab your apron, and whip up some Sunny-Day Salmon today!

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8. Grandma's Famous Soup

Grandma-s Famous Soup-5

Have you ever sung this tune? "Over the river and through the woods, to enjoy Grandma's Famous Soup we go!" After one bowl of this soup, soulfully inspired by hearty ground beef, mixed vegetables, and macaroni noodles in a beefy-tomato broth, you're sure to be singing this tune! It's so hard to wait when you know that Grandma's Famous Soup is on the table, just over the river and through the woods. Let's go!

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9. You Are My Sunshine Bake

You Are My Sunshine Bake

When skies are gray, You Are My Sunshine Bake can make you happy! After all, nothing can make people happier than a fresh baked pot pie with a buttery crust just filled with cheddar cheese! If that doesn't bring a smile to people's faces, then the creamy, savory, chicken and mushroom filling certainly will! You'll never know how much you love You Are My Sunshine Bake until you take a bite, and you won't want anyone to take your plate after that!

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10. Springtime Spaghetti

Springtime Spaghetti image

The return of spring doesn't just mean flowers are blooming; it also means the return of amazingly fresh garden flavors. Springtime Spaghetti serves up these fantastic tastes in a breezy yet hearty dish. Bright carrots and zucchini nestle with tender spaghetti in a luxurious, luscious cream sauce with plenty of parmesan for a delightful dinner that mirrors the weather outside. Springtime Spaghetti is as easy to make as enjoying the sunshine and helps your taste buds enjoy the season!

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11. Sunshine Squares

Sunshine Squares

There's no better way to make the day bright and cheery than with some Sunshine Squares! Vibrant, bold, tart, and sweet, each one of these little treats is bursting with radiant lemon flavor! The crust beneath is buttery, rich, and crumbly; the perfect shortbread base to make sure the gorgeous, summery lemon stays front and center! Sunshine Squares are a golden moment and a celebration in dessert-form!

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12. Pappardelle Pasta al Limone

Pappardelle Pasta al Limone image

Few Italian dishes capture the citrusy sunshine of the country as Pappardelle Pasta al Limone. This is a bright, buttery, cheesy pasta dish that tastes like a restaurant specialty but only takes 20 minutes to make. Pappardelle Pasta al Limone is zesty, creamy, and hearty all at once. You’ll be glowing with a summertime shine when you finish this lemony meal.

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13. Ooey-Gooey Breakfast Casserole

Ooey Gooey Breakfast Casserole (7)

No matter which side of the bed you wake up on, how could you possibly have a bad day with a piece of Ooey-Gooey Breakfast Casserole on your plate?! The crispy croissants loaded with salty ham, fluffy eggs, and melty cheese meld together to become the breakfast of champions. This casserole is a sure way to fill up your belly and start the morning off right! Ooey-Gooey Breakfast Casserole will always bring sunshine, even on the cloudiest of days!

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14. Sunshine-In-A-Glass

Sunshine In A Glass

A new day is dawning, bringing with it the cheery smile of morning! But what's this? The sunrise isn't coming from the horizon but from a Mason jar? What a delicious delight! Sunshine-In-A-Glass brings a burst of sunny citrus flavors to a sweet and bubbly cocktail, made with a touch of warming vodka and extra bright citrus soda. The refreshing fruit slices just make Sunshine-In-A-Glass all the more delicious! When the weather turns stormy, why not make a little sunshine of your own!

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