14 Sheet Cakes Just Like Granny Made

Sprinkle Sheet Cake 2

There are so many forms of cake out there, but there are few kinds that beat a sheet cake! Perfect for gatherings, celebrations, potlucks, and more, there's never a time a sheet cake recipe won't come in handy. We've curated this delicious list of sheet cakes that'll take you right back to Grammy's kitchen.

Here are 14 Sheet Cakes Just Like Granny Made:

1. Sprinkle Sheet Cake

Sprinkle Sheet Cake

What a wonderful way to celebrate! What's the occasion? Why, any you can imagine! Sprinkle Sheet Cake makes plenty of tender, buttery, fluffy vanilla cake for everyone, with a fireworks display of color in each bite! Plus, you'll find no creamier, sweeter, and more luxurious homemade frosting than the one topping this cake! Let your taste buds enjoy the festival of vibrant joy with the Sprinkle Sheet Cake!

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2. Queen Vanilla Sheet Cake

Queen Vanilla Sheet Cake-5

There are a lot of cakes out there, but there is just one that sits on the throne surrounded by all the delicious things you love. Queen Vanilla Sheet Cake is a royal treat when you are desiring more than just any old commoner cake. This moist, decadent vanilla cake is crowned with a smooth cream cheese frosting and bedazzled with juicy, fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. It is one sweetheart-of-a-dessert for sure! When you need an elaborate delicacy fit for a royal highness, or just your mother-in-law, Queen Vanilla Sheet Cake will cover all the decrees. It is a beautiful way to share your dedication to fine food with the ones you love. Wishing you a jolly old time with this jolly good dessert!

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3. Peanut Butter Cup Sheet Cake

Peanut Butter Cup Sheet Cake 04

Peanut butter and chocolate: great when separate, but when they combine, they make an epic sheet cake! The Peanut Butter Cup Sheet Cake is a peanut-butter-infused cake that's like eating a peanut butter cup in cake form... and who doesn't love the sound of that?! The rich chocolate icing perfectly complements the cake's nutty flavor and will have you licking it off the fork because you won't want to let it go to waste! It's a classic sheet cake recipe with a peanut butter twist that's guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether you're serving Peanut Butter Cup Sheet Cake for a special occasion or just because, this dessert is sure to be a hit with everyone who tries it!

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4. Cinnamon Roll Sheet Cake

CinnamonRollSheetCake 01

The line between dessert and breakfast is about to become even blurrier! Who doesn't love cake for breakfast?! And who also doesn't enjoy the sweet flavors of breakfast brought to your tastebuds after a savory dinner?! We deem both of those winners in our book, which is why Cinnamon Roll Sheet Cake is one of our favorites! This crumbly, tender vanilla cake has literal swirls of that sweet, sweet cinnamon sugar that we all know and love. Smothered in a rich, creamy, sugary, vanilla icing, it truly does feel like your fork is transporting bites of a cinnamon roll to your mouth. So, go ahead! We won't judge when you eat Cinnamon Roll Sheet Cake, we just want you to enjoy it!

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5. Lemon Sheet Cake

Lemon Sheet Cake

A little bit of crumbly tanginess here. Ahh. A little bit of creamy sweetness there. Mmm. That's what tasting Lemon Sheet Cake sounds like! Get your tastebuds a-tingling as you prepare to experience a slice of the fluffy, creamy frosting atop a sweet, lemony cake. Even better, it's got your favorite sprinkles all over and some citrusy candied lemon slices on top to make even the most mundane days feel like a celebration! Lemon Sheet Cake brings joy to all your senses, but especially to those tingling tastebuds!

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6. Fudgy Sheet Cake

Fudgy Sheet Cake 3

Where are all of our chocolate-on-chocolate lovers at?! Well, come on over and grab a plate, because Fudgy Sheet Cake is about to make you and your tastebud's dreams of two forms of cocoa-y, rich, sweetness come true. Dive your fork into layer one, the fluffy, buttery, thick chocolate frosting, which then leads you to the moist, sweet, chocolatey cake that will blow your mind. Together, they are quite the duo, and it takes just a little over an hour to make, so not long of a wait to indulge. It's safe to say, when your chocolate cravings start to tingle, Fudgy Sheet Cake is always the sweetest, most delicious way to satisfy it!

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7. Red Carpet Sheet Cake

Red Carpet Sheet Cake

Bright lights! The buzz of the crowd! The glitz and the glamour! It's time for the new dessert premiere and the star of the show is here! Red Carpet Sheet Cake is dressed to the nines in scrumptious scarlet with a truly thick and creamy vanilla frosting. This red velvet cake is ready to please a crowd, from the tenderness of the cake to the beloved cocoa flavor to the little burst of vibrancy from the raspberries on top! Take a bite of Red Carpet Sheet Cake and prepare to be starstruck!

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8. Apple Crumb Sheet Cake

Apple Crumb Sheet Cake

The Apple Crumb Sheet Cake is a bit of a misnomer, or, at least, this tasty treat is a curiosity! In many ways, it resembles a pie more than a cake; it has a flaky, buttery crust, a jammy apple filling sweetened with cinnamon sugar, and a delicious brown sugar and pecan crumble on top. Plus, each slice of Apple Crumb Sheet Cake is served with a rich caramel sauce, a very pie-like addition we think. Yet this dessert is made sheet cake style so everyone can have a slice... maybe that's enough to make it a true cake and pie hybrid!

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9. Butter Rum Sheet Cake

Butter Rum Sheet Cake

Here's a party cake that's all grown up! Butter Rum Sheet Cake has the rich, toasted sugar flavor of the tropical liquor infused throughout, from the golden, tender, deeply buttery cake to the butter rum sauce poured on top. This cake even pokes holes in itself to make sure the butter rum sauce reaches every nook and cranny of the cake. Butter Rum Sheet Cake makes enough for everyone, and everyone is going to want some. Seems like a win-win all around!

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10. Classic Yellow Sheet Cake

Classic Yellow Sheet Cake

In a world full of fast trends, let's push those aside, slow down, and focus on the things we truly love. Nothing can ever compare to the classics, and Classic Yellow Sheet Cake is here to show you why! The timeless sweet, yellow cake makes a comeback, although, it's always been there waiting for you to enjoy. Of course, it has to be topped with a sweet, chocolatey frosting and your favorite sprinkles to make sure you experience some sugary nostalgia. This tasty treat takes you back to the basics in the best way, and Classic Yellow Sheet Cake is the best reminder to find pleasure in the deliciously simple things in life!

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11. Texas Sheet Cake

Texas Sheet Cake image

While this sheet cake is Texan in name, it actually derives from a German. Well, not a resident or native of the European country, but an American named Sam German who invented the type of baking chocolate used in the original Texas Sheet Cake recipe. Once the recipe was published in the Dallas Morning News in 1957, it swept the country with its rich, buttery taste and impressive size — this cake alone feeds 32! And with a baking time of 30 minutes, you can whip it up in a flash. Texas Sheet Cake is a chocolatey, creamy potluck favorite... just make sure you save a slice for yourself.

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12. Carrot Sheet Cake

Carrot Sheet Cake image

Carrot Sheet Cake was made to feed the masses, making it a great excuse for throwing a party! The sweet and moist spice cake gets the festivities going with hints of sweet carrots and salty walnuts. The thick, vanilla cream cheese icing with more walnuts sprinkled on top will make you do a little happy dance. Bite after bite, Carrot Sheet Cake will make the bash better and better!

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13. Strawberry Sheet Cake

Strawberry Sheet Cake image

The sheet cake is a Texas tradition perfect for making sure every sweet tooth at the party gets enough to bring a smile to their faces. The Strawberry Sheet Cake is a delightful summertime twist on this tradition, incorporating the bright fruit flavor into both the tender cake and the creamy, tangy frosting. Strawberry lovers will rejoice to see the ruby red treat being sliced and served. Best of all, Strawberry Sheet Cake only needs half an hour to make, so you can make it on short notice and completely dazzle your next cookout or garden party! The only thing with more strawberry flavor would be the berries themselves... and even then, we wouldn't blame you for preferring this amazing cake!

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14. Chocolate Chip Sheet Cake

Chocolate Chip Sheet Cake

This Chocolate Chip Sheet Cake is so chocolatey, so moist, so sweet, that a certain blue, cookie-loving monster might just give up his most favorite handheld treat for this one! Once you taste this yummy, vanilla, chocolate-chip-scattered cake, you'll understand his quick change of heart. And the creamy, fluffy chocolate frosting topped with even more rich chocolate chips will have you saying, "om, nom, nom, nom." C is no longer for cookie, but instead for Chocolate Chip Sheet Cake, and that's more than good enough for us!

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