15 Breakfast Recipes That'll Get You Out of Bed

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Grown tired of grabbing a granola bar on your way out the door each morning? Experts say breakfast is the most important meal of the day... but it can be easy to fall into a rut of eating the same thing, over and over. Start your day off right with these new breakfast ideas that will fuel your day.

Whether you need an easy breakfast for the family or an inventive recipe for a special brunch — these 15 Breakfast Recipes are sure to ignite some creativity into the first meal of your day!

Rise and Shine for These Delicious Breakfast Recipes:

1. Bacon Muffins

Bacon Muffins image

When we think of muffins, we think of sweet cakes with blueberries or chocolate chips swirled throughout. But Bacon Muffins is a savory and tasty twist on the traditional breakfast treats! Loaded with crispy, salty bacon bits, Bacon Muffins are just as moist and tender as their sweeter counterparts, making them perfect for pairing with eggs or fruit salads or, yes, even more bacon. These are an easy morning delight you can whip together in under an hour!

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2. Anytime Egg Salad

Anytime Egg Salad

In a salad! At a picnic! In a sandwich! There's no wrong way to eat Anytime Egg Salad! And you'll be finding new times to eat it once you enjoy the savory, creamy, sweet, and tangy mix of egg, celery, scallion, and deliciously spicy mayo for yourself. You might just find yourself eating Anytime Egg Salad for breakfast! We won't judge! It's not all that different from a breakfast egg sandwich after all!

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3. Best Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

Best Oatmeal Breakfast Bars 1

Gather 'round gang! We have the ultimate flex option for breakfast just for you! The Best Oatmeal Breakfast Bars are packed-full of muscle to make your day great! Jacked-up with rolled oats, spicy cinnamon, sweet maple syrup, creamy peanut butter, and satisfying chocolate chips, these bars will make you a powerhouse to help you power through your morning. We can't hype up these Best Oatmeal Breakfast Bars enough. Let your morning explode with this one-of-a-kind, great taste! Come on gang, let's get pumped up and do this breakfast thing!

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4. Breakfast Crack Bites

Breakfast Crack Bites

You've seen these little eggy treats around, and you won't believe how easy they are to make at home! Breakfast Crack Bites are ready in less than half an hour and loads all those fluffy eggs with succulent bacon bits, smoky Gruyère cheese, and savory chives! You can grab them for a to-go breakfast or sit back and let those flavors wash over you. Breakfast Crack Bites are energizing and relaxing; they're game for whatever day you have planned!

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5. Breakfast Bundt™

Breakfast Bundt 3

After having so many sweet dreams, you're going to wake up craving something savory! This Breakfast Bundt™ will be waiting in your kitchen, smelling good, and ready to meet that yearning. It's fluffy, exploding with morning time favorites like crunchy hashbrowns, salty ham, tender eggs, and of course, melty cheese, plus it makes lots of servings! Delicious enough to get your sleepyhead out of bed and up and at 'em, Breakfast Bundt makes your sweet dreams come to life, just in a savory version!

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6. Breakfast Chicken Salad

Breakfast Chicken Salad

What? Chicken salad for breakfast? What?! Yes! This is really happening. And when you try Breakfast Chicken Salad for yourself, you'll wonder why no one has tried chicken salad for breakfast before! Tender waffles sandwiching cheesy, tangy, savory chicken salad with a drizzle of maple syrup for extra sweetness and smokiness! They say to eat a balanced breakfast, and there's no better balance of flavors than Breakfast Chicken Salad! This is a quick and easy way to make breakfast unconventional but scrumptious!

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7. Breakfast Burgers

Breakfast Burgers

Some genius somewhere once realized there was a way to justify eating a hamburger for breakfast: all you need are the right toppings! Breakfast Burgers take succulent and savory patties and top them with all the breakfast classics—crispy hashbrowns, salty bacon, runny fried eggs, and of course, sharp cheddar cheese. Everything gets piled artfully on an English muffin and then its ready to wow your tastebuds and get you fueled up for your exciting day. Although how much more exciting can it get than starting your morning with Breakfast Burgers?

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8. Breakfast Brownies


Dessert for breakfast is always a fantastic idea. Especially when it's going to leave you filled with energy and all the good things to make your day even better! Breakfast Brownies are basically the best of both worlds. You get the sweetness that you love about dessert time and the fulfillment that you need at breakfast! They're really easy to whip up, too, and make enough for the whole week. Sounds like your mornings are going to be pretty sunny with some Breakfast Brownies in hand!

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9. Breakfast Enchiladas

Breakfast Enchiladas-2

Breakfast Enchiladas answer that all-important question "how can I get that Tex-Mex flavor I crave for breakfast?" More than that, they answer the question in the tastiest way possible! Each enchilada is filled with breakfast classics like fatty, smoky ham, crunchy, fluffy tater tots, and melty sharp cheese: essentially, every enchilada is loaded with loaded hash browns! And this is before each rolled-up delight takes a swim in a creamy salsa sauce that will get lips smacking and smiles beaming. In under an hour, Breakfast Enchiladas will completely have you rethinking what breakfast can be!

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10. Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Breakfast Grilled Cheese

There's no better way to rise and shine! Breakfast Grilled Cheese brings you so much joy and all the gooey, melty cheese you were dreaming about! Plus... all your early morning favorites, like crispy bacon, hearty sausage, and fluffy eggs. Imagine all that squished between two slices of your favorite crusty, perfectly toasted bread with that melty cheese we were talking about. A literal dream come true, eh? Breakfast Grilled Cheese is hands down the best way to wake up!

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11. Breakfast Pockets

Breakfast Pockets

These Breakfast Pockets are a scrumptious, portable breakfast that are perfect for people on the go. Imagine biting into a warm, buttery pastry that is stuffed with fluffy scrambled eggs, melted cheese, and savory ham. The best part? They can be prepped in advance and frozen, so you can simply pop them in the oven for a quick and easy morning snack. Whether you need a meal to eat on your commute or a hassle-free breakfast option for busy mornings, these Breakfast Pockets will become your new go-to!

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12. Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza image

Cold pizza you threw in the fridge last night is perfectly fine as a breakfast, but you can do better. Breakfast Pizza has everything you love about pizza: crispy crust, herby seasoning, and cheesy top — but with more breakfast flavor favorites like sharp cheddar, crunchy bacon, and satisfying sausage. Breakfast Pizza is a delightful way to start the day that takes less than 45 minutes to make. You'll be craving another piece of this pizza at every meal!

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13. Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast Cookies

As several attempts to make chocolate chip cookies into cereal prove, people want to eat cookies for breakfast. That's a worthy goal, but not exactly the most nourishing or nutritious; you need something that will energize you completely and not just give you a sugar rush. Never fear, here comes Breakfast Cookies to make the dream come true! These sweet, golden-brown delights are packed with protein, thanks to the creamy almond butter and crunchy pepitas, and lots of fruit too thanks to the bananas and cranberries. Breakfast Cookies aren't just a novelty; they're a great, quick, and easy meal on the go that will make your tastebuds excited for the rest of the day!

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14. Breakfast Frito Pie

Breakfast Frito Pie

The exact origins of the Frito Pie are shrouded in mystery, appearing sometime in the 1950's to the delight of a grateful nation. Equally unclear is when someone realized you could make a Frito Pie for breakfast, but that person deserves a gold medal! Breakfast Frito Pie keeps the classically crunchy corn chip crust but replaces the chili with a bed of fluffy eggs and savory seasoned sausage! The top remains as cheesy and melty as ever, but now there's creamy, buttery, and tangy Hollandaise sauce infusing everything with its rich goodness. Breakfast Frito Pie takes a modern marvel and magics it into a morning meal! No complaints here!

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15. Breakfast Cupcakes

Breakfast Cupcakes image

Kids always want to eat dessert for breakfast... but little do they know, adults have the same sweet morning time hunger. To help them not feel too guilty, these clever grown-ups came up with Breakfast Cupcakes to satisfy everyone's sugary sunrise craving. Mind-boggling, we know, but just wait until you taste them. The golden-brown vanilla and cinnamon cupcakes encompass hints of two of our favorite breakfast delicacies, nectarous maple syrup (yum!) and fatty bacon. You read that right, bacon! If that wasn't enough to make your jaw drop and mouth water, the sweet, cinnamony, maple-syrup-infused icing slathered on top with more sprinkles of bacon is sure to do the trick. It's safe to say, Breakfast Cupcakes are both kid (and adult) approved!

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Which will you try tomorrow morning?

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