15 Drink Recipes to Get the Party Started

Aperol Spritz 4

From classic sippers to creative swigs, look no further for a refreshing drink recipe for your next party. Need a big batch of punch? You got it. Some fresh lemonade for a picnic party? You bet. Or, maybe you're looking for something with bubbles to commemorate a milestone with a loved one. Whatever you're looking for, these recipes will help you celebrate and get the party started!

15 Drink Recipes for Your Next Party:

1. Mock-My-Word Sangria

Mock My Word Sangria 4

No one would ever believe just how tasty this drink was, until we named it Mock-My-Word Sangria to finally get everyone's attention! The secret to this one... there's no alcohol in it! And hey, we don't even miss it, because the way the sweet juices swirl so tastily with the bubbly seltzer makes us tingly for a whole new reason. It's so good and ready in the blink of an eye. Trust us! The fruity Mock-My-Word Sangria is worth a sip for yourself!

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2. Caramel Apple Punch

Carmel Apple Punch

Caramel Apple Punch is like biting into the classic carnival treat with each sip! Isn't that just lovely? The crisp, juicy, mulled sweetness of apple cider, brightened by bubbly ginger ale and sunny orange juice and then enriched (in so many senses of the word) with buttery, salted caramel. It's cold, refreshing, and nostalgic even when drinking it for the first time. Caramel Apple Punch is the kind of punch you've wished for your whole life!

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3. Boozy Chai

Boozy Chai

This isn't your grandma's drink... or maybe it is! Boozy Chai is a warm and cozy concoction everyone (of appropriate age) will love! Taking your favorite warm chai-spiced flavorings from your regular coffeehouse order, this brew adds a mature, smoky, smooth bourbon to add a new dimension to your beloved beverage. The warmth of autumn is imbued in every sip of this Boozy Chai.

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4. Old Bay® Bloody Mary

Old Bay Bloody Mary

That one special ingredient can make all the difference. Old Bay® Bloody Mary is no exception; it takes a classic zesty seasoning that you know and love and builds a whole beverage around it. With homemade bacon salt at the helm, Old Bay-seasoned bloody mary mix bubbles with vodka and fresh, bright lime and lemon juices to give you a drink that's nothing short of extraordinary. It's a morning cocktail as electric as the sunrise! Old Bay Bloody Mary is such a magnificent change of pace, there's only one thing to say — cheers!

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5. Aperol® Spritz

Aperol Spritz (4)

If you're feelin' a little glamorous, well, grab a glass of this Aperol® Spritz to take you all the way there! Bubbly, fizzy, and beautiful, this refreshing drink is perfect for a day by the pool or the finest of cocktail hours. It's really perfect for any occasion and will effortlessly elevate it with each sip. Slightly spiced and bitter, and balanced with some delicious sparkling wine, this Aperol Spritz will always make you feel fabulous!

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6. Heavenly RumChata® Hot Chocolate

HeavenlyRum hataHotChocolate 002

When the weather outside is frightful, there's no other place you should be than cuddled up on the couch with a book in your hand and Heavenly RumChata® Hot Chocolate in your mug. As you get lost in the slightly predictable, big-city-gal-falls-for-the-small-town-boy storyline, sipping on the smoothness of this delicious, boozy, chocolate treat will warm you to the core and help you forget all about how many inches of snow will be falling today. However, the good news is that staying inside prevented you from picking up a store-bought, ho-hum warm drink, so it seems like this was meant to be. Heavenly RumChata Hot Chocolate is the storybook ending to an unexpectedly wonderful and cozy day!

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7. Kickin' Mule

Kickin- Mule-2

Are you thirsty, Jack? Kick things up a couple notches with a Kickin' Mule! We are not stubborn when it comes to good taste, and this ginger beer, vodka, and lime shaken concoction will definitely hit the spot! Refreshing, brisk, and a little tart, the Kickin' Mule is the perfect drink to relax with, kick the blues away with, and unwind from your day spent with so-called dummies - just kidding. Any time is a good time for a jolt of mule juice. Let's get to it! Enjoy!

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8. Sparkler Sipper

Sparkler Sipper-2

Send out the invitations and prepare the menu, it is time to celebrate! Let this Sparkler Sipper welcome your guests with a refreshing "hello!" Swirled with pomegranate juice and their seeds and an amazing sparkling white wine, you have the perfect celebration drink to toast the occasion. Raise your glass to Sparkler Sipper and enjoy! Cheers to you!

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9. Classic Old-Fashioned

Classic Old Fashioned 1

If you're looking for a drink with a vibe, then this Classic Old-Fashioned is the sure choice. With every smooth and caramel-y sip, you'll be transported to the ritziest of retro times. Nothing can ever overcome the classics, and this Classic Old-Fashioned is glamorous proof of that!

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10. Shirley Temple Party Punch

Shirley Temple Party Punch

When you are scouting for a people-pleasing smash-hit drink for your next star-studded party or event, look no further. Direct your bright eyes over to the bubbly personality of this Shirley Temple Party Punch. Loved by all, this little cutie is star-studded with maraschino cherry-filled ice cubes and drenched with talent provided by delicious grenadine, fresh orange juice, and the endless effervescence from bright lemon-lime soda and mellow ginger ale. Stand up and cheer; this Shirley Temple Party Punch will make you board the good ship lollipop and never come back.

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11. Classic Tom Collins

Classic Tom Collins-2

We all love a little bit of the classics, and we know you will love this Classic Tom Collins. Iced twice, this spicy gin, tart lemon, and club soda mixer is the perfect refresher to brighten up your day! A Classic Tom Collins never goes out of style and will always be a favorite go-to drink. Take a sip of the finer things!

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12. Adults-Only Party Punch

Adult-s Only Party Punch

We love having littles running around but ya know, sometimes it's kinda fun to have a grown-up only gathering! And such a rare occasion needs a fun, celebratory drink... so, say hello to the Adults-Only Party Punch! This fruity little number filled with smooth vodka for a little tingle, makes an appearance every time the kiddos go elsewhere, and it's just so tasty and fun! We're always excited to welcome them back home with a hug, but getting to spend time with friends and a glass of Adults-Only Party Punch helps us get through the chaos! Just as they say, it really does take a village, and we say cheers to that!

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13. Passion Tea Lemonade

Passion Tea Lemonade (4)

Let's shake up your drink selections! Sure, water is good for you. But Passion Tea Lemonade is good for the soul! The next time you're feeling parched, turn to a nice tall glass of this tangy and sweet drink over ice. It's super easy to make and it keeps well in the fridge, so you can double, or even triple it, ensuring you basically have it on tap when you want to mix things up. We love Passion Tea Lemonade in the summertime by the pool, but it's truly tasty any time of the year. And if you're worried about your H20 intake, this sweet drink includes it... so, it's basically the same thing, right?! Cheers for that!

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14. Pomegranate French 75

Pomegranate French 75

The French 75 has been ringing in the holidays since the 1920s (and maybe earlier) and has always had a festive kick. Yet even it could use a splash of Christmas color! Pomegranate French 75 combines the bubbling, boozy, heady champagne and gin brew with the sweet and vibrant tartness of pomegranate juice. The drink becomes a luscious, rosy pink that feels as romantic and enchanting as the holidays can be! Pomegranate French 75 is a drink so delicious you'll want to raise a glass to it!

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15. Best Margarita

Best Margarita image

The Best Margarita buzzes with energy and excitement, like sipping on starlight. It’s filled to the brim with sweet, sour, and salty flavors, tied together with a citrus bow. This is a beverage that’s bound to get you smiling; in fact, the Best Margarita is a literal pick-me-up that gets the night’s festivities in motion! Be prepared to turn your living room into a dance floor after finishing your glass!

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