15 Easy Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas (So You Can Enjoy It, Too!)

Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Bake (4)

Christmas morning is packed with anticipation and delight. Get cozy and plan ahead with these breakfast recipes that will top off your morning. Prep the night before or throw together the morning of — these 15 Christmas Breakfast Ideas will fill your home with the best morning smells and are worthy of your celebration!

Rise and Shine With One of These 15 Christmas Breakfast Dishes:

1. Raspberry Dream Coffee Cake

Raspberry Dream Coffee Cake

It's a dream you'll be having every night; waking up to the warm, tender goodness of this Raspberry Dream Coffee Cake! The cake is moist and sweet, the topping a crunchy streusel with brown sugar and fragrant cinnamon, and on the inside? Oh, the inside! A luscious layer of raspberries and cream! Raspberry Dream Coffee Cake is a dream you make a reality in your own kitchen! What a way to start the day!

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2. Christmas Morning Breakfast Pies

Christmas Morning Breakfast Pies-2

Remember how excited you used to get on Christmas Eve? You could hardly sleep because you just couldn't wait to see what Santa was going to leave under your tree. Well, now that you're older, there's a new reason for your sleepless anticipation and it's all because of these Christmas Morning Breakfast Pies! You'll run right past the gifts for a bite of the delightfully flaky pastries topped with crispy bacon, melty cheese, fresh spinach, tangy mushrooms, hearty ham, juicy tomatoes, and runny eggs. It's the gift that keeps on giving! Everyone, no matter their age, will get excited about Christmas Morning Breakfast Pies! Unwrap some tasty holiday goodness with your fork!

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3. Rudolph's Breakfast Bread Pudding

Rudolph-s Breakfast Bread Pudding-2

When all the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names, Rudolph was in the kitchen, whipping up Rudolph's Breakfast Bread Pudding! His rosy red nose and blanket of fresh snow inspired him to make a version of gooey bread pudding that is filled with tart cranberries and a brown sugary cream cheese concoction. Yum-a-lum! So, don't let the song fool you! He's glad he didn't play any of the reindeer games, because now he's a Christmas icon AND he can serve up a mean brunch he lovingly calls Rudolph's Breakfast Bread Pudding. That's a pretty good ending to his story, we'd say!

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4. Holiday Morning Casserole

Holiday Morning Casserole

Good morning! And what an excellent morning it is already! It's the holidays, after all, the happiest season and most festive season! Times like this call for a special breakfast, wouldn't you say? The Holiday Morning Casserole doesn't do half-measures or subdued joy; it's all in on the cheer! It's like an elaborate ham-and-cheese sandwich, with sharp cheddar and succulent ham baked with perfect seasonings and covered in fluffy, savory eggs. You can taste the most wonderful time of the year in every bite of this Holiday Morning Casserole!

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5. Holiday Host French Toast

Holiday Host French Toast

"Have everyone over for a holiday brunch," they said! "It'll be fun," they said! Now you're stressing out what you're going to make and how you're going to juggle all the little things that go into breakfast. The Holiday Host French Toast is here to take a load off your shoulders. This is a dish that you can start the night before and have hot and ready for the arrival of your beloved guests. And what a dish! Buttery French bread cubes sandwich a creamy, tangy, cranberry-packed filling. Notes of smoky sweet maple and fragrant cinnamon infuse each bite of the Holiday Host French Toast, and make your home smell extra welcoming! And who says hosting is hard?

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6. Santa's Breakfast Bake

Santa's Breakfast Bake 1

Whether you're about to fly around the world delivering presents to children everywhere or you're just ready to enjoy the holidays to the fullest, you need the right kind of fuel. Santa's Breakfast Bake is the kind of dish that keeps you energized before your big sleigh ride or before a whole bunch of caroling. Loaded up with succulent ham, tender veggies, and buttery croissants all combined in a deliciously savory egg and cheese concoction, this bake is like the best breakfast sandwich in casserole form, ready to feed everyone that's sitting around your hearth. Santa's Breakfast Bake is an open sleigh ride of delicious flavors!

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7. Best Breakfast Bundt™ Bake

Breakfast Bundt Bake 1

When elegance and breakfast meet up, this little number will be the star of the show! The Best Breakfast Bundt™ Bake is an easy, delicious, and beautiful way to present breakfast during any occasion, whether it be grand or quaint. All baked in a fluted pan for the perfect presentation, a scramble of fluffy eggs, some flaky biscuit bites, tasty Canadian bacon, tender hash browns, and melted cheddar cheese are an exceptional breakfast combination. Your guests will "ooh" and "ahhh" over this Best Breakfast Bundt Bake. It will surely become one of the most requested dishes for all your morning events. It's a beautiful way to do breakfast right!

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8. Morning Quesadillas

Morning Quesadillas

Good morning to you! Start your day with the cozy warmth of Morning Quesadillas and you'll be all set! A tender, flaky flour tortilla is stuffed with fluffy scrambled eggs, crisped-to-perfection bacon, creamy cheddar cheese, and the toppings of all toppings: sassy salsa, tart sour cream, and a touch of guacamole. All that combines to create one of the best breakfast treats you will ever come across! Start each day off right with these Morning Quesadillas and you'll be energized until well past the lunch hour. Or better yet, this could be your lunchtime pick, too. Any time of the day is a good time for these handsome handhelds.

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9. Cranberry Breakfast Bake

Cranberry Breakfast Bake

The Cranberry Breakfast Bake is a French toast bake that's truly gotten into the holiday spirit! The winter-esque flavors of oranges and cranberries bring their distinct tartness and sweetness into every inch of this beautiful bake. From the vanilla-custard-soaked bread, to a layer of brown sugar-infused cranberries, to the orange-flavored cream cheese filling, you'll be feeling the magic in the wintry air when you whip up this breakfast bake! Seriously, there's only good times with the Cranberry Breakfast Bake!

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10. Banana Nut Breakfast Bake

Banana Nut Breakfast Bake

Why aren't bananas and nuts placed on the same level as peanut butter and jelly? Banana Nut Breakfast Bake makes the case that they really should be. The combination of the beautifully tropical and creamy banana with the crunchy nuts will spark joy with each bite! The tender, buttery bread filling, the rich caramel, and the crisp sugar streusel absolutely elevate the pairing to the next level! If you don't go nuts for Banana Nut Breakfast Bake, you might just be crazy!

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11. Merry Morning Casserole

Holiday Morning Casserole-4

This time of the year is full of special moments. Invite Merry Morning Casserole to your table and start capturing all those important memories. With enough for everyone, the fluffy eggs, savory-seasoned sausage, and loads of melted cheddar cheese quickly come together to satisfy all your hungry memory-makers. What a joyful menu addition Merry Morning Casserole will be for all of your happy house guests. Nothing is more memorable than sharing good food with the ones you love.

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12. All-Aboard Morning Bake

All Aboard Morning Bake

Get on with your day by starting it with a great breakfast. All-Aboard Morning Bake will blow all the right whistles with the perfect combination of tastes your morning-self will love. You know those mashed potatoes that've had a layover in the fridge? Pack those up and add some sharp cheddar cheese, havarti cheese, fresh spinach, a railing of savory bacon, fluffy eggs, and a sprinkling of perfect herbs and you have engineered one first-class ticket for your continental breakfast. No matter how fast or slow your morning goes, get back on track with the All-Aboard Morning Bake. It's a taste trip you will never forget!

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13. Loaded Grits Bake

Loaded Grits Bake 1

You don't have to be from the South to appreciate a good Southern-style breakfast. This Loaded Grits Bake is the ultimate comforting item on anyone's breakfast request menu! The grits are seasoned just right and come with melted cheeses mixed in and melded on top to create such a Southerly brunch-worthy masterpiece. Some always-craved bacon makes this bake a step above the rest. Y'all don't even have to say "y'all" to enjoy this Loaded Grits Bake. But if you want to, we certainly understand! Enjoy, y'all!

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14. Better-Than-The-Box Blueberry Muffins

Better-Than-The-Box Blueberry Muffins

Better-Than-The-Box Blueberry Muffins has one goal; take the ordinary box muffin mix and make it something truly special. So instead of water (or milk), Better-Than-The-Box Blueberry Muffins uses half-and-half to make the texture even more tender and creamy. Then, when the muffins are fresh out of the oven and already enticing with their summery-sweet berries and cake sweetness, each one is dipped in rich butter and cinnamon-sugar. That's certainly the best way to make box mixes better!

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15. Authentic Amish Breakfast Bake

Authentic Amish Breakfast Bake

The Authentic Amish Breakfast Bake is how you can sweeten your morning in a rustically charming manner! A jammy, tart apple filling bubbles away beneath a crispy, crunchy, buttery oat streusel. Notes of brown sugar and fragrant cinnamon bring a warming sweetness, with raisins and nuts adding to the texture and the fruity fun! Whether you're heading out to the farm or staying in for a cozy day, Authentic Amish Breakfast Bake fuels you with both energy and optimism. It's going to be a great day!

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