15 Italy-Inspired Recipes to Transport Your Taste Buds

Italy-s Steak Pizzaiola-5

Is a vacation not in the plans this year? Take a trip to Italy with these Italian-inspired dishes that will have your taste buds dancing with delight! These meals are perfect for impressing guests, but also easy enough to make for a simple weeknight meal. Say "ciao" to new recipes and get ready to be transported to Italy!

15 Italy-Inspired Recipes for Your Wanderlust:

1. Venice Soup

Venice Soup-073

Ah, the City of Love! There's really so much to be infatuated with. From the beautiful views, to the romantic culture, to the mouthwatering food, it's quite dreamy. If that has piqued your interest, you should make yourself a bowl of Venice Soup. While you're daydreaming about your European escape, this savory broth that's filled with spicy sausage and plenty of beans and veggies will inspire you to get excited for what's to come. Soon you'll be gliding in a gondola through hidden canals, but for now, enjoy Venice Soup as a tasty preview of what's to come!

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2. Italy's Best Carbonara

Italy's Best Carbonara

When a trip is out of reach, but you're craving authentic cuisine from all around the world, making it fresh and homemade is the delicious, realistic answer. The taste of Italy's Best Carbonara immediately takes you to a quaint little table found down a cobblestone street. Al dente rigatoni is delicately but generously combined with savory pancetta and the always-perfect parmesan to quench your urge for great, genuine Italian food. Italy's Best Carbonara will quickly transport your taste buds to the flavor adventure they were after. Buono!

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3. Italy Coleslaw

Italy Coleslaw

A cookout and picnic classic finds a new lease on life by the shores of the Mediterranean. Homemade Italian seasoning is perhaps the key to this dish; it's light and even more zesty and aromatic than anything you could find at the store. That seasoning is the perfect accompaniment to the creamy, tangy cabbage mixture, accented with horseradish for spice and fennel for a distinct aroma. Italy Coleslaw is like your favorite side dish taking a vacation and bringing your taste buds along for the ride!

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4. Italy's Steak Pizzaiola

Italy-s Steak Pizzaiola-5

If you are looking for something special to make for that special someone, this special dish is especially for you! Italy's Steak Pizzaiola is the perfect pairing for a special evening meal. When two thick steaks are simmering side-by-side in a tantalizing tomato sauce, well, things are about to get a little saucy and delicious around the kitchen. Italy's Steak Pizzaiola will whisk you away to the beautiful Italian countryside for the evening. A special steak dish with your special person.

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5. Italian Casserole

Italian Casserole image

Buon Appetito! In fact, with the Italian Casserole on the table, it's going to be a great evening! This home-cooked favorite whisks you away to the sunny hills and marbled blue waters of Italy on a ship of bright, sweet tomato sauce, savory beef, and tender pasta shells. A magical melt of creamy mozzarella and provolone cheeses tops the Italian Casserole like a classical column of taste that amazes the eye and the tastebuds. Enjoy your culinary vacation to Italy! Salute!

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6. Italy-In-A-Pan

Italy in a Pan

The turquoise waves of the Italian shores, the emerald hue of the Tuscan hills, the majesty of the Roman ruins... ah, Italy is so beautiful and yet so far away. Fortunately, you can find a piece of that tranquility in a pan in your own kitchen! Italy-In-A-Pan is a tender, inviting pasta dish filled with ziti (the perfect pasta for ensuring maximum sauce pick-up), juicy and savory homemade meatballs, and rich marinara sauce. A few herbs help complete the illusion, sending your tastebuds on a first-class trip to the beautiful country to luxuriate in style! Italy-In-A-Pan requires no airplanes, luggage, or translations... just a hungry stomach and an excited palate!

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7. Holy Cannoli

Holy Cannoli image

Cannolis are a classic Italian pastry that have become hallmarks of many Little Italy neighborhoods in the U.S., especially the North End in Boston, where lines for cannolis can wrap around the block. Making Holy Cannolis from scratch does take a bit of effort and equipment, like a cannoli mold and a deep fryer. You can customize from there if you want to get extra fancy, dipping the ends in melted chocolate or adding chocolate chips or pistachios to the filling. Holy Cannoli taste just heavenly alongside a cappuccino.

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8. Antipasti Salad

Antipasti Salad 1

Whether you're sipping on some Italian soup or twirling a strand of saucy pasta, nothing tastes better than pairing it with a crunchy salad. And when your tastebuds are on vacation in the land of the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, your salad must play the part. This Antipasti Salad will certainly do just that. Get ready to experience the freshness, crispiness, and heartiness this bowl of greens brings. In fact, you might not even need that soup or pasta, because the smooth provolone cheese cubes, rich bocconcini, salty salami, and spicy pepperoni in this salad might just solve your hunger dilemma. Give your tastebuds a delicious and satisfying tour of Italy, and make sure your first stop is chomping on this Antipasti Salad!

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9. Tour-of-Italy Bake

Tour Of Italy Bake

Over there, you can see the Colosseum! And over there are the aqueducts! This is the Tuscan countryside! And oh look, an amazing casserole that's in the right spirit of things! The Tour-of-Italy Bake takes your tastebuds on a sun-soaked trip that includes all the classic Italian favorites: tender pasta, sharp parmesan cheese, juicy chicken, and some tried-and-true Italian seasonings. Then it all takes its own trip in the oven until golden-brown and bubbly! Take the Tour-of-Italy Bake and find your taste vacation!

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10. Italian Delight Cake

Italian Delight Cake

Italy is well known for its amazing savory fare, but when they do dessert, they do dessert right! This Italian Delight Cake layers a moist, chocolatey cake with a sweet and tangy ricotta filling and a creamy and fluffy pudding, for even more chocolate pudding! Some fluffy whipped topping on top brings the whole dish home. This is a dessert that inspires great feelings and good times all around; that's why it is the Italian Delight Cake!

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11. Creamy Ravioli Soup

Creamy Ravioli Soup 6

There is nothing more inviting than a warm bowl of homemade soup. Turn your kitchen into an Italian bistro with this Creamy Ravioli Soup simmering on your stove. Crumbled Italian sausage swims in a heavy cream, Italian-seasoned tomato sauce for a delicious base. It's flanked with fresh cheese ravioli, wilted baby spinach, and loads of parmesan cheese to add flavor and heartiness. With one bite, Creamy Ravioli Soup will transport you to the cobbled streets of old Italy... while you simultaneously enjoy the convenience of home, all snuggled up with your never-ending bowl of soup. Now, that's what I call comforting Italian food!

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12. Margherita Pasta

Margherita Pasta image

The original "Pizza Margherita" was named after the Queen of Italy and was designed to be a symbol of Italian unification (the colors of the dish are red, white, and green, like the Italian flag). Margherita Pasta brings the same colors and flavors, but without needing to wait for delivery or break out the pizza stone. Tender spaghetti serves as a base for a creamy, savory sauce infused with chicken flavor and the brightness of tomatoes, and melty mozzarella and parmesan in each bite. A little basil adds some herbaceousness and fragrance that just can not be beaten. Margherita Pasta brings everyone together around the table in a united front to enjoy a delicious dinner, so the spirit of the original lives on!

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13. Calzones

Calzones image

Calzones originate from Naples, Italy and are basically pizza turnovers! This recipe gives you all the freedom to tailor your calzone to your flavor preferences by using all of your favorite pizza toppings. You can have delicious homemade Calzones in just 35 minutes perfect for getting pizza flavors during the week without ordering out!

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14. Rustic Chicken Cacciatore

Rustic Chicken Cacciatore (1)

Italian cuisine isn't always all about spaghetti and meatballs! Oh, no, no, no. There's more to it! Take Rustic Chicken Cacciatore, for instance. It brings you a taste of Italy but with juicy chicken thighs in a tangy, savory, herby, and veggie-filled tomato sauce. Sure, you could still serve it all over a bed of your favorite pasta, but we're just saying you don't have to if you want to consider it Italian (but we understand why you'd want to do that)! Rustic Chicken Cacciatore takes you down a less touristy, but even more delicious path, and your tastebuds will be glad for it!

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15. Caper Chicken

Caper Chicken-5

Introducing the star of tonight's dinner, the one and only Caper Chicken! This delicious, Italian-inspired dish will have your tastebuds dancing with delight. Juicy chicken breasts are seasoned to perfection and then pan-seared to a golden brown before being smothered in a savory caper and cherry tomato sauce. Each bite is bursting with bold and tangy flavors that will transport your tastebuds to the streets of Italy. This is the perfect meal to impress your guests, but it's also easy enough to make for a weeknight dinner. Say "ciao" to bland dinners and "buon appetito" to the deliciousness of Caper Chicken!

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