16 Award-Winning Chili Recipes

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The votes are in, and these are some of the best chili recipes you can find on the internet! Perfect for busy weeknights and cold weekends alike, you're sure to find one that exceeds all expectations. These 16 Chili Recipes really are all winners!

1. Saturday Chili

Saturday Chili

Why let making dinner get in the way of your Saturday plans? This Saturday Chili is perfect for letting dinner basically make itself! Beer-braised, zesty beef with lots of spicy seasoning, fragrant garlic, in a thick, rich tomato sauce. And with hearty, creamy beans to boot! So good! So relaxing! So Saturday Chili!

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2. Set-It & Forget-It Chili

Set-It-and-Forget-It Chili

We all have those days. You know the ones where you barely have enough time to eat, let alone a time slot big enough for making a whole meal? On days like that, you should make Set-It & Forget-It Chili! All you have to do is brown some juicy beef, dump the rest of the fixin's in the pot, and let it simmer. Then, voila! Dinner is ready like magic. There's no need for the drive-thru when time is tight, because Set-It & Forget-It Chili is just way better and just as easy!

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3. Grandpa's Triple Threat Chili

Grandpa-s Triple Threat Chili-054

Everyone knows they can't beat Grandpa's Triple Threat Chili! He has entered his tangy, slightly spicy concoction of liquid gold into many competitions and time and time again, his mouthwatering recipe comes in first. In fact, it's gotten to the point that once other competitors realize his hearty, boozy, beefy potful is being entered, they flee the scene because they know they don't stand a chance. That's when you know it's good. If you're on the hunt to impress, then trust the chili cookout champion himself to show you how it's done. Grandpa's Triple Threat Chili is a sure winner!

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4. Bigger-In-Texas Chili

Bigger in Texas Chili

Go big or go home! Come on now, Bigger-In-Texas Chili has a whole lot of taste you just can't miss! Grab your boots and cowboy hat! Then, get to makin' this beef-packed, kidney-bean-scootin', tomato-totin,' star-studded-seasoned rodeo of a chili that will forever ride off into the sunset. It's that good! Be sure to grab your partner and do-si-do around a bowl of Bigger-In-Texas Chili. It doesn't get any bigger or better than this! Yee-haw!

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5. Tuesday's Chili

Tuesday's Chili

Whoever said Tuesdays couldn't be fun? They do not have the raw charisma of Saturdays, but they have their own distinct charm. It's just about finding the right dishes to let that charm shine through. Enter Tuesday's Chili; that quick and breezy homemade chili that cuts down on the stress but delivers big flavor! Beefy, hearty, and rich with butter, cheese, and tomatoes, Tuesday's Chili makes the middle of the week feel like a weekend!

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6. Classic Chili

Classic Chili image

With so many chili recipes out there, it can be difficult to choose just one. Well, look no further! We believe this one tops them all. Classic Chili offers a spicy and beefy stew, bubbling with savory flavor and tender hearty beans. The slow simmer of the tomato sauce leaves behind a naturally sweet and rich mixture that pervades everything. Classic Chili is something you’ll make continually, especially when you realize you can make it in just half an hour!

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7. Route 66 Chili

Route 66 Chili image

Route 66 in the United States runs straight through Tex-Mex country, through the top of Texas, cutting New Mexico and Arizona almost in half on its way to California. Route 66 Chili tastes like all the flavors picked up across the American Southwest: hearty, tender pork and beef, spicy stew broth, rich tomatoes, and beans, with strong succulent seasonings. When the road gets bumpy and dusty, it's wonderful knowing there's a heaping bowl of Route 66 Chili cooking itself for you in your slow cooker. Happy trails are sure to follow!

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8. Cookoff Winner Chili

Cookoff winner chili-3

Every year as the leaves start to turn, our friends get together and have a little friendly competition. Since it's soup season, we decided a while ago that it would be fun to compete to see who can make the best chili. Time and time again, this recipe is the Cookoff Winner Chili. It's got just the right amount of everything in it. From the savory seasonings, to the juicy tomatoes, and the tender beans, and the subtle spiciness... all of it simmered together is pure perfection. No one else's batch can ever compete! So, if you're craving a classic and want to feel like a champion, count on this Cookoff Winner Chili to bring your dinner a "W''!

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9. Cincinnati Chili

Cincinnati Chili image

A beloved regional dish inspired by the Ohio Skyline, Cincinnati Chili can now be enjoyed in the comforts of your own home — regardless of geography! Flavored with all the classic chili spices, this recipe has one particular ingredient you might not expect — chocolate. Cincinnati Chili is hearty, incredibly satisfying, and sure to warm you up when the temperatures drop. Enjoy this chili on a hot dog, atop spaghetti, or all by itself with some fresh cornbread. The best part? It’s ready in just 30 minutes!

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10. Weeknight Chili

Weeknight Chili

Good, quality, hearty, and wholesome chili in less than 1 hour: that's the goal of Weeknight Chili. It's ready when you are and not here to eat up your time, because it wants to be eaten up by you instead! The savory crumbles of beef, the spices, the enriched sweetness of the tomatoes, and the balance of heat—everything you love about chili—Weeknight Chili has it all! The weeknight just got so much more interesting!

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11. 5-Star Slow Cooker Chili

Star Slow Cooker Chili-001

Whether it's game day or just a normal Thursday, let this dish that feels like a timeout (as in it requires low effort) help make your cooking game a little easier. With the assistance of this timesaving 5-Star Slow Cooker Chili, you won't have to be on the hypothetical sidelines cooking in the kitchen for the entire day. Once all the spices are lined up next to that full lineup of juicy ground beef and spicy sausage, you can simply sit back and relax until it's time to dish things up. So go ahead, add a new teammate to your menu roster like 5-Star Slow Cooker Chili. It may be slow and steady, but it will definitely be hot and ready when you need it. All around, it's a 5-star experience just begging you to jump on the chili tailgate and celebrate the fact that every day can be a winner!

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12. Beef & Bean Chili

Beef and Bean Chili

Nothing gets people happier than a nice warm bowl of chili, and Beef & Bean Chili will get people happier than that! Plenty of savory beef and hearty beans in the classic tomato broth with just enough spice to keep things interesting, cooked low and slow to make sure all the flavors marry and celebrate with your tastebuds in blissful harmony. Mmm, sounds like fun to us! We'll just grab a bowl and get ready to scoop up Beef & Bean Chili with our favorite toppings... and find room for seconds!

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13. Mile High City Chili

Mile High Chili-13

When you're looking to soup-up your dinner routine, we think we may have exactly what you've been looking for. Mile High City Chili pulls out all the "souper" stops and adds new life to your boring bowl of chili. Named in honor of the Mile High City (Denver, Colorado!), this pork shoulder-packed, roasted vegetable-loaded, spiced-up cream cheese, saucy dish makes a 5-alarm chili look like just a flicker in the wind. We just love the extra special touches found in this fraternizing-ly friendly, hunk-of-burning-love bowl of Mile High City Chili. You won't find this type of love and dedication anywhere else. Let's eat!

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14. Slow & Easy Chili

Slow And Easy Chili

There's literally nothing better than Slow & Easy Chili... literally nothing! How could anything beat this savory, spicy stew filled with juicy beef and hearty beans? Or the rich tomato flavor throughout each bite? The only better thing is knowing that all you really have to do is get everything into the slow cooker and let it do the hard work. This Slow & Easy Chili lets you enjoy the Southern classic in style!

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15. Party Chili

Party Chili

There are two secrets to throwing a truly spectacular party. The first is to serve up something amazingly delicious that everyone can enjoy. The second is to ensure said amazing food is so easy to make that you can relax and enjoy the company of your friends! In other words, Party Chili is the perfect party food because it fulfills both criteria! This dish is a thick, hearty, beefy, and spicy special occasion all on its own, with plenty of rich tomato and savory garlic flavors to keep your guests coming back for more. It makes enough for everyone on top of that, so no one is leaving hungry from your get-together! Party Chili virtually makes itself: just throw everything in a slow cooker the morning of the party and by the time people start arriving, it's hot and ready! So, stop worrying about what to serve and start enjoying the heartwarming taste of this chili with those you're most excited to see!

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16. Texas Chili

Texas Chili

Working out on the ranch, working with your hands, or sometimes just working requires a meal to get you up and rustlin' again in no time. The Texas Chili brings the flavor and the heartiness only its namesake state can provide: big chunks of juicy beef swimming in a sweet, bright, and spicy tomato sauce loaded with even more beefy satisfaction. This dish smells like the open trail and the spirit of adventure under the open sky, and you'll be jumping to sink your spoon into it. So, saddle up for some Texas Chili!

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