16 Healthy Recipes to Put a Spring in Your Step

Strawberry Chicken Salad image

As spring symbolizes bringing new life, let it also rejuvenate your diet with fresh, vibrant, balanced foods! Think colorful, juicy fruits and crisp, crunchy veggies. Your plate will come to life with the colors of this season's produce! With a focus on fresh foods, spring eating will be delicious, nourishing, and bring new energy to your life as you embrace the season ahead!

16 Recipes to Bring New Life to Your Plate This Spring:

1. Spring Veggie Bowl

Spring Veggie Bowl image

Spring calls for fresh garden flavors and refreshing meals! The Spring Veggie Bowl combines leafy, crunchy, green veggies with perfectly cooked nutty farro and tangy vinegar for a hearty and healthy lunch or dinner. Add in some sweet and creamy goat cheese crumbles and a juicy red beet and you have a meal that evokes the sunshine of a spring morning. The Spring Veggie Bowl combines the best of salads with the best of rice meals and makes something better than both.

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2. Crowd-Pleaser Kale Salad

Crowd-Pleaser Kale Salad-1

Make everyone happy with this one-bowl wonder! Crowd-Pleaser Kale Salad is an incredibly appealing dish for any occasion. There will be crunches for days with this combo of fresh kale, slivered almonds, grated parmesan, and juicy grape tomatoes, tossed with a honey-mustard-lemon dressing and some amazing croutons. It creates a full, robust, salad sensation. Be the Crowd-Pleaser Kale Salad courier to all your special gatherings. Come on and join the crowd!

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3. Spring Green Beans

Spring Green Beans

A fresh breeze is blowing in a wonderful new side dish for all of your special occasions. Spring Green Beans will be a joyful, delicious addition to any main dish! Fresh green beans are baked until crisp-tender and sprinkled with garlic, then tossed with parmesan and mozzarella cheeses for freshness at its best. Let Spring Green Beans be a refreshing new beginning to a great meal. It's simply elegant and so, so good!

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4. Lemon Orzo Soup

Lemon Orzo Soup image

This light and cozy Greek-style Lemon Orzo Soup is the perfect summer soup for enjoying in the sun. With hearty veggies, warm shredded chicken, and a pop of zesty lemon, this soup tastes simultaneously bright and relaxing, almost like a sunbath in a bowl. Lemon Orzo Soup features tender cooked orzo, which soaks in the flavors and adds to the soup’s heartiness. Whether you are, it’s a beautiful day with a bowl of this soup.

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5. Grandma's Chicken Cacciatore

Grandma's Chicken Cacciatore

Grandma loves to cook, and also loves to save time and energy. She's the master of making things look easy by actually making things easy. It's no surprise that Grandma's Chicken Cacciatore is such a breeze. Put everything in a slow cooker, set it, and forget it. In just a few hours, she's serving up a classic Italian favorite, with juicy chicken and beefy mushrooms in a savory white wine sauce. Why make life difficult when Grandma's Chicken Cacciatore makes good food so simple?

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6. Easy Black Bean Burger

Easy Black Bean Burger image

Whether your embracing a vegetarian lifestyle or trying to curb your meat intake, burger cravings can be hard to resist. Fortunately, the Easy Black Bean Burger has the savory, grilled flavor you want without the beef! Hearty, healthy, and loaded with seasonings and spices, this burger can stand next to beef burgers no problem! Slathered with a fatty, rich, and zesty chipotle mayo, the Easy Black Bean Burger wows your tastebuds and will wow everyone at your next barbeque!

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7. Roasted Blackberry Chicken Salad

Roasted Blackberry Chicken Salad

This salad is a delicious, juicy secret... one we're excited to share with you! Roasted Blackberry Chicken Salad is the most beautiful, flavorful choice you can make for yourself. A delicious blackberry-balsamic dressing coats a fresh medley of spring greens and savory golden chicken slices. So vibrant! So nourishing! Roasted Blackberry Chicken Salad is an uplifting new salad option! The secret is out... and it's so delicious!

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8. Springtime Tilapia

Springtime Tilapia image

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the aromas of Springtime Tilapia are in the air! The flaky, heart-healthy fish is coated with savory bread crumbs, earthy olive oil, pickle-y dill, and tangy lemon juice–can't you just smell it?! Springtime Tilapia is ready in under 20 minutes, so you can quickly dig in and enjoy every moment of the season with a satisfied belly!

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9. Dew Salad

Dew Salad

Don't you just love a surprise? Well, the minute you get a fork full of this Dew Salad, you will be pleasantly surprised with a flavor extravaganza that's warrants a gasp! Fresh watercress, sweet honeydew melon, juicy blackberries, and spicy red spring onions are topped with an electric lemon vinaigrette for an explosion of great tastes. Dew Salad is a welcome surprise and you will surely be astonished!

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10. Springtime Spaghetti

Springtime Spaghetti image

The return of spring doesn't just mean flowers are blooming; it also means the return of amazingly fresh garden flavors. Springtime Spaghetti serves up these fantastic tastes in a breezy yet hearty dish. Bright carrots and zucchini nestle with tender spaghetti in a luxurious, luscious cream sauce with plenty of parmesan for a delightful dinner that mirrors the weather outside. Springtime Spaghetti is as easy to make as enjoying the sunshine and helps your taste buds enjoy the season!

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11. Italian Penicillin

Italian Penicillin-7

Need a boost? Try Italian Penicillin and you will be revived in no time! Simple yet fulfilling, nutty brown rice, an abundance of spinach, rich Pecorino-Romano cheese, and the curious but lovely addition of eggs are perfectly harmonizing in a lightly seasoned broth for a one-of-a-kind pick-me-up! Let Italian Penicillin become the renewed prescription of good eating. A bowl a day will keep the doctor away!

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12. Large Chopped Chicken Salad

Large Chopped Chicken Salad

We have a tiny secret that will pack a big punch to your lunch or dinner menu. Large Chopped Chicken Salad is full of huge flavor that everyone will rave about! Crisp cabbage, sweet corn, and flavorful carrots are just a tiny glimpse of the fresh favorites that are joined with grilled, savory chicken breast strips, all tossed with a ginormous-ly tantalizing spicy Greek yogurt ranch dressing, then topped with slices of creamy avocado and some tortilla strips for a crunchy bite! So, let this Large Chopped Chicken Salad change your short-on-flavor salad experience to a full-on-flavor-explosion of great taste in one bowl. You'll be livin' large!

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13. Easy Broiled Salmon

Easy Broiled Salmon image

The key to the most delicious salmon is to avoid overcooking it; the fatty, aromatic, rich flavor of the fish is best when it's just cooked. Easy Broiled Salmon helps you get the most perfectly cooked fish every time, with a sweet, citrusy, and herby glaze all over to boot. Easy Broiled Salmon is perfect on its own or as the topping to the best salad ever.

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14. Taste-of-Caprese Sandwiches

Taste Of Caprese Sandwiches-2

Ah, it's finally lunchtime. You need to escape from the manic morning you just had and enjoy something delicious. These Taste-of-Caprese Sandwiches bring a little luxury with every bite and help you (sort of) forget about the madness that had just materialized. From the perfect texture of the fluffy bread, to the creamy slices of mozzarella, and the juicy, garden-fresh tomatoes, you'll be dreaming of walking the cobbled streets of Italy in no time. Believe it or not, it gets even better with some tangy pickled onions and earthy fresh herbs on top. Head back to work (whatever your occupation — retired or mom-ing included) refreshed and re-energized with these Taste-of-Caprese Sandwiches!

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15. Garden-Fresh Primavera

Garden-Fresh Primavera image

While pasta primavera is an American dish, the name itself is Italian for "Spring Pasta." Garden-Fresh Primavera embraces the springtime feeling with a cornucopia of fresh vegetables, from crisp bell peppers to juicy zucchinis to bright green peas. All of these fresh delights are mixed in a cheesy sauce with tender fettuccine for a pasta experience that is as refreshing as it is hearty. Garden-Fresh Primavera comes together without much fuss and in under half an hour, so you can always throw it together for a wonderful lunch or a light dinner that emphasizes flavor over fastidiousness. Spring truly has come!

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16. Strawberry & Chicken Salad

Strawberry & Chicken Salad image

The most perfect warm-weather salad is here! Strawberry & Chicken Salad combines tender savory chicken breast, sharp feta cheese, and bright strawberries. Adorned with a citrusy, nutty, and fatty dressing, this salad looks as good as its taste. Strawberry & Chicken Salad only takes 30 minutes or less to make, so you can have it ready for a sunset dinner on the patio in no time!

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