16 Pasta Recipes for Every Noodle Lover

Magic Chicken Pasta 3

Macaroni, linguini, gnocchi... oh my! No matter the variety, everyone loves a bowl of gooey, saucy noodles. From chicken, to tomato sauce, to cheese, to taco meat... the noodle opportunities are endless, and you're sure to please a crowd.

16 Positively Delicious Recipes for Every Noodle Lover:

1. Sunny Pasta

Sunny Pasta 02

When a trip to your favorite Italian restaurant is out of the question, but you need something quick, and honestly, more economical, this dish is for you! Sunny Pasta will shine the life back into your mealtime cravings! Sun-dried tomatoes are full of robust flavor and cooked in a creamy, perfectly seasoned sauce. It's all simmered up with al dente fettuccine noodles, and of course, some nutty parmesan cheese. Sunny Pasta blazes a path to a quick, easy, delicious meal choice that will get radiant reviews from everyone. Get your meal-glow on with this dazzling pasta. Shine on!

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2. Diner Garbage Pasta

Diner Garbage Pasta

A beloved staple of upstate New York, Diner Garbage Pasta is much more delicious than the name suggests! It's essentially a tender and bouncy pasta dish, with savory and beefy hamburger meat added. Where Diner Garbage Pasta kicks the game up a notch is by adding delicious hamburger toppings to the rich tomato sauce (here, playing the role of ketchup) such as sharp cheddar cheese and even sour relish. There's no trashing a dish as good as this Diner Garbage Pasta!

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3. Salisbury Steak Pasta

Salisbury Steak Pasta (1)

Now, hold on. Before you click on by Salisbury Steak Pasta, you've got to stop and give it a chance. What might sound like an unusual fusion of comfort food and Italian cuisine could possibly become your most cherished dinner option. And when you really look into it, you realize there's nothing too wild about the juicy, nostalgically-flavored meatballs that are nestled atop a bed of tender pasta. In fact, that sounds quite delicious. So, just scroll on down for some Salisbury Steak Pasta. The internet can bring us the most joyous things sometimes!

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4. The Model Pasta Recipe


The Model Pasta Recipe is one that looks so good, you'll just have to take a picture of it. And don't you worry... this dish isn't just serving up looks! You can bet that the flavors within will work it, too! Strut right up to a bowl of this bouncy rotini pasta tossed in the creamy, tomato-y, homemade vodka sauce, and after one bite, you'll be feeling some kind of fierce. You'll want to strike a pose with The Model Pasta Recipe, because it just might make it on the front cover of a glamorous foodie magazine someday!

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5. Green Goddess Pasta

Green Goddess Pasta

The Green Goddess' domain extends to more than just salads! Green Goddess Pasta is just as refreshing and vibrantly flavorful as the namesake salad, only now it involves some tender pasta for extra heartiness! Bright green peas, sharp parmesan, and smooth olive oil do the heavy lifting to make a dish that seems simple on the surface but wildly exciting when explored! Find a piece of heaven with this Green Goddess Pasta; you certainly won't regret making this for lunch!

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6. Family Fettuccine Carbonara

Family Fettuccine Carbonara

Family Fettuccine Carbonara is designed to serve everyone in the family with room for seconds! Better yet, it allows the classic, creamy, incredibly rich sauce to be made without putting the raw eggs into the pasta, ensuring the sauce works every time, stress-free. Additionally, Family Fettuccine Carbonara uses succulent bacon and sharp parmesan to take this Italian classic to the next level. Your whole family will love it!

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7. Brown Butter Gnocchi

Brown Butter Gnocchi

Grilled steaks, chicken breasts, pork chops... the list is long for what this side dish can do for you and your leading meats! Brown Butter Gnocchi is the perfect supporting actor for any of your dinner theatrics. Voted "Best Flavor Added to a Pasta" (by us), sage steals the show when it's immersed in browned butter and showered over the highly acclaimed gnocchi. The (fictional) "Golden Spatula" award goes to Brown Butter Gnocchi for the elegantly delicious work it's done on the dinner stage to support all of those show-stealing meats. We would like to thank our very own (imaginary) cooking academy for this new pasta talent. It's definitely the star of the show!

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8. Magic Chicken Pasta

Magic Chicken Pasta 3

Magic Chicken Pasta got its name because it tastes so good, you won't hardly believe it's real! But believe it or not, this dish is filled with Italian-seasoned chicken and a buttery, lemon sauce... not a magic potion! It's easy to understand why you would question a dish so simple and so yummy... you can trust what you're seeing and tasting here, though, because Magic Chicken Pasta is the real delicious deal!

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9. Creamy Bow Tie Pasta

Creamy Bow Tie Pasta 03

If you're looking to dress up your dinner table, we have the appropriate dinner attire made just for it! Creamy Bow Tie Pasta is squarely one of the best things you will ever eat. Al-dente-fashioned bowtie pasta is draped with a creamy parmesan sauce and flanked with some fresh spinach for the perfect dinner ensemble. Add a new twist to your delicious meal with Creamy Bow Tie Pasta. "Tie" some on tonight! Black jackets and formal gowns are not required!

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10. For-the-Love-of-Pasta Bake

For The Love Of Pasta Bake-2

Who doesn't love a great Italian-inspired meal? For-the-Love-of-Pasta Bake is an exceptional way to satisfy your al dente-loving soul! When cavatappi pasta is topped with a creamy, tomato-saucy ground beef mixture and mozzarella cheese and then baked until bubbly... well, it becomes a truly comforting delight! Add a loaf of Italian bread and For-the-Love-of-Pasta Bake will be a welcomed favorite dish at any gathering. Now, that's Italian!

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11. Mom's Baked Rigatoni Pasta

Mom-s Baked Rigatoni Pasta-7

When you're yearning for a nice home-cooked dinner, who knows best!? Mom's Baked Rigatoni Pasta will definitely do the trick! Rigatoni pasta surrounded by an amazing Italian sauce — that Mom knows like the back of her hand — all topped with melted mozzarella cheese, is truly the best when you need a "food-hug" from your momma! Gather your family, grab a loaf of French bread, and get Mom's Baked Rigatoni Pasta on the table, pronto!

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12. Rotisserie Chicken Spaghetti Bake

Rotisserie Chicken Spaghetti Bake

When your pasta craving is coming in hot, you must find something to curb the beast! Rotisserie Chicken Spaghetti Bake is the easy answer to that age-old (or maybe afternoon-old) problem. Savory rotisserie chicken helps soothe your hunger when added to a creamy sauce mixture with a dash of floral, fragrant vermouth, tender mushrooms, and al dente spaghetti. Then everything is baked until golden with sharp parmesan cheese on top. Don't waste any time! Whip up Rotisserie Chicken Spaghetti Bake to tame the pasta-loving beast within you. It'll fork-twirl it right out of you in just one bite!

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13. Seaside Noodle Bake

Seaside Noodle Bake (1)

Sally has more than just seashells by the seashore! She's also got a piping hot dish of Seaside Noodle bake waiting for you. Get ready to reel in the deliciously oceanic flavors of this creamy, buttery, pasta-and-salmon bake! Be the beachcomber you know you can be and find yourself a bite of this Seaside Noodle Bake. It's calling you!

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14. Poor Man's Lasagna

Poor Mans Lasagna (8)

It's true... it's rough out there! So, if there's any chance to save a buck or two, we're all about it. Poor Man's Lasagna hones in on that strategy and creates a budget-friendly way to make a delicious dish! The flavor amazement of the tender penne pasta that's packed in with the creaminess, sauciness, and cheesiness is so astounding that it'll have you completely forgetting you're in the process of pinching "pennes." See what we did there? Cheaper isn't always synonymous with lacking flavor! Enjoy all the benefits of Poor Man's Lasagna! You deserve it!

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15. Jump Shot Mac 'n Cheese

Jump Shot Mac N Cheese 01

You have to work to get some things right. Jump Shot Mac 'n Cheese is worth the practice, and it will be a sure shot for your next meal. When you add al dente macaroni along with cream cheese, melty cheeses, a little spice, and top it all with panko breadcrumbs, you've definitely made the side dish team! Take your dinners to new heights with Jump Shot Mac 'n Cheese. It will be the game winning pasta-dunk your family will cheer for!

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16. Mexican Chicken Spaghetti

Mexican Chicken Spaghetti

Savory chicken. Creamy mushroom sauce. Vibrant, spicy tomatoes and chiles. All of this comes together to become Mexican Chicken Spaghetti. This is a new way to really shake up your pasta night; why should Italian cuisine get to dominate the pasta game? Mexican Chicken Spaghetti adds zest, heat, and charm to your pasta, and it's ready in less than an hour. It's a fiesta for the senses!

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Which noodle are you going to give a try next?

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