16 Recipes Every Bacon Lover Must Try

Bacon-Ranch Roll Ups 2

Got bacon on the brain? We get it. Bacon is delicious straight out of the pan, but have you ever tried adding it to some of your favorite recipes? We promise — adding bacon will take any easy recipe up at least 5 notches and adds a delicious depth of flavor no other ingredient can supply. The next time you have a few extra pieces of bacon on hand (... does this ever happen?) or you're craving the delicious flavor, give these recipes a try!

Bacon Lovers Rejoice With These 16 Recipes:

1. Bacon Cheese Spread

Bacon Cheese Spread 1

Dips make the world go around, and this one is really going to rock your world! Bacon Cheese Spread is everything you've ever wanted in the "dip stratosphere," and your loved ones will be begging you for it from this day forward. Chopped, crispy bacon delivers a flavor bomb when combined with crunchy pecans, sharp cheddar cheese, creamy mayo, aromatic onion, and sweet red pepper. This bowl of rocket power, known as Bacon Cheese Spread, has the out-of-this-world flavor you want at all your intergalactic gatherings. Blast off the summer party season with the best of the best! Everyone will be starry-eyed and over-the-moon in love with it!

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2. Bacon-Ranch Roll Ups

Bacon-Ranch Roll Ups

Roll up! Roll up! Come and see the snack everyone is raving about... in between bites, of course! Bacon-Ranch Roll Ups are filled with zesty, creamy savory goodness, plus cream cheese, ranch seasoning, shredded chicken and, of course, succulent bacon all making prime appearances. Rolled up into pinwheels and eager to please and impress, Bacon-Ranch Roll Ups get the good times rolling!

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3. Supreme Grilled Cheese

Supreme grilled cheese-3

Your childhood grilled cheese is getting a mega upgrade! Each bite of this Supreme Grilled Cheese has all that melty, gooey cheese that you're so familiar with, but it's all grown up now. Add some crispy bacon, hearty avocado, and a runny egg and you've got yourself a delicious adult-version that you'll love just as much... honestly, probably even more! Did we mention this calls for some creamy Muenster cheese AND shredded sharp cheddar?! None of that fake, questionable stuff is allowed on these slices. Supreme Grilled Cheese is the grilled cheese of all grilled cheeses. Growing up has never tasted so good!

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4. Ultimate Green Beans

Ultimate Green Beans

There's no reason why the side dish can't steal the show. Ultimate Green Beans is a lively, yet elegant dish that will blend gloriously with your choice of meats. Fresh cut green beans are steamed until tender-crisp, then joined with savory bacon, dried tart cranberries, and a dash of sweet maple syrup and smoky bourbon for an exquisite combination everyone will rave about. Ultimate Green Beans is the perfect showstopper side to upgrade any meal. Who said green beans were boring?

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5. Ultimate Winter Harvest Pasta

Ultimate Winter Harvest Pasta

When comfort food gets a healthy-ish twist, everyone wins! Ultimate Winter Harvest Pasta will help your pasta craving lean towards a little less guilt. When you combine al dente cavatappi pasta, tender butternut squash, fresh kale, crispy bacon, and (the surprise guest) pepitas in a deliciously seasoned white wine sauce, this dish is sure to be a people-pleaser. Cozy up to this Ultimate Winter Harvest Pasta for a bowl full of amazing flavors. It's so good!

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6. Bacon Breakfast Rolls

Bacon Breakfast Rolls

This is just a good idea. Actually, scratch that; this is a great idea! Bacon Breakfast Rolls! Golden-brown, fluffy pastry wrapping a sweet, smoky filling made with brown sugar, rich butter, and of course savory, succulent bacon. What a delicious treat. Of course, bacon for breakfast needs its partner in crime, maple syrup, and Bacon Breakfast Rolls brings the maple flavor with a sweet and creamy glaze! Morning is always a good time with these Bacon Breakfast Rolls!

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7. BLT Pasta Salad

BLT Pasta Salad image

BLT Pasta Salad is the prime choice when you'd prefer to switch out your carbs, say, a bun for some pasta. Bouncy fusilli spirals, sweet cherry tomatoes, crunchy romaine lettuce, healthy baby spinach, and salty chopped bacon are tossed together with a creamy, garlicky, dilly dressing. You can serve it as-is or chilled; either way, tasty BLT Pasta Salad will make you forget there are other options out there!

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8. Dad's Bacon Cheeseburgers

Dad's Bacon Cheeseburgers image

Here are some burgers Dad would be proud to serve up at a barbecue! Dad's Bacon Cheeseburgers infuse each meaty patty with even deeper savory flavors with Worcestershire sauce and steak sauce, as well as notes of sweetness and tang. Grilled to juicy perfection, each patty is topped with a slice of melty sharp cheddar cheese and crispy, fatty bacon: the three amigos of the classic sandwich! Dad's Bacon Cheeseburgers are easy to make and are hot and ready in just 30 minutes, so you don't have to sweat over the grill for hours on end. Instead, you can serve yourself one of these burgers with your favorite toppings. It's not a true cookout until you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors!

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9. Life-Saving Fried Rice

Life-Saving Fried Rice image

When the week starts truly getting hectic, you need a meal that you can make without breaking a sweat (or the bank). Life-Saving Fried Rice only asks that you pour the ingredients in a baking dish, stir, and bake. The result is a fluffy and hearty rice dish with crispy bacon and the savory, tangy, and sweet flavors of fried rice — without the frying pan. Mixed with tender vegetables, Life-Saving Fried Rice is a complete meal in one dish, so you can be a hero at dinnertime while staying on top of your schedule!

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10. Cheeseburger Pie

Cheeseburger Pie image

The grand tradition of meat pies meets the world’s most popular sandwich! Cheeseburger Pie is filled with juicy ground beef, crispy bacon, and sweet onions and topped with melty cheese. Instead of a bun, the crust of Cheeseburger Pie is rich, buttery pie crust. In less than an hour, you can have a new twist on a classic hamburger dinner on the table, drawing everyone to it with its incredible aroma.

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11. Sheet-Pan Chicken Bacon Ranch

Sheet Pan Chicken Bacon Ranch image

It’s not clear who first realized the combination of chicken, creamy and tangy ranch sauce, and fatty bacon made for a delicious partnership, but that person should be thanked a thousand times over. Sheet-Pan Chicken Bacon Ranch demonstrates exactly why with flavorful, tender, and savory chicken coated in ranch and bacon bits. With cheddar cheese for sharpness, Sheet-Pan Chicken Bacon Ranch tastes like a guilty pleasure dinner that’s still hearty and comforting.

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12. Delicious Turkey Melts

Delicious Turkey Melts image

Think grilled cheese, but gourmet! Delicious Turkey Melts take leftover turkey and turn it into a melty, cheesy, crispy lunch.With pickles for a touch of sour and bacon for a touch of extra indulgence, Delicious Turkey Melts are luxurious and comforting all at once. They even come with smokiness and tang from barbecue sauce. Get ready to fully enjoy these stacked sandwiches.

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13. Peas-in-a-Pod Pasta

Peas-in-a-Pod Pasta image

All of the ingredients in this dish get along like peas-in-a-pod, and sharing it with others is a guaranteed way to make some new friends! Peas-in-a-Pod Pasta finds true companions in crumbly and crunchy bacon, bright and tender green peas, and sharp and nutty parmesan cheese, all on a bed of perfectly cooked pasta. It's a refreshing and tasty meal that can be made in less than half an hour, so you can join your friends and family at the table without missing a beat. Peas-in-a-Pod Pasta is the perfect way to bring everyone together!

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14. French Onion Pasta Bake

French Onion Pasta Bake image

Comfort food at its finest! French Onion Pasta Bake takes the classic savory soup flavors and transforms it into a nurturing pasta dish with tender noodles, crispy bacon, and sharp colby cheese all swimming in a savory creamy sauce. The French Onion Pasta Bake is warm, welcoming, and absolutely delicious that everyone will love. You’ll be making this on the regular once you try it!

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15. Bacon Mango Fried Rice

Bacon Mango Fried Rice image

Bacon Mango Fried Rice is fried rice like you’ve never tasted before! This scrumptious dish puts an exciting twist on classic fried rice, with the sweet, tart, tropical fruit paired with crispy fatty bacon in a fluffy bed of fried rice. This dish is easy and quick to make, and it’s both hearty and refreshing. You’ll gobble up this Bacon Mango Fried Rice in no time!

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16. Ultimate Loaded Potato Meatloaf Casserole

Ultimate Loaded Potato Meatloaf Casserole image

The homecooked meatloaf is already well-beloved for its beefiness and tenderness. But in cooking, nothing exists that can't be made more indulgent and more mouth-watering! The Ultimate Loaded Potato Meatloaf Casserole is lavish in its richness, from the savory meatloaf base to the creamy, fluffy garlic mashed potato layer to the bubbly cheese topping! Then the Ultimate Loaded Potato Meatloaf Casserole tops even its own decadence with a sprinkling of bacon bits, bringing the meatiness to the next level! This is a feast disguised as a home-cooked dish and one you'll be looking forward to over and over again!

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What's your favorite way to eat bacon?

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