16 Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

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Playing Tetris with leftover dishes in your fridge? Thanksgiving leftovers are arguably the best part of the holiday, but what fun is it to eat the same thing over and over?

The big feast has been devoured (a few times) and you still have a fridge full of food that is left to be eaten. You COULD eat the same meal, over and over... but what fun is that? Check out our best 16 Leftover Recipes and make something easy, fresh, and comforting with everything you have on hand.

Get Ready to Chow Down in a Fresh New Way After the Big Meal:

1. The Thanksgiving Roll-Ups

Thanksgiving Rollups 03

It's the day before Thanksgiving and everyone is at your house, and they're hungry. However, you're already prepping the big feast for tomorrow and don't have time to make a whole new meal for this moment. Wait, don't put yourself in this situation! Let's rewind and make The Thanksgiving Roll-Ups ahead of their arrival. And now, instead of complaints, you'll be hearing praise for just how delicious these little, creamy bites are! They'll get a tasty preview of what's to come the next day, thanks to the layers of salty turkey, tangy cranberries, and fresh spinach, which will lift everybody's spirits. There won't be a rumbling tummy (or grievance) in the house. The Thanksgiving Roll-Ups really are a saving grace this holiday season!

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2. Leftover Turkey Enchiladas

Leftover Turkey Enchiladas-1

The feast has been devoured (at a time or two at this point), the guests are gone, yet you're left with a gob of turkey that's still waiting to be eaten. Sure, you can chow down on it as-is for the tenth time OR you can use it to make Leftover Turkey Enchiladas! Our vote is for the second option for lots of reasons. First, it's just so tasty! We never considered adding turkey to our regular enchiladas, but it really makes for a fantastic flavor combination. And speaking of flavors, our second reason is that your taste buds get a little Tex-Mex-seasoned switch up, making it more likely for you to actually consume all the turkey that's left. We could go on and on, but our final proposition for you choosing to make these Leftover Turkey Enchiladas is because it's so easy! Even though it's been a few days since your massive meal, it takes some time to recover from all that time in the kitchen (plus, washing dishes. Ick.) Trust us, you won't be disappointed!

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3. Turkey Leftover Casserole

Turkey Leftover Casserole-6

What should you do with all that turkey?! You have to make Turkey Leftover Casserole with it! This pot-pie-esque bake calls for that particular protein you have plenty left of, plus some nutritious veggies swimming in a creamy concoction to make you feel like you're doing something good for yourself. Which you totally are! Topped with a cheesy corn bread crust, you'll never enjoy eating your leftovers more. This Turkey Leftover Casserole is a miracle worker!

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4. Gobble-Gobble Tetrazzini

Gobble Gobble Tetrazzini

Comfort food looks different for different people, but we think we can all agree on this one! Gobble-Gobble Tetrazzini is the answer to all of life's comfy needs, even if it isn't Thanksgiving. With a superbly seasoned sauce, al dente spaghetti, and really tasty mushrooms, this tenderly cooked turkey dish gets all the fanfare any day of the year! Topped with nutty parmesan cheese and lively paprika, Gobble-Gobble Tetrazzini is the comfiest dish you will ever taste. Snuggle up to a plateful (or two) and you will see what we are talking about. It universally speaks comfort to all!

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5. Thanksgiving Dumpling Stew

Keep Well Dumpling Stew

We want to help you make every day feel like Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Dumpling Stew is the down-home favorite that will bring everyone together again. A rich stew-like soup filled with sweet carrots, flavorful onions, tasty celery, and juicy turkey joined with tender dumplings is definitely something to warm you up on even the coldest day. So full of all the comfy feelings and flavors you crave, Thanksgiving Dumpling Stew will certainly keep you feeling thankful!

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6. Thanksgiving Cuban

Thanksgiving Cuben-2

If you're on day three of Turkey Day leftovers and you're just about tired of them, stop! Don't throw them away. This Thanksgiving Cuban is worthy of another round of the holiday classics you're growing weary of. Once you're sinking your teeth into the crispy Cuban bread, you'll completely forget that you've had the same familiar flavors for lunch and dinner for what seems like forever. The addition of juicy pickles, tangy mustard, and melty sweet cheese melded together with all that leftover turkey, ham, and cranberry will trick your taste buds into eating it on repeat until all that remains is no more! Trust us! Thanksgiving Cuban is the saving grace you need to save some dollars and your senses!

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7. Trisha's Turkey Surprise Soup

Trisha-s Turkey Surprise Soup 6

You're so lucky to have your friend Trisha, with all her go-to recipes for leftovers; she's such a clutch friend to have! Only half an hour separates you from the delicious flavors of Trisha's Turkey Surprise Soup! That's nothing! You can do that with ease... the same ease you'll feel when diving into the rich, herbaceous broth with notes of cream and bright lemon. This is an excellent way to use lots of leftover turkey in a hurry, and you'll be hurrying to make more of Trisha's Turkey Surprise Soup once you've made the first batch!

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8. Turkey Brie Cranberry Panini

Turkey Brie Cranberry Panini image

Leftover turkey is as universal a Thanksgiving tradition as celebrating Thanksgiving at all. Finding new ways to eat leftover turkey has yielded some delicious recipes…like this one. Turkey Brie Cranberry Panini pairs juicy turkey with elegant, creamy cheese and the crimson sweet tartness of cranberry sauce in a crispy toasted sandwich. This is a rich and classy way to make your leftovers exciting again! Plus, it only takes 10 minutes to make a Turkey Brie Cranberry Panini, so you can enjoy what looks and tastes like a fancy lunch for one with speed.

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9. Take-Care Turkey à la King

Take Care Turkey a la King

You deserve a rest. Don't worry, Take-Care Turkey à la King has you covered. It's ready in less than half an hour and it's just the most nourishing, nurturing, and hearty dish you could ask for on a cold and stressful evening. As a bonus, it's ready to use up plenty of your leftover holiday turkey, so you don't even need to worry about getting the protein ready. Instead, you can sink into the warm, buttery creamy flavors of the sauce, the beefy mushrooms, and all the poultry goodness spread out on some toast. Take-Care Turkey à la King treats you like a king (or queen), as you so richly deserve!

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10. Smoked Turkey Cobbler

Smoked Turkey Cobbler

Smoked Turkey Cobbler might sound humble, but the taste is anything but! It's a mix-and-mingle of tender, roasted vegetables, adding brightness, sweetness, and even a little spiciness to each bite, with summer corn mixed in for good measure. Then comes the savory smoked turkey, always a welcome addition around the holidays. On top are buttery biscuits flavored with sharp green onion and ready for making Smoked Turkey Cobbler something truly special. You'll know it when you taste it.

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11. Friday Turkey Club

Friday Turkey Club

Friday calls for something special! The weekend is almost here (at last) and that calls for joy, cheer, and a really, really good sandwich. The Friday Turkey Club balances being an easy sandwich to make for lunch and being an elevated experience; using some deliciously flavorful focaccia is just step one! The turkey is savory, the bacon is succulent and crisp, the tomato is juicy and bright, and the sauce is sweet, creamy, and tangy. This is definitely a club you're going to want to join! After just one bite of this Friday Turkey Club, you'll never think of sandwiches the same way again.

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12. Best-Ever Leftover Turkey Soup

Best-Ever Leftover Turkey Soup image

Thanksgiving leftovers have inspired countless recipes and strategies to make the most of them. The Best-Ever Leftover Turkey Soup approaches this delicious dilemma in a novel way. Instead of a heavy sandwich, it transforms the leftovers into a refreshing, reinvigorating soup. Steaming with savory, herby flavors, the Best-Ever Leftover Turkey Soup is an ocean of juicy turkey and tender orzo pasta. Light, bright, and festive, this soup simmers with the warmth of the holidays!

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13. Delicious Turkey Melts

Delicious Turkey Melts image

Think grilled cheese, but gourmet! Delicious Turkey Melts take leftover turkey and turn it into a melty, cheesy, crispy lunch.With pickles for a touch of sour and bacon for a touch of extra indulgence, Delicious Turkey Melts are luxurious and comforting all at once. They even come with smokiness and tang from barbecue sauce. Get ready to fully enjoy these stacked sandwiches.

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14. Thanksgiving-Repeat Bake

Thanksgiving Repeat Bake-5

It was so good yesterday, why not do it again today?! Thanksgiving-Repeat Bake basically takes you back in time so that you can enjoy a second round of your festive favorites, but with just a little switch up. Just grab all your leftover turkey (we know there's a ton of it), some mixed veggies, a box of corn bread mix, and a handful of melty cheese, and shazam! A semi-new main course that's using all the same flavors so you can make the most of your second helping of Turkey Day goodness. No one will ever complain about leftovers again thanks to Thanksgiving-Repeat Bake! Dig in... again!

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15. Black Friday Ring

Black Friday Ring

After your early and exhilarating morning of bargain buying, we know you're going to be super hungry by the time you get home. To keep the thrill alive, you should make this Black Friday Ring! Slices of the golden, crispy circle, filled with some leftovers from yesterday, such as your delicious turkey and tangy cranberry sauce, plus some melty cheese and refreshing spinach, create a deliciously resourceful way to fill up. It's the perfect thing to munch on as you revisit the victories of hunting down the deals you were dreaming of. Cha-ching! Here's to the good shopping spree finds and great tastes of Black Friday Ring!

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16. Thanksgiving Waffles

Thanksgiving Waffles

Everyone has ideas of how to use up their leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, but what about that much beloved classic side dish, mashed potatoes? Well, no worries, because Thanksgiving Waffles have a very breakfast-y way of making sure no puff of whipped potato goodness goes to waste! Mixed with a little pancake mix and some melty cheese, your leftover mashed potatoes are transformed into golden-brown and fluffy waffles, just in time for brunch! As a bonus, you can use up some of your cranberry jelly by turning it into an improvised cranberry syrup for topping! Thanksgiving Waffles will have you being thankful for leftovers!

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