16 Vintage Desserts That Will Bring You Back in Time

Crown Jewel Pie

Indulge in a journey back in time with this collection of vintage dessert recipes! From family favorites to long-forgotten mid-century treats, this list will give you a taste of tradition, nostalgia, and the timeless joy of sweets. So, dust off that old apron and prepare to taste the magic of 16 Vintage Desserts That Will Bring You Back in Time.

1. Pistachio Fluff

Pistachio Fluff image

For all of our whipped cream lovers out there, we have a dessert for you! Pistachio Fluff takes regular whipped cream to the next level with its smooth, tropical, nutty flavor. Simply eat it with a spoon or enjoy it alongside your favorite desserts! Pistachio Fluff is whipped cream like you’ve never had it before: an emerald and fruity treat unlike any other.

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2. Old-Fashioned Chocolate Icebox Cake

Old-Fashioned Chocolate Icebox Cake

Just because something is old-fashioned doesn't mean it's out of style! Take this Old-Fashioned Chocolate Icebox Cake as proof of that! It's the most refreshing cake ever conceived, and that is a cold, hard fact! It's a chilled layer cake filled with chocolatey goodness (softened chocolate wafers) and topped by a simple yet captivating whipped cream frosting. You can actually see how delicious the Old-Fashioned Chocolate Icebox Cake is just by looking at each beautifully striped slice! Simplicity and scrumptiousness all in one!

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3. Brown Butter Sugar Cookies

Brown Butter Sugar Cookies 1

Move over, ordinary old sugar cookies; there's a new beautifully bronzed beauty in town! These Brown Butter Sugar Cookies will be your new go-to cookie-crush! The secret love blossoms by browning the creamy butter with some molasses-rich brown sugar, and there you have it... you've just created the perfect dream-team partnership within each sweet cookie. It's really that easy! Don't shy away from these magnificently divine Brown Butter Sugar Cookies. You will definitely be smitten!

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4. Vintage Carrot Cake

Vintage Carrot Cake 4

Let's take it back to the good 'ole days! When life gets too serious, a slice of this Vintage Carrot Cake will do ya good. This sweet and moist cake will take you right back to those carefree, child-like times that you yearn for so much. And a spoonful of the rich, creamy vanilla frosting will transport you right back into your momma's kitchen, standing on a chair at the counter, watching her make this cake. Vintage Carrot Cake is the time traveling bite you need to help all of life's adult worries wither away!

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5. Old-Fashioned Baked Lemon Pudding

Old Fashioned Baked Lemon Pudding-8

When creamy and refreshing are on your mind, try a beloved treat that will become a staple at all of your future gatherings! Old-Fashioned Baked Lemon Pudding is pure golden perfection and will bring back the days when times were simpler. Freshly squeezed lemon juice and some of its zest bring this custard-like pudding to life in a thick, creamy, out-of-this-world kind of way. Topped with a little confectioners' sugar and some whipped cream, Old-Fashioned Baked Lemon Pudding is truly a page out of the past with a bright future ahead. Simpler times call for sweet, simple desserts! It's so golden!

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6. Fruit Cocktail Cake

Fruit Cocktail Cake 1

Ok, just being honest here... there isn't a funeral dinner or church social supper that this cake hasn't seen and it certainly holds a special place in the Cake Hall of Fame (we just made that up, but if there was such a thing, this little gem would certainly be in it)! Fruit Cocktail Cake is a staple that never gets old and never disappoints. Loaded with a brown sugar-flaky coconut topping, this fruit-ladened, moist, delicious cake is baked and then topped with an unbelievably tasty, sweet coconut-filled sauce. There isn't a gathering around that doesn't deserve this Fruit Cocktail Cake treat. So, make this blast from the past delight for your next dessert. It will definitely have you saying hallelujah, and there's nothing fruity about that!

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7. Granny's Secret Trifle

StichedIn April23 017

You wouldn't guess it from her sweet smile and darling giggle, but grandma has a couple of secrets up her sleeve that she's just not willing to tell. Oh, don't worry, most of them are silly stories about grandpa that embarrass her and yummy recipes she doesn't want anyone copycatting. There is this one especially creamy and fruit-filled treat she'd always make, and whenever we'd beg for her to let us in on process behind getting the goods, she'd respond with, "When you're older." Ugh. That used to drive us wild. But FINALLY. After years and years of waiting, Granny's Secret Trifle was let out of the bag and now we make it ALL the time. We can never get enough of its delightful airiness and sweet juiciness. It's a dream come true, figuratively and literally. Now... just don't tell her that we've posted Granny's Secret Trifle here for you to see... surely, she'll just be happy knowing that everyone's happy now too!

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8. Grasshopper Pie

Grasshopper Pie image

We know what you're thinking, and no...there are no actual grasshoppers in this pie. In fact, this Grasshopper Pie is completely vegan: completely dairy-free yet with an incredibly smooth creaminess. Grasshopper Pie is a vintage, nostalgic favorite featuring a vibrant green (hence the name), cool, and minty dessert layered on top of a dark chocolate, crumbly crust. This version of Grasshopper Pie is a way to make your sweet tooth happy while getting around dietary restrictions. You don’t even have to turn the oven on to enjoy this hopping, happening treat!

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9. Old German Honey Cookies

Old German Honey Cookies

These traditional and delicious treats come straight from Germany ready to put a smile on your face! Old German Honey Cookies are tender and melt-in-your-mouth sweet, with the floral golden flavor of honey baked right into each one! A hint of warm ginger adds a little balance to make sure each of the Old German Honey Cookies are as inviting as possible. You'll be warming up to these honeyed sweets in no time!

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10. Cool Whip® Banana Split

Cool Whip Banana Split - 24

Summer in a bowl? That is definitely what Cool Whip® Banana Split will have you feeling like with every spoonful! Sweet banana slices and juicy strawberries are paired with a couple dollops of frozen, almost-ice-cream-like Cool Whip and a drizzling of decadent chocolate syrup for a bowlful of summertime delight. Cool Whip Banana Split is an all-season way to eat a "healthier" version of this much-loved dessert. Everyone will go bananas for it!

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11. Old-Time Buttermilk Pie

Old-Time Buttermilk Pie

Everything old can be new again. Old-Time Buttermilk Pie is sure to become your new favorite pie! A homemade flaky crust and a sweet, creamy, custard-like filling come together giving you that comforting feeling that grandma would be so proud of. It's time for Old-Time Buttermilk Pie; the perfect coffee and company companion. What a sweet treat!

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12. Grandma's Favorite Butterscotch Pudding

Grandma's Favorite Butterscotch Pudding

Grandma's Favorite Butterscotch Pudding isn't just her favorite... it's destined to be one of yours as well! That creamy, golden-orange pudding is just so rich and buttery, with that distinct smoky note that makes butterscotch so enticing. It's simple and rustic, but lip-licking delicious and actually fairly simple to make! A home-cooked meal just wouldn't be complete without a bowl of Grandma's Favorite Butterscotch Pudding to finish it off with!

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13. Vintage Vanilla Cake

Vintage Vanilla Cake

Vintage Vanilla Cake really takes you back, and then some! It draws inspiration from wacky cake, a Depression-era cake that uses vinegar to make each bite fluffy, tender, and just a little tangy. That tanginess brings out the best of the floral and sweet vanilla flavor, which invites you back for another piece... and maybe just one more for good measure! Lucious, creamy frosting transforms Vintage Vanilla Cake into more than a classic... it becomes a perpetual, timeless favorite!

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14. Crown Jewel Pie

Crown Jewel Pie

This Crown Jewel Pie is indeed the crown jewel of your dessert-making skillset! On top of a pie crust, you'll find a creamy strawberry gelatin dessert... which is filled with jewels of fruity gelatin desserts! It's gelatin within gelatin for a jiggly, cool treat! It might take a little time to perfect the Crown Jewel Pie, but it really is royally delicious!

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15. Old-Fashioned Apple Bake

old fashioned apple bake (4)

It's fun to try new things, but sometimes you just have a craving for the classics. And let's be honest, nothing can ever compare to an Old-Fashioned Apple Bake! Your taste buds will tingle as they experience the familiar flavors of the jammy cinnamon apples topped with melted cheese and buttery cracker crumbs. Mmm, it just tastes like home, and nothing fancy or daring will ever taste better. There will always be room in our hearts (and bellies) for a good Old-Fashioned Apple Bake!

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16. Soft Gingerbread Cookies

Soft Gingerbread Cookies-2

If you want to be extra careful not to hear Santa munching on the treats you've left out for him, these Soft Gingerbread Cookies might just be the way to go! The tender, chewy bites are infused with all of the warm and spicy gingerbread tastes that jolly old Saint Nicholas loves, the ones he can quietly nibble on while everyone stays nestled in their beds snoozing. Topped with some rich, browned butter frosting, these Soft Gingerbread Cookies might just get you some bonus points from the big guy (which might even mean more gifts)!

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