18 Cozy Soup Recipes for Winter

Hamburger Noodle Soup

Blustery and chilly outside? Warm up from the inside out with a delicious bowl of soup! Easy to throw together and with a variety of flavor opportunities, soups delight even the pickiest of eaters. These 18 Cozy Recipes are sure to fuel you well and fight off the frigid cold this winter!

18 Cozy Soup Recipes to Cozy Up With:

1. Vegan Cowboy Soup

Vegan Cowboy Soup

People often think that you need to be carnivorous if you want to ride the trails or rustle cattle. Not true at all! In fact, with Vegan Cowboy Soup, you'll be blazing your own trails! Packed with plenty of potatoes for comforting flavor and heartiness, Vegan Cowboy Soup is still rich and creamy without using a drop of dairy! That's mighty impressive, we reckon! But nothing is as impressive as the flavor! Take a sip and see for yourself!

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2. Bistro Chicken Mushroom Soup

Bistro Chicken Mushroom Soup

Bistro Chicken Mushroom Soup knows how to stack the flavors one on top of the other! There's the richness of butter and the freshness of veggies, the beefy heartiness of mushrooms, and don't forget the savory flavor of tender, braised chicken! Fluffy rice cooked in chicken broth ensures that this isn't just any other soup; it is extra filling and extra tasty! Fancy French flavors fill your bowl when you whip up Bistro Chicken Mushroom Soup!

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3. Feels-Like-Home Soup

Feels Like Home Soup 4

When all you want to do is be in your kitchen making something scrumptious for you and your family, this bit of heaven will be so worth it. Feels-Like-Home Soup is always the perfect prescription to help soothe and nourish the people you love. Relax and calm things down with cooked chicken, tender carrots, sweet peas, hearty potatoes, and fluffy rice simmering in a comfy, cozily seasoned broth. Take a moment to breathe and immerse yourself in the comfort found in Feels-Like-Home Soup. It's good to be home!

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4. Creamy Good Italian Soup

Creamy Good Italian Soup 6

Whether you are sitting in the garden or at your kitchen table, this bowlful of love is the scene of some fantastic, bowl-emptying tastes! Creamy Good Italian Soup is loaded to the brim with the authentic flavors that everyone adores. There is nothing like an expertly seasoned, creamy broth to float the delicious chicken, wilted baby spinach, and soft potato gnocchi in... it easily transports you to a different place. With or without breadsticks (preferably with), Creamy Good Italian Soup is always the only way to go when it comes to comforting soup choices. It just feels so comfy and familiar!

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5. Butter-Me-Up Soup

Butter Me Up Soup 4

When beautiful comfort food is on the menu, this soup will blanket you with great taste! Butter-Me-Up Soup is packed with so much goodness. Oh goodness, it is so, so good! Full of Italian sausage, butternut squash, kale, and cheese tortellini... what more can we say?! This seasoned-to-perfection Butter-Me-Up Soup will flatter everyone's pallet. That bowl of yumminess looks oh, so good. Grab a spoon and dig in!

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6. Cheryl's Lemon Chicken Rice Soup

Cheryl's Lemon Chicken Rice Soup

She always knew how to treat us right! And with Cheryl's Lemon Chicken Rice Soup, she was right on the money. The homemade goodness of cooked chicken and long-grain white rice surrounded by an amazing lemon-enhanced broth will have you singing her praises! Cheryl's Lemon Chicken Rice Soup is known far and wide as THE official "I-want-to-stay-at-home-and-be-warm" soup. It's so good! Let's eat!

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7. Savory Tortellini Soup

Savory Tortellini Soup (1)

When everyone gathers around the table, there are only a few special meals that will become truly memorable. Savory Tortellini Soup gives you that big homemade hug that everyone yearns for and brings flavors so tasty, they'll never forget it! Sweet Italian sausage, leafy escarole, and three-cheese tortellini are swirling in a deliciously seasoned broth — you can count on each bountiful bowlful to be hard to resist. Topped with homemade pesto croutons, Savory Tortellini Soup is the heartwarming, belly-filling soup that your family and guests will always remember. It's just so good!

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8. Clean-Out-The-Fridge Soup

Clean Out The Fridge Soup (1)

The week is coming to a close. You open up your fridge to find a semi-miscellaneous mix of veggies that need to be used sooner rather than later. Hey, we've got a soup for that! Clean-Out-The-Fridge Soup is what you'll be boiling up when you find yourself in this practical predicament. Dump all that you see into a pot and soon you'll have a savory, veggie-filled solution that you might just start looking forward to week-after-week. Gosh, we just love it when life works out that way. Don't throw it away, use your resources to make Clean-Out-The-Fridge Soup instead!

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9. 15 Bean Soup

15 Bean Soup (5)

One, two, three... oh, hi there! We were just counting all the different kinds of beans we can see in our bowl of 15 Bean Soup. Come join us! With every sip, you'll find a new tender bean in the Cajun-flavored, homey broth. Along the way, you'll also taste the saltiness and heartiness of the ham, and a fresh bite from all of the veggies. It's so good, we're kind of obsessed. Count along with us, there's so much tastiness to explore in 15 Bean Soup!

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10. Twisted Split Pea Soup

Twisted Split Pea Soup 2

If your craving for soup has got you spiraling, but you don't have a ton of time to spend in the kitchen, Twisted Split Pea Soup could help you out! All you have to do is dump a bunch of veggies (including split peas, of course), some hearty ham hocks, and a little bit of water into your slow cooker, and after a few hours, it'll be bubbling up the bowl of blessings you've been begging for! Get everything straightened out with Twisted Split Pea Soup. Good-bye crazy cravings!

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11. Ultimate Potato Soup

Ultimate Potato Soup 05

Nothing warms your heart and soul like a good bowl of soup! Ultimate Potato Soup is the perfect way to warm up on a brisk fall day! This delicious pot of love comes together quickly with some diced potatoes, crumbled bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, a mix of great seasonings, and just enough creaminess to make it all smooth and delicious. When it's sweatshirt season (or really, even if it isn't), it's time for some Ultimate Potato Soup. Let it warm you up!

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12. Delicious Cabbage Soup

Delicious Cabbage Soup

A meal that warms your soul. It's something we all need when the rainy days start up. Delicious Cabbage Soup can be the comforting refuge you need to lift your spirits and warm you from head to toe. This soup takes your taste buds by storm; tender, sweet cabbage, savory ground beef and pork sausage, plus vibrant tomatoes all mingle together, swimming in a beautifully seasoned, succulent beef broth. You will be on cloud nine when Delicious Cabbage Soup breaks through the storm to deliver some great flavor. Let the sun shine in!

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13. Healthy Meatball Soup

Healthy Meatball Soup (1)

Baby, it's cold outside and you need something to warm you from the inside out! Well, Healthy Meatball Soup is the soul-warming answer to snuggle up to. It doesn't get any better than a taste of meatball in every spoonful of soup, surrounded by rich broth, some tender pasta, and bits of carrots for that satisfying dinner you're always looking forward to. So, the next time that chill is in the air, make some Healthy Meatball Soup to warm things up a bit. Grab a spoon and let's eat!

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14. Tex-Mex Corn Chowder

Tex mex corn chowder-3

There are so many soup options out there, but none compare to this Tex-Mex Corn Chowder! Truly. Filling your bowl up with this flavorful broth that's loaded with tender veggies will really make you happy. Oh, and the little kick of spice it brings will add a bit of excitement that most sippers lack. Who's ready for the best soup out there?! Sip up a bowl full of Tex-Mex Corn Chowder and be proud of the choice you made!

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15. Tom Cruise Soup

Tom Cruise Soup

No risky business in this soup! Tom Cruise Soup is a delicious, star-studded vegetarian soup, with a tender mix of garden veggies and fragrant garlic in a succulent broth! It's creamy, rich, and loaded with cheese-filled bites of pasta! The soup course has gone Maverick by stealing the limelight from the main course! That's the power of the Tom Cruise Soup!

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16. Cold Night Cheeseburger Soup

Cold Night Cheeseburger Soup

No more cold evenings! No more shivers! No more bland soups! Cold Night Cheeseburger Soup is deliciously decadent and oh-so warming! Filled with fragrant, succulent ground beef and sharp, melted cheddar cheese in a savory chicken broth... oh yes, Cold Night Cheeseburger Soup has some wonder to it! You don't even need to worry about fries, because tender potatoes are floating right beside the beef! Be gone chilly day! This soup has all we need!

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17. Slow Gnocchi Soup

Slow gnocchi soup-3

When the air is cold and your day is filled with the hustle and bustle of finding the perfect Christmas gifts, it's just nice to come home to a warm bowl of something comforting. This Slow Gnocchi Soup basically cooks itself and is ready to refuel you after that long day on your feet. The creamy, savory soup is decked out with juicy chicken, nourishing spinach, and of course, plenty of soft gnocchi. Give yourself the perfect present — a bowl filled to the brim with Slow Gnocchi Soup—it's just what you need!

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18. Poco's Taco Soup

Pocos Taco Soup-1

Good soups are like a warm winter coat on a cold, breezy day. If you don't love the cold weather, but look forward to all the cold weather food, add Poco's Taco Soup to your list and you'll definitely be warmed through from the inside out! Dressed for frigid weather success, fresh ground beef is combined with a combo of beans, sweet corn, and loads of flavorful tomatoes. It gets spiced up with all-things taco and ranch seasoning for the richest, heartiest soup your bowl has ever adorned. Go ahead and get cozy with a pot of this delicious Poco's Taco Soup. It's so easy, you don't have to wait for brisk days to come to satisfy your craving! Bundle up your soup menu and stay warm!

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Go on and cozy up this week with a big, warm bowl. What recipe are you going to try this winter?

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