18 Unforgettable Thanksgiving Hot Takes

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Ahhhh, Thanksgiving! A time for all Americans to gather 'round to share the table with family and friends.

As we all know, sometimes temperatures can run hot on Turkey Day, so in order to help you start this season off right, here are 18 of the Hottest Takes on the internet about Thanksgiving.

Please enjoy responsibly.

Part 1: What's the Worst Thing You Could Bring to a Thanksgiving Day Gathering?

That would be interesting, no doubt.

A true hot take. What do you think?

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Are 2 turkeys a bad thing?

Big yikes.

Keeping the family hydrated!

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That would be memorable for everyone involved.

Ut-oh. 😬

Part 2: What's Hotter Than a Burning Turkey?

Oh boy.

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A note of caution for anyone frying a turkey this year...

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We repeat: proceed with caution.

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Part 3: Topics to Avoid at Thanksgiving

Discuss at your own risk.

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Stuffs face. Avoids conversation.

It was good until the last sentence...

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Part 4: Thanksgiving Hot Takes From the World of Sports

Let's take a vote: ham or turkey?

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We feel you — you don't have to cook for a few days!

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