19 Inspirational Recipes for Cooking With a Cast-Iron Pan

Cast Iron Skillet Pepperoni Pizza image

No kitchen is complete without this timeless tool — a cast-iron skillet. From sizzling sears to bubbling bakes, each creation boasts a depth of flavor and a crisp crust that only this culinary essential can deliver. The best part? It often only requires the use of one single pan! See our list of 19 Inspirational Recipes for Cooking With a Cast-Iron Pan and start making the most of this indispensable tool today.

1. Cast-Iron Rib-Eye Steak

Cast-Iron Ribeye Steak image

Cast-Iron Rib-Eye Steak serves up the best steak of your life! The trick to a tender and juicy steak requires two basic things: a little bit of prep time and a ripping-hot cast iron pan. The hot pan is crucial to developing a delicious crust. With the addition of some fresh aromatics and herbs, you can elevate a simple staple into the centerpiece of your dinner. Pair Cast-Iron Rib-Eye Steak with roasted asparagus or Brussels sprouts, and you've got a FIVE-STAR dish!

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2. Crispy Honey Lemon Chicken Thighs

Crispy Honey Lemon Chicken Thighs image

Crispy Honey Lemon Chicken Thighs — ah, the name itself makes your mouth start to water. Juicy chicken thighs are browned on a beloved cast-iron skillet to create a crispy crunch. Salty butter, tart lemon, and sweet honey are mixed together and spooned over the thighs to heighten the wonderfully savory flavor. Perfect for a simple weeknight dinner or a special celebratory meal, Crispy Honey Lemon Chicken Thighs are sure to satisfy.

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3. Jumbo Cast-Iron Cinnamon Rolls

Jumbo cast-iron cinnamon rolls - PIC 02

Mmmm... Jumbo Cast-Iron Cinnamon Rolls! The name tells you almost everything you need to know. These breakfast bites are massive, made in a trusty cast-iron skillet, and filled with your favorite morning flavors... just like the title claims. But wait, there's more! The filling is loaded with apple and brown sugar yumminess to create a treat that will really blow your mind. Live out your sweetest dreams with these Jumbo Cast-Iron Cinnamon Rolls!

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4. Cast-Iron Casserole

Cast Iron Casserole

All the comfort you can dream of in one pan! Cast-Iron Casserole will bring the family to the table in no time! Your favorite combination — chicken, broccoli, rice, and cheese — all together in one place is what we like to see. With a sprinkling of crunchy, toasted breadcrumbs and melted sharp parmesan cheese, this Cast-Iron Casserole joins the ranks of perfect comfort dishes! It's even better than you can imagine!

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5. Friday Night Steak

Friday Night Steak

Here to set the mood for a peaceful evening at home, Friday Night Steak is how you make date night at home as romantic as an evening out! Turn on the soft music, set the lights down low (but not too low so you can still see your stove), then add a flavorful flank steak to your cast-iron skillet and sauté until rosy medium-rare, drizzle with a creamy delicious herb sauce, and serve with roasted potatoes. How wonderfully grand! Mouthwatering, life-changing Friday Night Steak will make the night something to remember!

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6. Cast-Iron Coffee Cake

Cast Iron Coffee Cake-1

When you have a strong urge for something fruity, hearty, and homestyle, breakfast is the best place to start. Cast-Iron Coffee Cake can handle your urge without question. A sweet, dense cake is heavily-ladened with fresh strawberries and rhubarb for a refreshing breakfast treat. Handle the morning like a champ with this Cast-Iron Coffee Cake. Would you like some coffee with that?

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7. Cast-Iron Skillet Pepperoni Pizza

Cast Iron Skillet Pepperoni Pizza image

Using a cast iron skillet to make pizza creates a uniquely crunchy, buttery crust, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. You know how some folks eat pizza but leave the crusts behind? That doesn’t happen with Cast-Iron Skillet Pepperoni Pizza. This pizza has all the cheesy, rich, melty flavor of pizza, and the spicy saltiness of pepperoni, but on top of the best pizza crust you’ve ever tasted. Cast-Iron Skillet Pepperoni Pizza is actually really straightforward to make and only needs just over half an hour to make, so you can put down the delivery menu when you need a slice!

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8. Cast-Iron Chicken Enchiladas

cast iron enchiladas-1

It's enchilada time! And we know that's all we really need to say when Cast-Iron Chicken Enchiladas are on the table. You'll get fluffy tortilla pieces tossed with juicy chicken and spicy chilies, smothered in a melty, warm, creamy, and cheesy sauce that will make your mouth water the second you see it. All you need is your gritty, perfectly seasoned cast-iron skillet to whip them up... and that's when you know it's going to be good. Because let's face it, anything cooked in cast iron just tastes so much better! The time has come, so let's eat some Cast-Iron Chicken Enchiladas!

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9. Skillet Blueberry Crumble

blueberry crumble-1

There's something about a dessert made in a cast-iron skillet that we just can't get enough of. Skillet Blueberry Crumble brings you that warm, comforting sweetness you've been searching for. Get ready to sink your fork into a buttery, crumbly topping that opens up to the heartwarming, yummy goodness of some syrupy sweet blueberries. Wow, nothing has ever tasted like home as much as this sweet treat does. Even better with a big scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, Skillet Blueberry Crumble is the fastest way to everyone's heart!

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10. Reverse Sear Steak

Reverse Sear Steak image

We all love a steak with a nice crust on it. But it can be hard to control the temperature or preferred doneness when cooking steak in a hot, hot skillet. One way to hack this problem is with Reverse Sear Steak, which basically means roasting steak in the oven to perfection, then searing it in a cast-iron skillet. To finish, baste the Reverse Sear Steak in a butter-herb sauce for that golden glow of extra richness.

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11. Bold Baked Cod

Bold Baked Cod-10

Bold Baked Cod is the seafood sensation you need in your life! Who wants an expensive, long trip to the coast when you can whip up this savory, golden-brown, crispy, and flaky goodness in the comfort of your own kitchen?! Not you, that's who! Soon you'll be salivating over the smells alone, wisping throughout your home. And when it's time to eat, man, oh, man, you're in for a buttery treat. Put your suitcase away and grab your cast-iron skillet! Bold Baked Cod is about to take your tastebuds to a delicious place they didn't know existed!

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12. Pecan Pie Cobbler

Pecan Pie Cobbler

Pecan Pie Cobbler doesn't look quite like other cobblers, but it absolutely delivers the flavor and then some! A tender crust surrounds a buttery, sugary, nutty pecan filling, with notes of smoky bourbon for an added Southern charm! Brushed with sticky and syrupy maple and baked in a cast-iron skillet for the perfect crust, Pecan Pie Cobbler has so much going for it, pecan pie better watch out; there's some new competition in town!

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13. Cast-Iron Skillet Steak

Cast-Iron Skillet Steak image

Cooking steak in a cast-iron skillet helps ensure the steak develops a delicious golden-brown crust with maximum flavor. Cast-Iron Skillet Steak is therefore a steakhouse quality meal without the steakhouse price tag. Surprisingly, cooking a perfect quality steak is remarkably easy and simple; all you need is a cast-iron pan, the steak, and salt. Cast-Iron Skillet Steak is juicy and tender, perfect for treating yourself without exhausting yourself over the stove!

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14. Cast-Iron New Year Dip

Cast-Iron New Year Dip

Cast-Iron New Year Dip will make you break your diet resolution before you even get started! Crumbled savory sausage, creamy black-eyed peas, rich, vibrant tomatoes, and spicy green chilies draped with a creamy cheese sauce is the very essence of excitement and New Year's joy! Cast-Iron New Year Dip celebrates all of what is good about snacking and new beginnings with one cheesy bite after another. What diet?! Make a new resolution to enjoy life to the fullest with this dip!

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15. Cast-Iron Lasagna

Cast-Iron Lasagna image

Who knew you could use a cast-iron skillet to make lasagna?! Cast-Iron Lasagna is delicious proof that just about everything tastes better cooked in the beloved seasoned pan. Everything you love about regular lasagna–spicy sausage, a delicious red sauce, all the cheese you can dream of, and soft, smooshy lasagna noodles — can be found here, but just upgraded because it's all nestled into the cast-iron skillet to make sure the flavor is really packed into every bite. Once you try Cast-Iron Lasagna, you might just ditch your casserole dish until the end of time!

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16. Cast-Iron Green Chile Chicken

Cast-Iron Green Chile Chicken

Cast-Iron Green Chile Chicken looks at the jalapeño popper and says, "I can do you one better!" It stuffs each of the golden, savory chicken breasts with spicy pepper jack and poblano peppers, then balances it out with cream cheese to keep things cool. That balance of heat and refreshment pairs nicely with the zesty spice blend sprinkled on top of each tender chicken. To complete its Tex-Mex terrific taste, Cast-Iron Green Chile Chicken coats itself in salsa verde. This dish brings the heat but never leaves you reaching for a glass of water; it's just right!

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17. Cast Iron Pan-Seared Steak

Cast Iron Pan-Seared Steak image

Craving a steak but not looking to fire up the grill? This Cast Iron Pan-Seared Steak is just what you’re looking for! And it’s not any old steak—the unique homemade marinade yields a perfectly tender and juicy steak. This Cast Iron Pan-Seared Steak is every bit as good and flavorful as grilled sirloin, and you can pair it with any side of your choosing for a scrumptious meal.

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18. Skillet Cornbread

Skillet Cornbread image

Making cornbread in a cast-iron skillet is the traditional Southern way, and for good reason; the cast iron imparts an extra buttery, crispy crust, making the interior taste that much more delicate. Skillet Cornbread is a hearty and just a touch sweet accompaniment to any meal, whether that’s a Thanksgiving turkey, a bacon and eggs breakfast, or just a snack with butter and honey. This golden-brown Skillet Cornbread pleases crowds and taste buds alike with a harvest-happy flavor!

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19. Grilled Apple Crisp

Grilled Apple Crisp image

It seems like you can make every kind of meal on the grill: burgers, chicken, pork chops, steaks, and hot dogs, with toasted buns for each. Your barbeque is sure to be a success! But wait, what about dessert? Surely that needs some kind of oven or stove-top? Not at all! Grilled Apple Crisp uses a cast-iron skillet and foil so you can cook up a wonderful summertime dessert without cooling down the grill. The results are a bubbling, sweet sensation filled with tender, cinnamon-infused apples and topped with a crunchy brown sugar crust. Grilled Apple Crisp is the perfect finishing touch for your cookout. Make sure you have plenty of ice cream on hand!

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