20 Beautiful & Delicious Drinks

Shirley Temple Party Punch-4

Cheers to the drinks that have it all! At first glance, each of these sippers is quite lovely to look at, but it doesn't stop there. They are just as tasty to sip as they are to admire. So, here's to you and making life a little more beautiful with every beverage you serve!

20 Drinks All Your Senses Will Love:

1. Aperol® Spritz

Aperol Spritz (4)

If you're feelin' a little glamorous, well, grab a glass of this Aperol® Spritz to take you all the way there! Bubbly, fizzy, and beautiful, this refreshing drink is perfect for a day by the pool or the finest of cocktail hours. It's really perfect for any occasion and will effortlessly elevate it with each sip. Slightly spiced and bitter, and balanced with some delicious sparkling wine, this Aperol Spritz will always make you feel fabulous!

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2. Whipped Pink Lemonade

Whipped Pink Lemonade

This summer could use a splash of color and a whole lot of refreshment! Time to get the good vibes into shape with this Whipped Pink Lemonade! Creamy, tangy, bright, and incredibly vibrant, Whipped Pink Lemonade even has a lovely fluffy topping loaded with the same lemon zest and sweetness as the brew beneath. This drink is quick, easy, and delicious! The summer sun never felt so rosy!

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3. Kickin' Mule

Kickin- Mule-2

Are you thirsty, Jack? Kick things up a couple notches with a Kickin' Mule! We are not stubborn when it comes to good taste, and this ginger beer, vodka, and lime shaken concoction will definitely hit the spot! Refreshing, brisk, and a little tart, the Kickin' Mule is the perfect drink to relax with, kick the blues away with, and unwind from your day spent with so-called dummies - just kidding. Any time is a good time for a jolt of mule juice. Let's get to it! Enjoy!

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4. Glass Slipper Mocktail

Glass Slipper Mocktail-8

Why, hello! This is your fairy godmother! It sounds like you've been dreaming of a fruity, fizzy, and fun drink. Well child, as they say, "if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true." Let's grab that magic wand to bibbidi-bobbidi bring your Glass Slipper Mocktail to life! Mmm, isn't it so beautifully delicious?! And don't worry, dear. Your Glass Slipper Mocktail won't disappear at midnight like all the other spells do. You can keep sipping and singing for as long as your heart desires! It's so magically delightful!

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5. Sparkler Sipper

Sparkler Sipper-2

Send out the invitations and prepare the menu, it is time to celebrate! Let this Sparkler Sipper welcome your guests with a refreshing "hello!" Swirled with pomegranate juice and their seeds and an amazing sparkling white wine, you have the perfect celebration drink to toast the occasion. Raise your glass to Sparkler Sipper and enjoy! Cheers to you!

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6. Pink Señorita

Pink Senorita

Pink Señorita is a real head-turner. It's certainly wearing the prettiest dress at the table, bewitching the eye with its rosy beauty. But the real charm comes from tasting it: the sharp tartness of the grapefruit and splash of cranberry juice mixes well with the sweetness and fruitiness of the tequila. This drink is an energetic dance in a glass; Pink Señorita will get you on your feet to celebrate its flavor. Time to get the fiesta started!

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7. Copycat Sonic® Ocean Water

Copycat Sonic® Ocean Water image

Ready to feel like a kid again? Copycat Sonic Ocean Water is a drive-through and summertime staple that feels like old times come around again! This beverage is famous for a reason; once you start sipping it, you won’t be able to get enough! It’s a refreshing and sweet mixture of lemon-lime soda and coconut syrup. For the full nostalgic experience, combine it with some blue food coloring to make it look like the deep blue sea! Copycat Sonic Ocean Water is the perfect drink for warm weather and to add some fun into your day.

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8. Florida Margaritas

Florida Margaritas

The Sunshine State has brought a sunny little respite to your day! These Florida Margaritas are really in a tropical mood and will inspire you to be in one, too! The drink is bright and vibrant, a literal taste of a sunbeam with its bold orange flavor! It's refreshingly cold, delightfully upbeat, and so, so, so easy to make! Bring a little of the sunny coast to your next party with these Florida Margaritas!

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9. Mermaid Water

Mermaid Water

We are sure you're going to think this drink is fin-tastic! Mermaid Water is the best drink you'll find above the sea, featuring a tall glass of icy-cold, sweet berry and glacier freeze sports drinks layered one on top of another, with a bottom layer of tropical pineapple juice. From the bottom to the top of your glass, this drink will have your tastebuds fluttering with glee from under the sea! What's it called again? Mermaid Water! Don't be such a guppy and pour yourself a glass!

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10. Creamy Watermelon Smoothies

Creamy Watermelon Smoothies

Few things say "summer" like watermelon, and even fewer things say "refreshing summer beverage" like these Creamy Watermelon Smoothies! The sweet, juicy watermelon flavor, accented with banana and strawberry for an extra bright summertime burst, made creamy with coconut yogurt, will have everyone talking about how these drinks not only quenched their thirst, but also brought smiles to their faces. Creamy Watermelon Smoothies make even the most jaggedly sweltering days seem smooth.

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11. Ice Princess Hot Chocolate

Ice Princess Hot Chocolate-6

There is nothing more fantastically royal than a mesmerizingly dreamy drink on a cold winter's day! Take the chill off with a captivating cup of Ice Princess Hot Chocolate! Avoid the arctic rush with some steamy white-chocolate-infused milk that brings a touch of vanilla and a blue aura of loveliness and fun. It's extravagantly crowned with some light-as-a-cloud whipped cream, passionately-purple sprinkles, plus bold and beautifully blue rock candy sticks for a charming mug of warmth that all your snow bunnies will love. Let it all go with Ice Princess Hot Chocolate! It's just magical!

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12. White Wine Spritzer

White Wine Spritzer image

This White Wine Spritzer is a delicious summery cocktail that you can mix together in less than 5 minutes! It’s a refreshing mixture of white wine, club soda, and lime - perfect for a hot day! White Wine Spritzer will be your new favorite drink to kick back and relax with! Pour yourself a glass and let your smile become as sunny as summertime!

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13. Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Mojito

Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Mojito 1

On a hot summer's day, nothing is more refreshing than front porch sittin' with an ice-cold beverage. Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Mojito is the perfect "before 5 o'clock somewhere" drink for your summer days. With the ripe raspberries, crisp mint leaves, and cubed ice swirled along with sweet raspberry juice, tart lime juice, and that oh-so bubbly club soda, this splash of happiness surely makes a great porch swing companion! Ready in mere minutes, Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Mojito is the perfectly exhilarating, cooling-off solution you've been looking for! Come on over, getcha some, and sit a spell!

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14. Passion Tea Lemonade

Passion Tea Lemonade (4)

Let's shake up your drink selections! Sure, water is good for you. But Passion Tea Lemonade is good for the soul! The next time you're feeling parched, turn to a nice tall glass of this tangy and sweet drink over ice. It's super easy to make and it keeps well in the fridge, so you can double, or even triple it, ensuring you basically have it on tap when you want to mix things up. We love Passion Tea Lemonade in the summertime by the pool, but it's truly tasty any time of the year. And if you're worried about your H20 intake, this sweet drink includes it... so, it's basically the same thing, right?! Cheers for that!

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15. Shirley Temple Party Punch

Shirley Temple Party Punch

When you are scouting for a people-pleasing smash-hit drink for your next star-studded party or event, look no further. Direct your bright eyes over to the bubbly personality of this Shirley Temple Party Punch. Loved by all, this little cutie is star-studded with maraschino cherry-filled ice cubes and drenched with talent provided by delicious grenadine, fresh orange juice, and the endless effervescence from bright lemon-lime soda and mellow ginger ale. Stand up and cheer; this Shirley Temple Party Punch will make you board the good ship lollipop and never come back.

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16. Island Smoothie

Island Smoothie

When a trip to the tropics is on your mind, but you're stuck at home in the cool fall weather, this deliciously refreshing drink transports you to your happy place. The Island Smoothie will have you swaying to the imaginary steel drum music in just one sip! Fresh pineapple, frothy coconut milk, sweet bananas, and magnificent mango all blend together perfectly to provide a luscious luau for your taste buds. Garnished with your favorite tropical drink must-haves, the Island Smoothie is a fantastic flavor trip to help satisfy your "I-need-a-vacation-now" feeling for just a little bit longer. It's the yummiest way to keep those winter blues at bay!

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17. Copycat Pink Drink

Copycat Pink Drink

Listen, we get it; it's been a long day. You could use a pick-me-up. Really! You deserve it! And while you could head on over to the local coffee shop and wait in line for a delicious drink, there might just be an easier way. It only takes 5 minutes to shake up your day with Copycat Pink Drink: everything you love about the refreshing, creamy, and rosy-hued beverage with its delicate coconut and strawberry flavors can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own kitchen! If that's not rejuvenating, then what is? Copycat Pink Drink catches the eye with its looks, amazes with its ease, and delights with its taste!

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18. One-for-the-Money Cocktail

One for the Money Cocktail image

A refreshing, unique cocktail with a flavor as boisterous as you feel when you try it! This One-for-the-Money Cocktail has notes of citrus, herb, and fruit, bouncing with floral flavors. One-for-the-Money Cocktail is the drink of New Year’s gatherings or fun themed parties. It’s positively bubbling with fun!

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19. Unbeatable Strawberry Daiquiri

Unbeatable Strawberry Daiquiri image

No summertime slush can beat the Unbeatable Strawberry Daiquiri! Fruity, frozen, and fantastic, this beverage is refreshing beyond belief! Unbeatable Strawberry Daiquiri is wonderful when you’re chilling out in the sun by the pool or just lounging about the house! This drink lets you stay frosty no matter the weather!

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20. Iced Raspberry Tea

Iced Raspberry Tea image

What can be more refreshing than sweet tea in the summertime? This recipe for Iced Raspberry Tea takes your traditional sweet tea and kicks it up a notch with delicious fruity flavors. The homemade raspberry syrup made from fresh berries is the star of the show, and you'll be using the leftovers to infuse more drinks with a blast of berry. In just 20 minutes, you'll have homemade Iced Raspberry Tea that will keep you cool on a hot summer day.

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