20 Creative Ham Recipes

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From savory sides to cozy soups, to brunch and casseroles — ham is an ingredient that can do it all! We rounded up 20 Creative Recipes for you to try that spotlight ham. Each recipe will bring a different flair to a mainstay protein that's a constant in the kitchen!

20 Ham Recipes to Try:

1. Sugar Glazed Ham

Sugar Glazed Ham

The signature holiday dish! The centerpiece to end all centerpieces! The mainstay of main courses! Sugar Glazed Ham is succulence and sweetness married to make something marvelous. The savory pork is coated with tangy mustard, vinegar, and deliciously smoky brown sugar, then roasted until sticky and caramelized! It almost doesn't matter what sides you serve with Sugar Glazed Ham, because everyone will be filling their plates with slice after slice of this festive feast!

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2. Easy Cuban Sliders

Easy Cuban Sliders image

The Cuban sandwich is one of the greatest foods ever invented and now you can share them with everyone! Easy Cuban Sliders have the savory ham and melty Swiss cheese of a traditional Cuban sandwich, all nestled in a pillowy roll topped with butter and mustard. Easy Cuban Sliders are perfect for pulling apart at parties so everyone can get a bite. You certainly won't need to worry about having leftovers!

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3. Savory Scones

Savory Scones image

Sometimes sugary things are too much for your taste buds as you start your morning off. Well, never fear, Savory Scones are here! These soft, flaky, golden brown pastries are stuffed full of salty, tender ham and gooey, melted cheese. Imagine that savory goodness dipped in a slightly sweet but mostly tangy sauce–your palate won't know what hit it (in the best way)! Savory Scones encompass all the good things of the baked goods you need as the sun rises!

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4. Something-Different Ham Tetrazzini

Something Different Ham Tetrazzini

What's different about Something-Different Ham Tetrazzini? Well, you don't need to worry about preheating the oven, for starters! This casserole is made entirely on the stovetop, so you can have it ready in under half-an-hour! And then there's the succulent ham in a creamy, poultry-flavored sauce, mingling with beefy mushrooms, melty sharp cheddar, and nutty parmesan cheese! That's something different (and delicious) for dinner, that's for sure! Let Something-Different Ham Tetrazzini charm you this evening!

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5. Nana's Ham Casserole

Nana's Ham Casserole

It's Sunday and after a long week, we look forward to starting fresh in a place of comfort. Nana's Ham Casserole is a peaceful, delicious, any-day-of-the-week dinner choice to satiate your hunger and restore your spirit. When al dente egg noodles, baked savory ham, tender broccoli flowerets, flavorful asparagus, and sweet corn join forces with the cheesy cream sauce... well, let's just say Nana pulls it off every time and produces a life-affirming meal that helps us get through the week. Nana's Ham Casserole brings a renewing taste to your whole week ahead!

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6. Ultimate Ham Quiche

Ultimate Ham Quiche

Ultimate Ham Quiche! It's the brunch-favorite, the breakfast king, the lord of the egg dishes! Everything about Ultimate Ham Quiche is worth celebrating! The crust is buttery and flaky, while the egg filling is fluffy, creamy, and savory! And of course, the filling itself is stuffed with succulent ham and sharp cheese! Mmmm, you may not have room for dinner tonight, since you'll be having seconds and thirds of this!

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7. Croque Monsieur

Croque Monsieur image

Sure, ham and cheese are a classic combination. But with a trip to French cuisine, this combination takes on new layers of taste! Croque Monsieur is a cheesy connoisseur sandwich made with two delicious kinds of cheese, Dijon mustard, and a delectable blend of spices. A Croque Monsieur is melt-in-your-mouth delicious and richer than any sandwich you’ve had before! Its lunch made-luxurious!

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8. Best Ham Balls

Best Ham Balls 03

If you tend to be a bit of a ham, and want to make sure you get all that attention you love so much at the next brilliant bash you're hosting, then the Best Ham Balls better be on your menu! Rolled up with three kinds of meat and all the yummy, savory spices, these spheres-of-satisfaction are smothered with a tangy sauce and will bring you all the accolades you're trying to achieve! Get ready to be really flattered, because everyone is really going to love the Best Ham Balls!

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9. Easy Honey-Mustard Glazed Ham

Easy Honey-Mustard Glazed Ham image

Few things impress guests quite as much as bringing a deliciously cooked, glossily caramelized ham out of the oven and placing it in the center of the table. Easy Honey-Mustard Glazed Ham seeks to make that feat of culinary indulgence just a little simpler without losing any of the flavors. The ham is just as juicy and savory as longer-cooked hams, made even more distinct with a sweet and tangy mustard glaze slathered overtop. Easy Honey-Mustard Glazed Ham is a melt-in-your-mouth meaty delight that amazes slice after glorious slice. Make sure you save some for sandwiches!

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10. Granny's Ham & Bean Soup

Grannys Ham and Bean Soup - 07

It's cold outside and it's Sunday. These two things can only mean one thing! It's finally time for the long-awaited Granny's Ham & Bean Soup... our family staple recipe! She knew when it was time to bring out the slow cooker and add a tasty ham hock, some mixed beans, and some perfectly seasoned broth to create the perfect meal for our family gathering! Warm, hearty, and heart-warming, Granny's Ham & Bean Soup includes all the unforgettable homestyle flavors. Bring back the simpler times! There isn't anything better than great food and seeing family before a crazy week ahead. This is comfort food for the win!

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11. Ham & Cheese Scalloped Potatoes

Ham & Cheese Scalloped Potatoes image

This recipe is scalloped potatoes with a twist—it’s Ham & Cheese Scalloped Potatoes! When you add ham to this traditional side dish, it becomes hearty enough to be a main course. This recipe is the perfect mixture of buttery potatoes, smoky ham, and melted cheese, and it has a whole bunch of other goodies mixed in for additional delicious flavors and textures! Ham & Cheese Scalloped Potatoes is savory, creamy, cheesy, and insanely scrumptious.

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12. Ham & Potato Soup

Ham and Potato Soup

There isn't a soup out there that's as immediately comforting or as recognizably homemade with love as this Ham & Potato Soup. The broth is creamy and savory, with a little extra body thanks to the mashed potatoes mixed right in! Succulent ham, fresh vegetables, and even more potatoes take a leisurely swim in the poultry-infused comfort of the soup, tempting you to indulge in sip after sip and bite after bite! You'll know this soup will make you warm and happy as soon as you hear the name Ham & Potato Soup!

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13. Hot Paradise Sandwiches

Hot Paradise Sandwiches image

Every bite really is a little piece of paradise! Hot Paradise Sandwiches are little wonders that taste fresh from the delicatessen, with hot ham slow-cooked in a tropical, smoky, and tangy sauce topping a fluffy kaiser roll with a steamy pineapple sauce. Melty Swiss cheese brings cheesy goodness to the already incredible equation that is Hot Paradise Sandwiches, and the results are big smiles all around. Who needs a vacation with these on your plate?

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14. Springtime Penne

Springtime Penne image

Usually, pasta dishes are considered cold-weather food, but they're so tasty and filling that they need to be eaten year-round! Enter Springtime Penne. It starts with crunchy asparagus, whose peak season is–you guessed it–spring, savory onions, salty ham, and rich, heavy whipping cream. Tossed into a buttery bed of penne pasta and sprinkled with parmesan cheese, Springtime Penne will have you rethinking seasonal mealtime standards!

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15. Ham, Broccoli, & Orzo Bake

Ham and Broccoli Orzo Casserole 04

There is always one dish at the potluck that takes first place. And with the always requested Ham, Broccoli, & Orzo Bake, you will do just that! First, know that the preparation of it won't exhaust your excitement for the impending gregarious gathering, it is just such an easy yet gasp-worthy dishful. Then know that the cheese-surrounded, hammed-up, "broccoli-fied" orzo will have your fellow picnic goers clamoring for their next invitation to your backyard. You don't need a trophy to know that the comfy, homemade goodness of Ham, Broccoli, & Orzo Bake brings time well spent with people you love (well, mostly, haha). Bring home a winner tonight!

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16. Bleu-You-Away Bake

Bleu You Away Bake 1

You better hang tight after your first bite, because you're about to experience an out-of-this-world main course that will knock you off your feet! Loaded with rich and creamy yumminess, one taste of this Bleu-You-Away Bake will literally have you soaring through the sky! It's got your classic casserole favorites like long, twisty noodles, juicy, chopped chicken, salty, hearty ham, and gooey, melty cheese, but all with a fancy cordon bleu spin. Make sure you're sitting down when Bleu-You-Away Bake is on your plate, because you never know where it might take you!

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17. Ham & Swiss Casserole

Ham And Swiss Casserole-3

Your favorite classic sandwich just became your new favorite casserole: Ham & Swiss Casserole! Simple ingredients like smoky ham, melty Swiss cheese, and tender egg noodles shine in this easy-to-make yet delicious dish. In just under an hour, this hearty meal comes together beautifully for a dinner that is the epitome of comfort food. Ham & Swiss Casserole turns this beloved sandwich into a nourishing, scrumptious meal that you'll want to have again and again!

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18. Ham & Cheese Croissant Casserole

Ham and Cheese Croissant Casserole

Say good morning to the ultimate breakfast indulgence: Ham & Cheese Croissant Casserole! This irresistible bake is easy to love because it takes all your favorite flavors from the classic ham and cheese sandwich, like the flaky croissants, savory ham, and gooey cheese, and turns them into a baked form to bring you even more melty goodness. To make it even more loveable, the creamy custard base adds a velvety texture and richness to every bite. Treat yourself to this heavenly Ham & Cheese Croissant Casserole and get ready for a day you're sure to love!

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19. Cheesy Stuffed Biscuits

Cheesy Stuffed Biscuits

Cheesy Stuffed Biscuits! Doesn't the name alone make you happy? It's like the ultimate in ham and cheese sandwich satisfaction, the pinnacle of breakfast preparations! Flaky, buttery biscuits, topped with even more butter and a little tangy mustard, filled with melty cheddar and savory ham, and all that ready in just 20 minutes! Who needs eggs when Cheesy Stuffed Biscuits can provide everything you could ever want in an instant! Say it with a smile and bite into it with enthusiasm! Cheesy Stuffed Biscuits!

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20. Leftover Ham Salad

Leftover Ham Salad

The real challenge of leftovers is making them compelling. We all know we could just microwave the leftover ham that's in the fridge, but that doesn't feel exciting for a lunchtime dish. Thankfully, making leftovers amazing is what this Leftover Ham Salad aims to do (and succeeds in)! The savory ham forms the backbone on which the flavors build, and those flavors are just plain fun! Sour and tangy pickles, crunchy, refreshing celery and red onion, and mayo and mustard to bring the whole thing together. You can eat Leftover Ham Salad on its own or as a sandwich... whatever suits your fancy!

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