20 Delicious Beef Recipes to Try

Beefy German Rouladen

Looking to make the most of the beef you have stored up? You came to the right place! Beef stew, roast beef, steak, meatballs... stay well-fed and fueled with these 20 Delicious Beef Recipes all season long. Beef, it's what's for dinner!

Try These 20 Inventive Recipes With Beef Today:

1. Beefy German Rouladen

Beefy German Rouladen

Great steak dishes come in all shapes and sizes. This cannot be truer than with Beefy German Rouladen! These rolled-up steaks are literally stuffed with tangy mustard and succulent bacon! How can you get better than that? Oh right... by pan-searing them, then braising them to ensure they are extra-tender, and finally serving them with a creamy beef sauce. Beefy German Rouladen absolutely check all the flavor boxes!

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2. Diner Garbage Pasta

Diner Garbage Pasta

A beloved staple of upstate New York, Diner Garbage Pasta is much more delicious than the name suggests! It's essentially a tender and bouncy pasta dish, with savory and beefy hamburger meat added. Where Diner Garbage Pasta kicks the game up a notch is by adding delicious hamburger toppings to the rich tomato sauce (here, playing the role of ketchup) such as sharp cheddar cheese and even sour relish. There's no trashing a dish as good as this Diner Garbage Pasta!

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3. Diego's Taco Cups


Go Diego's Taco Cups, go! These might just be your new favorite way to celebrate taco night. Ditch the traditional way of holding a tortilla and upgrade to the cup-form instead! Once heated in the oven, you'll crunch into a bed of taco-seasoned beef that's loaded with melty cheese and all of your favorite Tex-Mex toppings. Diego's Taco Cups add even more pizzaz to your taco appreciation feast. "Taco" 'bout a good time!

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4. SOS Skillet Lasagna

SOS Skillet Lasagna 01

When the family is all there, you need good food... and good food fast. Let SOS Skillet Lasagna save the day! Loaded with your choice of ground turkey or beef, authentic Italian seasonings, and tangy sauce, this lifesaver of a dish uses egg noodles to speed up the process of ending your hunger dilemma. Sound the alarm and end the distress of what to fix. SOS Skillet Lasagna will be your white flag rescue that your crew will be scrambling for. Food crisis averted!

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5. Meatloaf Squares

Meatloaf Squares

There is nothing boring about this delicious dish! Meatloaf Squares will make you remember why you loved Grandma's meatloaf so much. It doesn't get any easier than seasoned ground beef that is baked just right and topped with a tempting tomato sauce for a homestyle meal. Any way you cut it, adding Meatloaf Squares to your dinner table will bring the excitement you crave and the comfort you deserve. Just like Grandma used to make (almost)!

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6. Unstuffed Pepper Soup

Unstuffed Pepper Soup 05

This may be a different vessel and presentation, but you still get the same nostalgic dish! Unstuffed Pepper Soup brings the taste you love, plus a little more of it to share with others. Lean ground beef, bell peppers, and onions are loaded with saucy tomatoes in a perfectly seasoned broth to become the replica of a dish you already know and love. Topped with some fluffy brown rice, stuff yourself and your guests instead of peppers with a nice helping of Unstuffed Pepper Soup. It's full of great flavor and will leave you feeling full unbelievably satisfied; get a bowl full (or two) and let's get stuffed!

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7. Meat-Lover's Pizza Bake

Meat Lovers Pizza Bake 01

Pizza has just been kicked up a couple notches! Meat-Lover's Pizza Bake doesn't skimp in the meat department, and you're going to love it! Crumbled ground beef and pork sausage live in complete Italian-seasoned harmony with a tomato basil sauce and a tender pizza crust. And the cheese! Yes, glorious cheese, both shredded mozzarella and grated parmesan, are intermingled for just the right Italian touch! Meat-Lover's Pizza Bake is the hearty way to satisfy any meat-lover, just on a grander scale. No wimpy, skinny pizza here! This dish is packed with meat from the bottom to the top, and we are very proud of that! Let's eat some meat!

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8. Grandpa's Frito Pie

Grandpa-s Frito Pie-5

He is a man of many talents, and we simply adore this particular accomplishment. Grandpa's Frito Pie is one of the best, and so is he! Layered with those delicious corn chips, a taco-seasoned ground beef, and Mexican-blended cheese, the way he bakes it until it's all melted together is unlike any other recipe! When topped with the best fixin's, Grandpa's Frito Pie is a memorable dish that everyone loves. Thanks, grandpa!

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9. Beef N Biscuit Bake

Beef N Biscuit Bake image

Dinner can't get more hearty than the Beef N Biscuit Bake. The filling is a bubbling and bountiful mixture of savory favorites, including juicy ground beef and creamy beans, summery corn, and sweet onions, with melty Velveeta® cheese stirred in for good measure. Then it's topped with extra buttery, cornmeal-crusted biscuits for wonderful flakiness. Ready in just 30 minutes, the Beef N Biscuit Bake delights and satisfies with a filling meal that makes enough for everyone. And trust us, everyone will want more than just one bite!

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10. Roast Beef Supper

Roast Beef Supper-3

You don't have to be from the South to enjoy this Roast Beef Supper. With a beefy chuck roast packed with yellow onions, fragrant garlic, bright carrots, earthy cremini mushrooms, and fluffy Yukon Gold potatoes, all seasoned and roasted until fork-tender, you will quickly take a seat at the table for this one! Everyone is invited to enjoy this Roast Beef Supper any time your soul calls for a little Southern hospitality. Come on y'all, it's supper time!

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11. Unbelievable Beef Stew

Unbelievable Beef Stew

It truly is unbelievable how delicious this stuff tastes! Unbelievable Beef Stew is loaded, and we mean loaded, with tender, savory beef chunks and fluffy, almost buttery potatoes, the cornerstones of any great beef stew. But then, there's the succulent, herbaceous broth, the garden-fresh vegetables, and the bright little green pea spheres! There is so much to love in Unbelievable Beef Stew, and the best way to find more is to serve yourself a bowl!

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12. Cozy Korean Beef Bowl

Cozy korean beef bowl-1

Got the craving for some coziness? This Cozy Korean Beef Bowl is a simple and quick way to feel full and also get you wrapped up in your favorite blanky in no time. It's one of those beloved, one-pan meals that comes loaded with savory, spicy, and beefy flavors. You can eat it by itself or serve it over rice. But no matter how you choose, you're sure to feel comfy from the inside out with a Cozy Korean Beef Bowl in hand!

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13. Cabbage Beef Soup

Cabbage Beef Soup-197

Grab your cardigan and some fuzzy socks! Soup season is here, and you've got to start it off with the best. Cabbage Beef Soup is just one of those warm and cozy comforts that makes you feel so good and ready for the cooler weather coming in. Dunk your spoon into the warm broth, filled with all the veggies, beans, and beef, for a savory seasonal sensation! It's mostly made in a slow cooker, so you can have the time to really embrace all the comforting things the season has to offer. Here's to breathing in every crisp breeze with joy and a spoonful of Cabbage Beef Soup in hand!

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14. Country Beef & Tot Bake

Country Beef and Tot Bake

It's time to spread the country feeling all around the town! Country Beef & Tot Bake brings all the country flavors, from the hearty and creamy mushroom gravy, to the savory and meaty beef and onion filling, to the golden-brown and crispy tater tot topping! It's like all the goodness of home condensed into a single dish! Country Beef & Tot Bake will have all the city-slickers jealous!

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15. The-Works Hamburger Steak

The Works Hamburger Steak

It's time to get the works with your dinner! That's pretty easy to accomplish with The-Works Hamburger Steak. Tender, beefy, and savory, these hamburger steaks come complete with the works; in this case, that includes a hearty, homemade beef and onion-flavored gravy with a true depth of flavor. You deserve something with all the good stuff already loaded onto it, and The-Works Hamburger Steak has got you covered!

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16. Back Porch Meatballs

Back Porch Meatballs

Mmm, these meatballs are top-notch! Back Porch Meatballs are like a huge bowl of your favorite cocktail meatballs, with that deliciously sweet and savory sauce draping each one. Better yet though, these meatballs are filled with turkey, beef, and pork, ensuring they're amazingly hearty, meaty, and bring the flavor! Browned in the oven and slow-cooked to absolute tenderness, Back Porch Meatballs will impress right from the start! Even though this recipe makes a lot of meatballs, don't be surprised when they disappear in a hurry!

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17. Steak Fajita Salad

Steak Fajita Salad image

This salad puts all the other salads to shame! Steak Fajita Salad has juicy, beefy steak strips coated in a spicy and vivid spice blend resting on a bed of romaine. With fried home tortilla strips, bright sauteed bell peppers, and a creamy, citrus-infused dressing, Steak Fajita Salad beats out traditional Caesar salad every time. It only takes half an hour to make this, so you can have it as a quick and healthy lunch or a full healthy meal anytime.

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18. Kickin' Lasagna Soup

Kickin' Lasagna Soup

Kickin' Lasagna Soup. It's an interesting name, isn't it? But what does it mean? We want to leave that to your own interpretation, so instead, we'll make your mouth water while you ponder. Soon your bowl will be filled with a tangy, tomato-y broth that's perfectly seasoned with all your Italian favorites. Tender, bouncy noodles will twirl in said soup with crumbles of juicy ground beef, and pieces of melty, salty cheeses. All in all, you get everything you love about the original pasta bake, just in spoon sipping form. Now, whatever Kickin' Lasagna Soup means to you, we at least know now that you're ready for a bite of it!

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19. Taco Pie

Taco Pie image

A taco twist on the savory pie tradition, as flavorful as it is festive! Taco Pie is filled with fatty ground beef seasoned with a traditional Tex-Mex blend of seasonings and spices. Beneath the beef is a buttery, fluffy crust and above it, a topping of cheese: Taco Pie checks every box on the delicious checklist! Whatever toppings you choose, your Taco Pie is a quick dinner that tastes like a slow-cooked delight!

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20. Best-Ever Roast Beef

Best-Ever Roast Beef image

Roast beef is considered one of the great cultural and culinary cornerstones of England. This Best-Ever Roast Beef captures what makes this dish so endlessly captivating and delectable: a playful, almost minty, roasted crust surrounding a fatty, juicy, and pink interior. A slice of Best-Ever Roast Beef pairs excellently with roasted potatoes and other hearty fares, perfect for those cold winter nights. Placing this main course on the table is sure to add some pageantry to your dinner!

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What beef recipe are you going to give a whirl?

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