20 Delightful Dumpling Recipes

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Dumplings are delightful little pockets of joy that are a staple food in Asia, Eastern Europe, and beyond. Whether steamed, fried, or boiled, these little parcels of deliciousness are the epitome of comfort food. Sometimes they’re sweet, sometimes they’re savory, sometimes they’re swimming in a soup — but they are always there to warm your heart and fill your belly.

20 Little Bundles of Joy to Try:

1. Pan-Fried Dumplings

Pan-Fried Dumplings-5

You know that you have something special on the menu when your family and friends frequently request you make some delectable and savory Pan-Fried Dumplings! These fan-favorites will have them coming home again and again. The spicy sausage combined with the tender veggies and herby spices, cocooned within smooth wonton wrappers, are simply the best combo you could ask for! Wrap up the weekend with the savory treat of Pan-Fried Dumplings. Your special guests will thank you for it!

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2. Pierogi

Pierogi image

Pierogi are just as cute and tasty as they are fun to say! These little dumplings are filled with cheesy, fluffy, and creamy potatoes before a quick trip in a boiling bath to make them extra tender and fluffy. Then each Pierogi is draped with fatty bacon and rich butter for extra savory decadence that tastes high-class and rustic at the same time. Paired with tangy sour cream, Pierogi are a distinctly delicious alternative to pasta night!

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3. Beef Stew & Dumplings

Beef Stew & Dumplings-165

The air is cold and you are freezing. You've got to find a cozy solution that'll warm you all the way up! Beef Stew & Dumplings can do that for ya. A bowl of this savory goodness plumb-full of the tenderest beef you've tasted, an array of garden-fresh veggies, and some yum-yum dumplings will definitely do the trick. It's science. It always does. So, the next time you know you're gonna be chilly, trust Beef Stew & Dumplings to make it all better again!

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4. MeMaw's Chicken & Dumplin's

MeMaw's Chicken & Dumplins

MeMaw's Chicken & Dumplin's is better than chicken noodle soup! It just has to be! Why would you go for noodles when tender dumplings cooked right in the broth are ready and happy to end up on your spoon? And how could anyone say no to herbaceous chicken broth and chicken braised in that scrumptious poultry flavor? MeMaw knew how to make comfort food the right way, as MeMaw's Chicken & Dumplin's clearly demonstrates! Go on, take comfort in asking for seconds!

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5. General Tso Potstickers

General Tso Potstickers

Hmmm, General Tso chicken or potstickers? Hard decision. Well, why not both? General Tso Potstickers cooks tender, savory packets of meaty flavor in sweet and tangy sauce, giving you the best of both worlds! You can enjoy the freshness of homemade dumplings in a sticky homemade sauce with some broccoli on the side for extra nourishment! You won't find this perfect General Tso Potstickers combo on the takeout menu, that is for sure!

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6. German Dumpling Soup

German Dumpling Soup (7)

You can never have too many hearty soups on the rotation as the temperature outside starts to drop. German Dumpling Soup might just be the heartiest yet! Loaded with all the best veggies, this stick-to-the-rib, savory spoon-dipper decided to forgo the normal dumplings and consider the juicy, tender beef cubes as "dumplings" instead. Sneaky, huh?! Hey, we're not mad about that one bit. Warm yourself up in the coziest way with a bowl of German Dumpling Soup. Nothing can compare!

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7. Southern Dumplings

Southern Dumplings

There are few dishes that taste more like Southern hospitality than Southern Dumplings. This homemade chicken soup is just to die for! The broth comes from literally boiling a whole chicken until it's tender, juicy, and savory, but then comes the best part: the homemade dumplings, infused inside and out with poultry flavor, boiled until tender and puffed in the broth! Everything about Southern Dumplings is just so comforting! Why not relax a while and let a steaming bowl of it melt your worries away?

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8. Amish Dumplings

Amish Dumplings

When different cuisines combine, we get really excited. And let us tell you, these Amish Dumplings made us squeal with delight. For starters, the warm and savory tomato soup had us feeling all those cozy nostalgic feelings. But nothing could have prepared us for the tender, smooth dumplings floating around in there. Trust us, it was a combination we questioned at first but now we really can't get enough of it! Amish Dumplings embody exactly what you'd imagine that comfort-meets-nostalgia feeling might taste like... and no feeling can ever top that!

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9. Pam's Easy Chicken Dumplings

Pam-s Easy Chicken Dumplings-4

She just loves to make simple, delicious, homestyle meals. With one pot on the stove, your nose will quickly find out why Pam's Easy Chicken Dumplings has become a comfort food favorite! A thick, delicious roux packed with shredded chicken, sweet carrots, flavorful celery, and sliced mushrooms becomes a creamy backdrop for those forever-loved, moist, and airy dumplings. Pam's Easy Chicken Dumplings always bring the comfort of home to the table. She knows the key to our hearts (and our tummies)!

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10. Take-Out Dumpling Soup

Take-Out Dumpling Soup

When you're an adult, there's no one really around to stop you from eating out even when you have food at home... kinda like your parents once did when you were a kid. Well, Take-Out Dumpling Soup sort of plays that parental role in a different, more satisfying way. That being it's so delicious you won't even think twice about not wanting to rummage through the junk drawer for the local menu. Instead, when you get the craving, you'll immediately head to your own kitchen to make a hearty, savory pot of this tender dumpling and veggie soup. Believe it or not, Take-Out Dumpling Soup will have you wanting to stay in all the time from now on!

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11. Nana's Apple Dumplings

Nana's Apple Dumplings

Nana likes to make up these treats for her grandchildren; they tend to brighten up their days and make their smiles wider! Nana's Apple Dumplings are little buttery bundles of jammy apple goodness, with a golden-brown crust and cinnamon sugar on top! They're also cooked in a refreshing citrus soda, which becomes its own kind of syrupy sauce! There's a lot to love about Nana's Apple Dumplings, just like the love she shares with all of us!

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12. Take-Care Dumplings

Take-Care Dumplings

Take-Care Dumplings are here to take care of you. After all, you deserve a dinner designed to make your life easy, wholesome, and nourishing! Golden, savory bites of succulent chicken thighs are slow-cooked in a thick, herbaceous chicken sauce with plenty of tender vegetables and dumplings. Not just any dumplings either! These are homemade and there to absorb all those rich flavors from the slow cooker! Take-Care Dumplings want the best for you, so why not put your feet up and let it do the work?

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13. Potsticker Soup

Potsticker Soup

This is chicken noodle soup like never before, and you can taste the difference! Potsticker Soup places the beloved dumplings in a savory, tangy chicken broth with just a touch of nuttiness from the sesame oil that only enhances the meaty flavors of the potstickers. Crunchy yet tender cabbage, a note of garlic, a little ginger heat... you can just taste it now, that warm nourishing comfort! Potsticker Soup is fast, simple, and delicious, exactly what you could hope for with a great soup!

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14. Snow Day Dumplings

Snow Day Dumplings

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful"... but, you know what? Who cares? We can just stay in and eat Snow Day Dumplings all day long! And that sounds pretty good to us! A hearty broth filled with tender vegetables and savory chicken. The dumplings are super tender and flavorful, with tangy ricotta mixed right in. School may be canceled and the roads a mess, but Snow Day Dumplings are here to comfort you!

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15. Easy Chicken & Dumplings

Easy Chicken & Dumplings image

Nothing beats the warm, cozy feeling you get from a bowl of chicken and dumplings! So this recipe for Easy Chicken & Dumplings is sure to become a favorite. Each spoonful will introduce you to new goodies like tender chicken, crunchy celery, fresh carrots, and chewy dumplings. Easy Chicken & Dumplings is the perfect hearty winter dinner, and it’s ready in just 45 minutes!

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16. Winter Dumplings

Winter Dumplings

So, for Winter Dumplings, you need to start with a soup. Not just any soup of course; you need a deeply savory soup just filled with juicy, tender beef chunks, classic vegetables, and plenty of aromatic flavor from the sherry and Worcestershire sauce. Then, with the perfect platform in place, you can place the titular Winter Dumplings. These aren't just any dumplings! They are tender, buttery, and filled with fragrant herb flavor. This is a soup that doesn't just stick to your ribs; it sticks in your memory as a beloved favorite!

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17. Loretta Lynn Dumplings

Loretta Lynn Dumplings

She was a honky-tonk girl and a coal miner's daughter (both in the song and in real life) but around here she's also known by another title: dumpling master. Loretta Lynn Dumplings serves up delightfully chewy and flavorful dumplings with savory chicken broth and actual shredded chicken, to absorb all the delicious flavors. This is home-cooked comfort food taken to the next level, ready to brush the dust off even the hardest day. Plus, it's quick, so when you need a bowl of Loretta Lynn Dumplings, one's on the way!

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18. In-a-Hurry Dumplings

In A Hurry Dumplings

You're in a rush! Time's working against you! There's just no time for good old-fashioned cooking... right? Wrong! There's always time for these In-a-Hurry Dumplings! These tender puffs of poultry deliciousness soak up all the flavor of the chicken soup beneath, and that soup is rich, creamy, and wonderfully seasoned to boot! Only needing 30 minutes to get dressed up for the dinner table, In-a-Hurry Dumplings offers you comfort when you're feeling stretched thin!

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19. Little German Dumplings

Little German Dumplings

Little German Dumplings, also known as Spaetzle, take the tenderness and eagerness to absorb flavorful sauces that dumplings are known for and puts them in miniature form! They're so easy to make and ready for serving with all manner of pork, chicken, and steak. Or you could totally just eat them on their own! The only limit to these Little German Dumplings is your imagination!

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20. Pittsburgh's Pierogi

Pittsburgh's Pierogi image

Pittsburgh, PA isn't just known for kielbasa and ham sandwiches; they have a thriving community of pierogi makers and pierogi lovers. Pittsburgh's Pierogi proves just how justified this love is with their tender dough shells and fluffy, buttery, and cheesy potato filling. Sautéed onions on the inside and outside only add to the savory satisfaction of biting into a fresh batch! Pittsburgh's Pierogi can keep you warm in even the most brutal Pennsylvania winter, but it will bring a smile to your face all year round!

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