22 Irresistible Recipes With Mayo

Chicken Salad Pitas-2

Sometimes you just need the creamy, cool, tangy flavor of mayo. From cold pasta salads to crisp vegetable salads, and warm bakes to melty sandwiches — mayo is so versatile and an ingredient that can pack a punch when you need it to. Whether you're cooking a simple family dinner or prepping for a picnic, check out these recipes that include mayo for a few ideas.

22 Creamy and Delightful Recipes With Mayo:

1. Bunny's Egg Salad

Bunny's Egg Salad

Spring forward with a refreshing change of pace. Bunny's Egg Salad is a hopping-good snack or lunch option. A wonderfully seasoned creamy mayo-mustard is the backdrop for the hard-boiled eggs and crunchy celery to really shine through. Serve Bunny's Egg Salad with your favorite crackers or make a delightful sandwich, and you will be on a trail to deliciousness! Hop to it!

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2. Worth-The-Wait Salad

Worth The Wait Salad

Hold the ants and the flies! This long-in-coming dish HAS to make its debut at your next picnic! Partial to the checkered-tablecloth-life, Worth-The-Wait Salad is getting impatient and just needs to be on the hot-but-not-sweating-it menu at your next social gathering. Fresh-from-the-garden mixed greens are layered and weighed-down-but-loving-it with crunchy celery, pepped-up green peppers, feisty red onions, and sweet green peas, and are sitting tight and right waiting on that tangy-sweet creamy mayo dressing, ageless cheddar cheese, and succulent crumbled bacon to join them for an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime, got-to-have-it kind of salad. Worth-The-Wait Salad is quick to make and harder to wait for, but we know that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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3. In-A-Pickle Coleslaw

In A Pickle Coleslaw 01

Don't get yourself in a bind (AKA a pickle) and not have "the dish" for your next picnic. Be prepared for greatness with In-A-Pickle Coleslaw. Crisp, thickly sliced cabbage is covered with a sweet mustard and mayonnaise dressing, along with the debut of your favorite pickle and its juices to liven things up a bit. Get yourself out of the pickle and don't take just any old boring dish to your next shindig. In-A-Pickle Coleslaw solves all of your problems and will be the hit of the party. Get your pickle on!

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4. Berry Kale Coleslaw

Berry Kale Coleslaw 03

Fresh is always the best. Take advantage of every second of the season with this lively Berry Kale Coleslaw. When kale and green cabbage are chopped and topped with a refreshing, citrusy, Greek-yogurt-mayo-based dressing, and then tossed with fresh-from-the-patch, juicy strawberries, it's like a bit of summer in every bite. If you want an invigorating change of pace, add Berry Kale Coleslaw for an energizing boost to any meal. It's the perfect combination! So fresh!

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5. Classic Tuna Melt

Classic Tuna Melt

Whether you're at the new bistro, your favorite diner, or making lunch at home, there's just something magical about the Classic Tuna Melt! The tuna is sweet and savory, elevated with tangy mayo and sour pickles, brightened with lemon juice and red onion, and all stacked on flavorful rye bread! Then it's toasted in butter so the bread is crisp and golden-brown and the cheese inside is melted... and voila! Lunchtime perfection! There's a reason the Classic Tuna Melt became a classic!

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6. Bacon Cheese Spread

Bacon Cheese Spread 1

Dips make the world go around, and this one is really going to rock your world! Bacon Cheese Spread is everything you've ever wanted in the "dip stratosphere," and your loved ones will be begging you for it from this day forward. Chopped, crispy bacon delivers a flavor bomb when combined with crunchy pecans, sharp cheddar cheese, creamy mayo, aromatic onion, and sweet red pepper. This bowl of rocket power, known as Bacon Cheese Spread, has the out-of-this-world flavor you want at all your intergalactic gatherings. Blast off the summer party season with the best of the best! Everyone will be starry-eyed and over-the-moon in love with it!

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7. Mayo Dinner Casserole

Mayo Dinner Casserole 02

Hey, don't judge a book by its cover. Whether you're a mayo enthusiast or not, Mayo Dinner Casserole could sound a little questionable... we get it. But don't fret! There's more to this bake than just mayo. It's a savory, creamy dish that's loaded with fluffy rice and juicy chicken. There's some melty cheese (yum!) and a little bit of crunch thanks to some slivered almonds and crushed potato chips. See? Isn't this Mayo Dinner Casserole Dinner sounding a little better already?! As momma always said, "Don't knock it 'til you try it!"

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8. Heirloom Potato Salad

Heirloom Potato Salad

This is the kind of potato salad you share through the generations! Heirloom Potato Salad is classic in its heartiness and creamy flavor, with the tang of the mayonnaise elevated by the addition of bright lemon. It's refreshing and herbaceous, with just the right amount of sweetness to balance out the delicious savory flavors. It might be called Heirloom Potato Salad, but it's a fresh take on a classic side dish!

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9. Southwestern Chicken & Macaroni Salad

Southwestern Chicken and Macaroni Salad

It's chicken salad! It's pasta salad! And it has scrumptious flavors straight from the borderlands! It must be Southwestern Chicken & Macaroni Salad! The tender chicken and macaroni are wonderfully savory, and roasted poblano peppers bring the refreshing revitalizing heat to this fantastic side dish! Instead of mayo, Southwestern Chicken & Macaroni Salad features a tangy, creamy salsa and cream cheese sauce that will have you diving in for another helping.

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10. Dad's Crab Cakes

Dads Crab Cakes (1)

He's the captain of the kitchen and we aren't mad about it! Dad's Crab Cakes will make you break out of your shell and try something new! Draw the line in the sand with bland seafood, because these fresh crab vessels of goodness really float our boat with all that mayo, a sprinkle of Old Bay® seasoning, a dash of fresh lemon juice, and some sweet-talkin' butter mixed in. Take the bait and try Dad's Crab Cakes the next time oceanside fare is tempting your gills. It's worth kicking up a fuss about! Aye, aye captain!

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11. Chicken Salad Pitas

Chicken Salad Pitas 1

Need a quick, refreshing lunchtime change of pace? These Chicken Salad Pitas are a welcome treat for any fast-paced, hungry kind of day. Listen, when you combine tasty rotisserie chicken, sweet apple, crisp celery, tropical pineapple, and tart dried cranberries, all paired with a seasoned mellow mayonnaise and packed in a tender, delicious pita pocket... you've got yourself a midday nosh of happiness! Don't skip lunch again, it's time for some energy-packed Chicken Salad Pitas.

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12. Fancy Egg Salad Sandwich

Fancy Egg Salad Sandwich image

This is not your typical egg salad sandwich. This is a high-class, tantalizingly tasty Fancy Egg Sandwich that takes the classic egg salad game to the next level. Even with its added fanciness it is still quick, easy, and tastes like it's from a cafe! The homemade mayo is creamier and more flavorful than anything you’ll find in a jar. The eggs are still fluffy and savory, pairing so well with the crunchy chives and the mayo. Fancy Egg Salad Sandwich spreads perfectly over your favorite bread and will become one of your favorite lunches after just one bite.

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13. Mayo Chicken

Mayo Chicken image

A simple name for a simple yet scrumptious meal! Mayo Chicken drapes chicken with a tangy, aromatic mayo sauce topping and roasts it into tender, savory perfection. The mayo not only provides the chicken with a delectable, herbaceous flavor, but it also locks in moisture so the chicken is juicier than ever. Throw in some nutty, melty parmesan, and Mayo Chicken becomes a home-cooking hero; people will be crowding around the table to make sure they get their fill. Sometimes it takes something simple to be spectacular!

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14. Creamy Swiss Chicken Bake

Creamy Swiss Chicken Bake 1

When a quick and delicious dinner is needed, chicken is always a great choice. To make this choice even better, we recommend the ease of this Creamy Swiss Chicken Bake to fill your plate. Chicken is so versatile and when you combine it with melted Swiss cheese, along with a mayo-based, parmesan cheese-infused topping that's melded all over said chicken, you will have the taste and comfort of a wonderful 5-star meal in no time... right in the comfort of your own home. Creamy Swiss Chicken Bake is always a tasty choice and it's definitely worth the (minimal) effort! Enjoy!

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15. Mandarin Pasta Salad

Mandarin Pasta Salad image

If you're serving up teriyaki at your next barbecue, you'll need a side with flavors that will pair well with that distinct, Asian-inspired flavor... and not just pair with it, but bring out the best of it! Mandarin Pasta Salad replaces the traditional mayo with a sweet, tart, fragrant mandarin dressing that coats every bite of the bouncy rotini pasta. In fact, Mandarin Pasta Salad brings the whole stir-fry experience with crisp bell peppers and savory chicken cubes, with a topping of juicy oranges and crunchy almonds to bring new energy to the picnic favorite. On second thought, you don't need teriyaki to enjoy this new take on pasta salad; it goes just as well with regular burgers and sausages since it's just that good.

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16. Ranchero Dip

Ranchero Dip

Yee-haw partners! It's time to get this party started the right way with this Ranchero Dip! This creamy, spicy, vibrant dip mixes the cooling flavors of buttermilk and mayonnaise, the zest of ranch seasonings, the herbaceous flavor of cilantro, making it a great pairing for fresh vegetables or hot savory wings, or whatever snacks will blaze the trails for your tastebuds. The Ranchero Dip will whip the appetizer course into shape!

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17. Broccoli Picnic Salad

Broccoli Picnic Salad

Is it even summer without a great picnic or two? Time to find the gingham blanket, the basket, and your favorite picnic fare! Ours includes a humble, but delicious, creamy side salad; this Broccoli Picnic Salad! This garden-fresh, crisp, and verdant dish is filled with sharp cheese and savory scallions, and of course succulent, crunchy bacon bits. A tangy mayo dressing really helps Broccoli Picnic Salad get into the picnic spirit! Enjoy the sunshine in style and with something scrumptious to eat!

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18. Apple Picking Salad

Apple Picking Salad

Okay so you just got home from apple picking, and you're planning it all out: these apples for a pie, these ones for a cobbler, these for a brown betty... but what about the savory side of things? Why can't apples take another place on the table, as more than just dessert? Apple Picking Salad says they can and should! The crisp apples mingle with crunchy walnuts and celery, with a sprinkling of raisins for a touch of sweetness, before being dressed in a simple mayo. You'll be amazed how much this simple salad, which is so easy to throw together, works! Apple Picking Salad will make you want to go apple picking again just to make more of it!

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19. Sunday Pea Salad

Sunday Pea Salad

Imagine the perfect, lazy Sunday afternoon... for us, it's when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Then we step outside into our backyard and take a deep breath of fresh air, feeling the warmth on our skin. We set the table with a colorful spread of grilled meats, fresh bread, and a big bowl of Sunday Pea Salad. As we take a bite of the salad, the array of flavors explodes in our mouths... the sweetness of the peas, the saltiness of the bacon, and the tanginess of the dressing. We savor the crunchiness of the onion and the creaminess of the mayonnaise. Mmm, there's never been a more complementing combo. Sunday Pea Salad is the perfect addition to your slow and easy Sunday feast, bringing together the fresh flavors of the season into one delicious dish!

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20. Bacon Potato Salad

Bacon Potato Salad

A really good potato salad is hard to beat at any potluck or picnic. Intelligent people are partial to many different varieties of potato salad, so you never know which is the true, astute winner. But this Bacon Potato Salad is sure to push to the front of the red-and-white-checkered tablecloth class of the potato salad elite. The crispness of the highly demanded bacon paired with the exceptionally well-rounded, tender red potatoes are chased by a cream-of-the-crop, savory, and delicious mayo brilliance. There will be no contest when this Bacon Potato Salad graduates with high honors at your next event. Be resourceful and set the potato salad bar high for all your food-focused gatherings from now on. It's a no brainer!

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21. Easy BBQ Chicken Roll-Ups

Easy BBQ Chicken Roll-Ups

Big barbeque flavor in a small timeframe and a tight tortilla wrap: that's the Easy BBQ Chicken Roll-Ups game! Tender tortillas envelop smoky, tangy, sweet barbeque sauce, and mayo for a touch of creaminess, savory chicken, crunchy almonds, and crisp slaw; it's the full barbeque experience in a quick and easy lunch! Take Easy BBQ Chicken Roll-Ups on the go and experience summer cookout flavor wherever you find yourself!

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22. Dad's Chopped Cheeseburgers

Dad's Chopped Cheeseburgers 1

Dad has always loved a good burger and we think you will fall in love with his new little creation in a heartbeat. He calls them Dad's Chopped Cheeseburgers! The tenderly crumbled ground beef is wonderfully layered with a savory and slightly spicy mayonnaise-sriracha sauce, creamy American cheese slices, some tangy ketchup, and the best dill pickle relish around. Dad's Chopped Cheeseburgers truly become the most irresistible mini-burger combination packing a power-punched bite... just like any top-shelf burger would. You just can't get any better than that. Thanks, dad!

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