26 Weird Breakfasts You Must Try


Your mornings are about to get a lot more unusually delicious! This grand list of out-of-the-ordinary dishes might sound strange, but they're so tasty and worth the wacky wake-up call. It's time to rise 'n shine to something exciting!

26 Strange Breakfast Foods to Try:

1. Clean-Out-the-Fridge Breakfast Pie

Clean Out the Fridge Breakfast Pie image

Consider this Breakfast Pie your chance to take care of an extra chore—cleaning out your refrigerator. Clean-Out-the-Fridge Breakfast Pie is the canvas on which you can splatter the colors of your desire — some wilted spinach, leftover sausage, and onion would work well, in addition to or instead of the ingredients listed. And don’t worry about fussing with a pie crust; pre-made crescent rolls make up the crust. With Clean-Out-the-Fridge Breakfast Pie, you’ll have a delicious breakfast and a clean fridge!

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2. Breakfast Cupcakes

Breakfast Cupcakes image

Kids always want to eat dessert for breakfast... but little do they know, adults have the same sweet morning time hunger. To help them not feel too guilty, these clever grown-ups came up with Breakfast Cupcakes to satisfy everyone's sugary sunrise craving. Mind-boggling, we know, but just wait until you taste them. The golden-brown vanilla and cinnamon cupcakes encompass hints of two of our favorite breakfast delicacies, nectarous maple syrup (yum!) and fatty bacon. You read that right, bacon! If that wasn't enough to make your jaw drop and mouth water, the sweet, cinnamony, maple-syrup-infused icing slathered on top with more sprinkles of bacon is sure to do the trick. It's safe to say, Breakfast Cupcakes are both kid (and adult) approved!

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3. Mini Pancake Cereal

Mini Pancake Cereal image

For a fun take on breakfast, make Mini Pancake Cereal, a dish that first gained popularity on the video app TikTok. It’s exactly what it sounds like — tiny pancakes that you can douse in milk and eat with a spoon or eat with maple syrup and a fork. Use a pastry bag or squirt bottle to get the precise shape and size for extra cuteness. Mini Pancake Cereal is a spoonful of delight that will put some pizazz in your morning.

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4. Tasty Breakfast Salad

Tasty Breakfast Salad image

Salad? For breakfast? It's not as crazy as it sounds! Tasty Breakfast Salad lays a full breakfast atop a bed of fresh greens, including buttery potatoes, crispy bacon, and soft-boiled eggs. Add in creamy avocado and a tangy, savory mustard vinaigrette, and this Tasty Breakfast Salad becomes an amazing brunch side salad or a game-changing way to shake up your mornings. This is easy, healthy, and more exciting than other salads you've tried before!

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5. Doughnut Muffins

Doughnut Muffins-1

When it comes to sweet breakfast options, we want them all! That's why we thought it was an absolutely incredible idea to merge two of our favorites into one. Doughnut Muffins take the shape of that warm, crumbly muffin you like to enjoy with your morning coffee. They're filled with some jelly, just like your favorite spherical, jelly-filled pastry that your taste buds like to frequent. There's even a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and a little bit of confectioners' sugar to really sell this perfect duo! Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, Doughnut Muffins will bring a little sugar as the sun rises!

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6. Astronaut's Breakfast

Astronaut-s Breakfast 1.jpg

When we think of astronaut food, our minds typically rocket to all things freeze-dried. Think ice cream, bananas, and chicken nuggets (so weird, so crazy, but so cool!). While those things are probably delicious and quite the experience to eat, nothing beats the hearty, protein-heavy Astronaut's Breakfast they enjoy on earth before lifting off. Imagine a plate exploding with fluffy, perfectly seasoned scrambled eggs, tender, juicy slabs of New York strip steak, and your favorite roasted potatoes. Your tastebuds will deem its deliciousness out of this world! So, while you might not be heading to space anytime soon, Astronaut's Breakfast is still the best morning meal when life feels a bit like a supernova.

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7. Toad in a Hole

Toad in a Hole image

Toad in a Hole is a traditional English breakfast that makes everyone hoppingly happy! Sweet and savory sausages are baked right into a pond of fluffy, golden-brown eggs that make breakfast deliciously quaint. The best part? Toad in a Hole isn't difficult to make or master, meaning you can have slices of this fun and festive morning meal anytime! It's so stick-to-your-ribs filling you'll practically ribbit!

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8. Breakfast Chicken Salad

Breakfast Chicken Salad

What? Chicken salad for breakfast? What?! Yes! This is really happening. And when you try Breakfast Chicken Salad for yourself, you'll wonder why no one has tried chicken salad for breakfast before! Tender waffles sandwiching cheesy, tangy, savory chicken salad with a drizzle of maple syrup for extra sweetness and smokiness! They say to eat a balanced breakfast, and there's no better balance of flavors than Breakfast Chicken Salad! This is a quick and easy way to make breakfast unconventional but scrumptious!

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9. Happy-Birthday Breakfast Rolls

Happy Birthday Breakfast Rolls

Everyone enjoys celebrating their special day! Start the day off right celebrating in a very special way with these Happy-Birthday Breakfast Rolls! Homemade sweet rolls rise to new heights when loaded with a brown sugar-cinnamon and rainbow sprinkle filling, that includes a surprise powdered guest (you will be in awe!). The creamy, lip-licking, cream cheese-vanilla icing on top is really something to celebrate, too. Go ahead and give 3 cheers to yourself and these Happy-Birthday Breakfast Rolls! It's all worth celebrating!

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10. Doughnut Casserole

Doughnut Casserole 2

When your sweet tooth is calling for something special for breakfast, this little number sure hits the spot! With Doughnut Casserole, you can have your doughnuts and eat them, too! When cake doughnuts are combined with apples and the beloved combo of vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, and brown sugar... well, you're gonna have one sweet day ahead of you. Doughnut Casserole will be a new favorite for all your breakfast goers. We'll just go ahead and say it — you're welcome!

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11. Breakfast Stuffing Bake

Breakfast Stuffing Bake 1

Some mornings deserve a hearty breakfast to set the day in motion. Breakfast Stuffing Bake packs all of the good stuff you love into one easy dish! The perfectly seasoned turkey sausage and sharp cheddar cheese is held together by the heroes of the morning — fluffy eggs! Then, it's tossed with your favorite stuffing mix to create a satisfying, exquisite breakfast casserole everyone will love. Breakfast Stuffing Bake is most definitely a morning-changer that will get you up and motivated for the day! It doesn't have to be Thanksgiving to get stuffed, so try some today!

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12. Breakfast Fajitas

Breakfast Fajitas

Breakfast Fajitas set out to prove that there is never a wrong time to enjoy Mexican food! Runny, savory eggs are nestled in between classically tender and zesty fajita vegetables like vibrant bell peppers and golden onions... sounds like a great idea so far for a hearty and satisfying breakfast. Top it with fresh avocado and aromatic cilantro, and Breakfast Fajitas will reveal itself to be a showstopper breakfast that really gets your taste buds up and running!

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13. Pancake Lasagna

Pancake Lasagna-2.jpg

Getting together on the weekends isn't just for the later hours of the day! Call up your besties bright and early for a beautiful brunch--an excellent reason to whip up some Pancake Lasagna, too. They'll be sure to rise and shine for a slice of sunrise heaven loaded with all the breakfast favorites like fluffy eggs, crispy apple-smoked bacon, sage-tossed sausage, gooey cheddar cheese, and of course, sweet, golden-brown pancake pieces. The sugary, creamy maple bechamel that it's soaked in will have everyone daydreaming of its delightfulness all day long. Are you convinced yet?! Your dearest will be even more fond of you after starting their morning off with some Pancake Lasagna!

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14. Kitchen-Sink Egg Bake

Kitchen Sink Egg Bake 3

By the end of the week, you tend to have a random assortment of groceries left over... and you can't let them go to waste! Instead, let them come together in this Kitchen-Sink Egg Bake. It sounds a little off-putting like that, but once you taste this wonderfully melded concoction of fluffy eggs, crispy bread, healthy kale, melty cheese, and salty ham, you'll understand! It's so lovely when you throw things together and they end up working! Gotta love it when life actually turns out that way! Kitchen-Sink Egg Bake really is the best way to start off your weekend!

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15. Ultimate Breakfast Quesadillas

Ultimate Breakfast Quesadillas 6

When you get tired of eating the same thing every single morning, starting off the day with something new and great really makes a difference! These Ultimate Breakfast Quesadillas are a sure way to get things goin' with a bang. Crunch right into these crispy tortilla shells packed full of fluffy eggs, some fresh broccoli (trust us, you need your greens!), hearty ham, and lots of melty cheese for the sunniest start yet! The Ultimate Breakfast Quesadillas are the best way to quick-start your day in the yummiest way!

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16. Bacon Bombs

Bacon Bombs

Bacon Bombs are the bomb, as the kids say! Each slice of succulent, crispy bacon is wrapped around a tender, cheesy, egg-y core of deliciousness, so you get an explosion of flavors from each bite! This dish is going to blow up your breakfast routine with its speed, its elegance, and its delicious flavor! Snack on Bacon Bombs and have a breakfast that hits your tastebuds with a boom!

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17. Stuffed Breakfast Tomatoes


Brunch is such an underrated meal of the day. It opens you up to a whole new world of food that doesn't quite fit with breakfast (but could) and doesn't quite fit with lunch (but could). Hit the brunch zone with the tasty touch of these zesty Stuffed Breakfast Tomatoes. The juicy, sweet tomatoes are packed with creamy eggs and topped with perfectly seasoned parmesan cheese for a dazzling brunch-game treat. Your guests will admire this beautiful dish, not only for its fabulous flavor, but also for its festive flare. These Stuffed Breakfast Tomatoes are an easy way to insert a bit of elegance into your brunchtime presentation. Your day just got yummier with this tantalizing addition to your brunch spread. It's just so delicious!

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18. Buckwheat Pancakes

Buckwheat Pancakes

Buckwheat Pancakes add a unique twist to the breakfast classic: the naturally savory and floral flavors of the buckwheat add a distinct balance to the sweetness of the pancakes, making them all the more compelling as you consume them by the plateful! Add butter, syrup, and whatever else you normally love on pancakes, and watch as these Buckwheat Pancakes become a go-to favorite during the morning rush!

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19. Breakfast Turnovers

Breakfast Turnovers 2

No matter which side of the bed you tumble out from, Breakfast Turnovers will turn your day sunny-side up! How could your skies be gray when you start your day off biting into a fluffy crescent roll loaded with tender eggs, sweet strawberry jam, salty bacon, and melty cheese?! It's truly impossible. Get ready to turn that frown upside down with a bright and happy helping of Breakfast Turnovers!

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20. Breakfast Burgers

Breakfast Burgers

Some genius somewhere once realized there was a way to justify eating a hamburger for breakfast: all you need are the right toppings! Breakfast Burgers take succulent and savory patties and top them with all the breakfast classics—crispy hashbrowns, salty bacon, runny fried eggs, and of course, sharp cheddar cheese. Everything gets piled artfully on an English muffin and then its ready to wow your tastebuds and get you fueled up for your exciting day. Although how much more exciting can it get than starting your morning with Breakfast Burgers?

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21. Cookie Monster™ Muffins

Cookie Monster Muffins

OM NOM NOM! Oh. sorry, just getting ready to enjoy Cookie Monster™ Muffins. Thanks to the use of oats and creamy, nutty peanut butter, each bite feels like a bite of an amazing cookie and a fluffy muffin all at once! Oh, and the melty colorful candies certainly help! No matter how many Cookie Monster Muffins you eat, you'll always find room for just one more! Now where were we? Oh yes, OM NOM NOM!

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22. Bacon Swiss Cheesecake

Bacon Swiss Cheesecake

A savory cheesecake? A savory cheesecake you could serve at brunch? Surely, we jest! And yet here it is, Bacon Swiss Cheesecake! The creamy, luscious texture of a cheesecake now provides the base for succulent bacon and Swiss cheese! Green onions and a simple yet buttery pastry base make this taste like the creamiest quiche in existence! Best of all, Bacon Swiss Cheesecake isn't too much of a struggle to put together compared to other cheesecakes: just over an hour and bam! Brunch is ready and delicious! Break out the crackers because you won't want to miss a bite!

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23. Cereal Cookies

Cereal Cookies

At one point or another, we've all just craved a big bowl of cereal for dessert. Those crunchy bites of your favorite morning grain just hit the spot like nothing else. Cereal Cookies embrace that feeling and let you skip the bowl of milk! Your favorite cereal is now suspended in a hearty, sweet, and rich cookie, infused with peanut butter flavor and with a few bites of raisins for a refreshing fruity touch. Serve up Cereal Cookies for dessert for a cheer from the crowd or serve them at breakfast to really get the day started on the best foot!

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24. Breakfast Sliders

Breakfast Sliders

There are a lot of tried-and-true breakfasts for when you need to feed a crowd, but none of them compare to the classic breakfast sandwich. So, the real question is how you make breakfast sandwiches unique. Aha, of course! Breakfast Sliders! Pile fluffy scrambled eggs, meaty ham, and plenty of cheese on toasted buns with a maple syrup and butter topping! It's genius! Oh, and bacon. They aren't Breakfast Sliders without bacon. You could even say it's not breakfast without Breakfast Sliders!

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25. Candied Cinnamon Rolls

Candied Cinnamon Rolls

We've all looked at the classic cinnamon roll swirl and wondered what else we could fit into those golden-brown curls. The answer is quite a lot of creamy sweet goodness! Candied Cinnamon Rolls fill each swirling superstar with the nutty goodness of peanut butter and the rich chocolatey wonder of hazelnut and chocolate spread. Then of course, to really get that sugar rush going, each one is topped with icing and sprinkled with chocolate-coated peanuts for a sweet, sweet crunch. Candied Cinnamon Rolls bring a new sunniness to the day, starting from the very first bite!

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26. Breakfast Enchiladas

Breakfast Enchiladas-2

Breakfast Enchiladas answer that all-important question "how can I get that Tex-Mex flavor I crave for breakfast?" More than that, they answer the question in the tastiest way possible! Each enchilada is filled with breakfast classics like fatty, smoky ham, crunchy, fluffy tater tots, and melty sharp cheese: essentially, every enchilada is loaded with loaded hash browns! And this is before each rolled-up delight takes a swim in a creamy salsa sauce that will get lips smacking and smiles beaming. In under an hour, Breakfast Enchiladas will completely have you rethinking what breakfast can be!

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