30 Recipes That Will Have You Yelling Yee-Haw

Cowboy Hash 04

Saddle up for a culinary ride through the rugged landscapes and hearty flavors of the Wild Wild West with our 30 Recipes That Will Have You Yelling Yee-Haw! From breakfasts that encourage early risin', to comforting homestead staples and campfire classics, each dish pays homage to recipes inspired by cowboys and cowgirls all over the American frontier. So, pull up your bootstraps and get ready for some authentic grub that’ll leave your taste buds hollerin’ for more!

1. Cowboy Casserole

Cowboy Casserole image

The taste of the wild, wild west is just around the corner. Cowboy Casserole features juicy beef and melty cheese on a base of crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside tater tots. Yet this casserole harkens back to its Western roots with its smoky and peppery chili spices. Cowboy Casserole keeps you warm during cold nights out on the plains or gets you ready for your next day of rustlin’!

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2. Western Casserole

Western Casserole

Traveling across the beautiful plains of the Midwest, heading to the great heights of the Rocky Mountains, traveling west carries with it a lot of romance. Let your taste buds get swept away in the feeling with this Western Casserole! Packed with ground beef and Southwestern flavors, the Western Casserole is a truly majestic dish from sea to shining sea. Melty cheese, tangy olives, and wonderfully spicy chili powder ensures there's no bland or boring bites anywhere to be found in here. So, start heading west!

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3. Ranch-Hand Potato Stuffing

Ranch Hand Potato Stuffing

Howdy y'all! If you're looking for a tasty and hearty side dish that'll satisfy even the hungriest of ranch hands, then this Ranch-Hand Potato Stuffing is it. Made with fluffy potato rolls, zesty ranch salad dressing mix, creamy mashed potatoes, and savory bacon, this comforting stuffing is packed with flavor and sure to please cowboys and cowgirls of all ages. And with the addition of fresh celery, crispy onion, rich mushrooms, and melty Monterey Jack cheese, everyone will leave the table feelin' happier than a pig in the mud. When you're hosting a hoedown, big or small, this Ranch-Hand Potato Stuffing is sure to be a hit!

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4. Cowboy Cinnamon Sticks

Cowboy Cinnamon Sticks 03

Enjoy the great outdoors and get your sweets all at the same time! Cowboy Cinnamon Sticks round up the cinnamon rolls you love and make them even more fun! Once secured on a skewer and cooked over a peaceful campfire, these sweet sticks are sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar and drizzled with some finger-licking yummy icing. Your family will request Cowboy Cinnamon Sticks every time a fire gets started! Giddy-up!

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5. Cowboy Hash

Cowboy Hash

It's confident, hard-working, and always willing to help; a solid ranch hand of flavor. Let Cowboy Hash lasso up the best the morning has to offer. Bold corned beef, salt-of-the-earth potatoes, and brave Brussels sprouts hash it all out with a gone-country-fried egg and some tough-as-nails (not really, haha, but still crunchy) toast for great taste the size of Texas. Let Cowboy Hash roam on over to your breakfast menu to corral that morning hunger, so you can ride off into the sunrise. Yee-to-the-haw!

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6. Southwest Spaghetti

Southwest Spaghetti image

This dish gives a new meaning to the phrase Spaghetti Western! Southwest Spaghetti infuses traditional Italian marinara with the heat and smokiness of spices straight from the blazing plains. Yet it retains the tender pasta, bright tomato flavor, and juicy beef, plus some zucchini for a touch of garden freshness. Southwest Spaghetti blazes new trails in fusion cuisine, and your tastebuds will be itching to put on their spurs!

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7. Cowboy Picadillo

Cowboy Picadillo

Yee-haw, y'all! Saddle up for one of the most down-home dishes to hit the Wild West (aka your dinner table). Cowboy Picadillo will put the giddy-up in your dinnertime and have you riding off into the sunset full and satisfied! Calm all your crazy critters with the perfectly seasoned ground beef that's crumbled and trotting alongside some savory onions, sweet green peppers, tender carrots, and hearty potato partners for one heck of a corral of great taste! Spur everyone's hunger in one kick with Cowboy Picadillo! This is how the West (aka dinner) was won!

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8. Saddle Soup

Saddle Soup 3

Giddy on up cowboys and cowgirls, Saddle Soup is about to take us all on the wildest Western adventure our tastebuds have ever experienced! Go ahead and strap yourself in because this Tex-Mex take on cheesy, creamy, thick potato soup might just blow you away. There are hints of savory cumin, a bunch of tender veggies and beans, and a nice little kick to keep things fun and interesting. You've never seen the West like this, and you've never tasted soup this good. Saddle Soup is the epitome of a joy ride!

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9. Texas Cowboy Tortilla Stack

Texas Cowboy Tortilla Stack

Home, home, home on the range... where the dinner and the side dishes play. Texas Cowboy Tortilla Stack will roam right into being your favorite downhome meal! Bigger is always better when it comes to stacks of tortillas layered with a ground beef mixture that rides alongside baked beans, stewed tomatoes, corn, green chiles, and pepper jack cheese. Saddle up for a flavor ride of your life because the dinner skies will never be cloudy when Texas Cowboy Tortilla Stack is comin' to town. Your little dears (or deers) will love it!

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10. Cowgirl Breakfast Casserole

Cowgirl Breakfast Casserole image

Rise and shine! It’s time to wake up and enjoy a hearty breakfast before you hit the trails. The Cowgirl Breakfast Casserole has everything you need to get yourself ready for the day, from fluffy eggs to melty cheese, to spicy and savory chorizo. Once you have a plate of Cowgirl Breakfast Casserole you’ll be ready for anything!

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11. Cowboy Dessert Pie

Cowboy Dessert Pie 04

When cowboys eat dessert, they don't mess around! Cowboy Dessert Pie marries all your favorite flavors in one deliciously easy pie! When you're out on the range (or just out yonder in your kitchen), simply whip together some creamy peanut butter, tangy cream cheese, and fluffy whipped topping all set atop an Oreo® cookie crust. Then just let it chill until you're ready to cool down after a long day of hard work! Wrangle up a piece of this Cowboy Dessert Pie and lasso together all the sweet tastes you love. All your buckaroos will be chowing down with big ol' smiles on their faces!

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12. John Wayne Casserole

John Wayne Casserole image

Yee Haw! These here are the best flavors this side of the Rio Grande and the Rio Bravo! John Wayne Casserole invokes the Western film star’s storied career with Southwestern spices and flaky, buttery biscuits. With a layer of tender beef and a cheesy, creamy topping, your taste buds are in for a wild ride! John Wayne Casserole is the Undefeated!

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13. Cowboy Caviar

Cowboy Caviar image

We reckon that this here Cowboy Caviar is just as fun to eat as it is to say! Colorful, flavorful, and filled with fresh ingredients, Cowboy Caviar is a rich, savory, and sweet appetizer. With just a touch of heat, plenty of refreshing vegetables, and creamy beans, this dish is bright and crunchy. Served with some tortilla chips, people will be giddying up to get more of this!

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14. Cast-Iron New Year Dip

Cast-Iron New Year Dip

Cast-Iron New Year Dip will make you break your diet resolution before you even get started! Crumbled savory sausage, creamy black-eyed peas, rich, vibrant tomatoes, and spicy green chilies draped with a creamy cheese sauce is the very essence of excitement and New Year's joy! Cast-Iron New Year Dip celebrates all of what is good about snacking and new beginnings with one cheesy bite after another. What diet?! Make a new resolution to enjoy life to the fullest with this dip!

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15. Famous Cowboy Cookies

Famous Cowboy Cookies image

Even cowboys have sweet tooths! Wrangle in your cowboy's cravings in 30 minutes or less with this delicious Famous Cowboy Cookies recipe! These soft and sweet cookies are filled with cinnamon, tasty shredded coconut, plus hearty oats! They’re like the John Wayne of cookies! Your cowboy is guaranteed to have his cravings curbed with Famous Cowboy Cookies!

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16. Vegan Cowboy Soup

Vegan Cowboy Soup

People often think that you need to be carnivorous if you want to ride the trails or rustle cattle. Not true at all! In fact, with Vegan Cowboy Soup, you'll be blazing your own trails! Packed with plenty of potatoes for comforting flavor and heartiness, Vegan Cowboy Soup is still rich and creamy without using a drop of dairy! That's mighty impressive, we reckon! But nothing is as impressive as the flavor! Take a sip and see for yourself!

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17. Trailblazing Casserole

Wild West Casserole

Trailblazers, gather round! We got here a dish that will serve as a trusty steed to your tastebuds! Trailblazing Casserole makes up a huge batch of taco beef in all its juicy, spicy, savory goodness, and combines it with hearty beans and cheddar cheese, all topped with more cheese and tater tots for that full Western feeling. When the sun's getting really low, and it's time to head home and rest, this Trailblazing Casserole will get you back in the saddle again!

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18. Biscuit Cowboy Casserole

Biscuit Cowboy Casserole (2)

Giddy up! Let's ride on into the sunset and head home for supper! Tonight, the kitchen is whippin' up some Biscuit Cowboy Casserole, and howdy-do. It's quite a hearty feast. This glorious grub brings spices from south of the border and mixes it with juicy beef, juicy veggies, and melty cheese. To add a little Southern comfort from the East, there are some fluffy, buttery biscuit pieces sprinkled on top for a taste of wholesome hominess. Kick off your boots, partner! It's time to relax and dig into some Biscuit Cowboy Casserole!

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19. Cowboy Breakfast Burritos

Cowboy Breakfast Burritos

Well, howdy and good morning to you, partner! Seems like you could use a pick-me-up breakfast that will make you feel right as rain! Whelp, we got just the thing ya need to fix ya up — Cowboy Breakfast Burritos! Crispy tortillas filled with fluffy eggs and succulent sausage are just the start of this delicious, hearty experience. Each burrito is also stuffed with vibrant salsa, creamy avocado, and melty cheese. Saddle up some Cowboy Breakfast Burritos on your plate and you'll be ready to ride into the sunrise!

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20. Prairie Bake

Prairie Bake

Boy howdy if the Prairie Bake ain't the most phenomenal meal this side of the Mississippi, we're a bowl of sidewinders. Tender and savory steak bites with fluffy potatoes in a beefy sauce is only the start of the Western-style deliciousness. On top is a homemade cornmeal-buttermilk pie crust that combines the best parts of pie and cornbread: buttery, sweet, and flaky. Can't go wrong with this Prairie Bake, and that's a fact.

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21. Classic Cowboy Rice Salad

Classic Cowboy Rice Salad

Out west (or in your kitchen), it's all about those original recipes. And with Classic Cowboy Rice Salad, it will always ride with pride, and quickly, right to your table. Giddy up with nutty brown rice, juicy red and green bell peppers, sweet corn, hearty black beans, and of course rich, bright tomatoes. Then be prepared to ride into the sunset, with seasoning as abundant as the west is wide, for a new take on cowboy cuisine. When your taste is refined, but your cravings can't deny the old-time faves, Classic Cowboy Rice Salad is the perfect combo for great taste, fast. This is how the New West is won!

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22. Cowgirl Chicken Salad

Cowgirl Chicken Salad image

Yee-haw! Salutations compadres, let's talk about this here new salad that will have y'all hollering! Cowgirl Chicken Salad has got the goods, partner: savory chicken, juicy red peppers, hearty black beans, and creamy avocado, all square-dancing together like you've never seen nor tasted before! Then Cowgirl Chicken Salad lassoes some creamy and tangy dressing together so everyone's ready to hit the trails to their tastebuds! We said it once, but it bears repeating... yee-haw!

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23. Dallas Cowboy Dinner

Dallas Cowboy Dinner

The Dallas Cowboys® are one of the most popular teams in NFL® history, frequently selling out games during the season. The Dallas Cowboy Dinner serves up a meal that will be just as popular; it's so good you'll be finding excuses to make it every night! Tender, juicy hamburger steaks are pan-fried and then simmered in a homemade beef and onion gravy that will send your tastebuds straight to the Superbowl. Serve them up with a side of mashed potatoes for a meal that will truly get you energized for your next victory. The Dallas Cowboy Dinner does its namesake proud!

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24. Cowboy Sausage Stew

Cowboy Sausage Stew

Hey there partner. Been on the trail long? Why not rest a spell by the fire? Kick off your boots, let your Stetson rest beside you, and help yourself to a bowl of Cowboy Sausage Stew. Nothing heartier on either side of the Mississippi, that's for darn sure. It's meaty, with plenty of beef and sausage for all you carnivorous folk, and there are some good old-fashioned beans and potatoes to round everything out. Doesn't take too long for Cowboy Sausage Stew to come together either, so if you were looking to hit the dusty roads again, you'll be feelin' ready to rustle up some energy.

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25. Texas Taco Party Dip

Texas Taco Party Dip image

Crank up the country music and pull on your sparkly cowboy boots for some two-stepping; now it's time for some Texas Taco Party Dip! Plunge your chip into the fun and flavorful Tex-Mex layered dip that fulfills your taco desires in every bite. Salty corn chips, fluffy rice, hearty ground beef, ranch-style beans, savory, shredded cheese, crunchy onions, crunchy lettuce, juicy tomatoes, tangy olives, and spicy picante sauce–yep, you can count on all of that to show up to the party every time you crunch! Texas Taco Party Dip will have you munching until the cows come home!

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26. Cowboy's Favorite French Toast

Cowboy Favorite French Toast - 03

Home, home on the grill, where the eggs and the bacon fry... ha! Maybe we can't sing, but we are trading eggs and bacon in for French toast... and we are definitely excited about that! Cowboys may not admit it, but Cowboy's Favorite French Toast is way better than just the normal breakfast rodeo! Cinnamon-raisin bread slices are soaked with a creamy maple syrup mixture, topped with chopped pecans and fresh blueberries, then grilled to toasted goodness! Get back in the saddle with Cowboy's Favorite French Toast and enjoy a great breakfast in the great outdoors (or indoors)! Giddy up!

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27. Bigger-In-Texas Chili

Bigger in Texas Chili

Go big or go home! Come on now, Bigger-In-Texas Chili has a whole lot of taste you just can't miss! Grab your boots and cowboy hat! Then, get to makin' this beef-packed, kidney-bean-scootin', tomato-totin,' star-studded-seasoned rodeo of a chili that will forever ride off into the sunset. It's that good! Be sure to grab your partner and do-si-do around a bowl of Bigger-In-Texas Chili. It doesn't get any bigger or better than this! Yee-haw!

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28. Lone-Star Cheese Fries

Lone-Star Cheese Fries image

Take your fries and your taste buds to cowboy country! Lone-Star Cheese Fries are coated in spicy, zesty taco seasoning and tangy ranch dressing and then draped in gooey melted Monterey Jack cheese for a lick-your-fingers-delicious side dish. With a sprinkling of bacon on top, Lone-Star Cheese Fries has everything you could ask for in a crispy, flavorful, savory accompaniment to your burgers and barbeque. These aren’t just crowd-pleasing, they’re crowd-amazing!

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29. Cowboy Frito Pie

Cowboy Frito Pie 07

Get back in the dinner saddle again with this twist on a delicious taste. Cowboy Frito Pie will lasso in your taste buds and won't let them go! The forever-loved and crunchy corn chips are in every bite of this perfectly seasoned ground beef, bean, and cheese roundup of great Tex-Mex flavors. Get along, little doggie, and make this Cowboy Frito Pie for all your rowdy partners. Giddy on up to a great supper!

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30. Oklahoma Beans

Oklahoma Beans 4

Okay, so we can all recall that Oklahoma is known for 400 miles of Route 66, a plethora of tornadoes, and some cowboy culture here and there... but let's talk about their food. Famous for southern staples like chicken-fried steak and fried okra, you best believe these Okies know what they're talking about when it comes to comfort food classics, which can give you complete confidence that Oklahoma Beans will be out-of-this-world. These smooth, hearty legumes bring tastes of tangy tomatoes, salty bacon, spicy green chilies, and a kick of Southwestern flavor. It's not comfort food if there's no cheese, so you can betcha there's plenty of that indulgent stuff to go around and sprinkle on top, partner! Get your taste buds locked and loaded for a trip down South they didn't know they needed with a hearty helping of Oklahoma Beans!

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