5 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Holiday Host

5 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Holiday Host

The holiday season is almost in full swing — which means calendars will start to be full of gatherings and parties galore. Already have an invite to your favorite family or holiday party this season? Make sure to add them to the list when you're shopping for gifts! Whether it's your mom, coworker, friend, or sister... gathering people together is no easy feat. Don't show up empty-handed, show your appreciation with a unique gift that your host will actually indulge in!

Impress Your Host This Holiday Season With One of These 5 Gift Ideas:

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1. For the homebody:

Grab a cozy throw blanket and pair it with your favorite book from the year. Cookbook, fiction read, or even a magazine... the options are endless. They'll love cozying up under a warm blanket and putting their feet up with something good to read after a long day of hosting.

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2. For the wine lover:

Something that goes well with wine? CHEESE! Put together a few cheese knives, your favorite local cheeses, and a wine opener. Your host will love pulling this set out each time they host happy hour — it will come in handy time and time again. What to take it to the next level? Pair it with their favorite bottle of wine!

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3. For the farm-to-table enthusiast:

Visit your local flower shop or grocery store and snag 2-3 different potted herbs (basil, cilantro, chives, and dill are great options!). What's a better addition to a kitchen than fresh herbs you can grow in your own home? Especially for someone who loves the farm-to-table flavor and concept.

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4. For the conversationalist:

Stock up on some fancy taper candles in a variety of colors (or go all white... you can never go wrong with a neutral!) and pair it with some conversation cards. Your extroverted family member or friend will love staying up late as the candles flicker talking about a variety of topics with their nearest and dearest!

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5. For the zen seeker:

For those family and friends who are eager to visit the spa (or maybe have a packed holiday schedule ahead), stop by your market and pick up a fresh bunch of eucalyptus! Write a little note of gratitude and direct your host to tie the eucalyptus to their shower head. The next time they shower, the smell will transport them right to a spa!

Get ready to leave a lasting impression this holiday season and love those around you well!

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