7 Organization Hacks to Clear the Clutter

7 Organization Hacks to Clear the Clutter-1

Whether you're an organizing pro or constantly losing your keys, these DIY hacks and tricks are sure to add more ease and less stress to your home. From under the sink and into your closet, these 7 Hacks will get you organized (and inspired!) in no time.

7 Organization Hacks That Just Make Sense:

1. Ahhh... White:

Want those kitchen cabinets to look a bit tidier? All white dishes will do the trick!

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2. Tetris No More:

Win the Tetris game in all your storage closets each and every time! Label each shelf or space to make putting away towels, linens, dishes, or other supplies easy peasy. Another bonus? Anyone can help put things away and can't complain they don't know where the items go!

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3. Save Your Sanity:

Clear the clutter all day long! Add items to a "Find a Home Basket" throughout the week and then take a few minutes each Friday before the weekend hits to put everything away. Not only will your counters be clear, but your mind will be, too!

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4. Clever Tea Hack:

Love hot tea but hate the falling tower of tea boxes every time you go to grab a sachet or two? Try using an organized lazy susan for all of your tea packets!

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5. Tackle Under the Sink:

Under the sink can be a black hole. Add small organizers to keep all the cleaners, garbage bags, flower vases, and such.

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6. Snack Attack:

No more towering snack boxes! Utilize the space in your drawers or pantry in an efficient way.

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7. Stay Spicy:

Quit losing spice jars at the back of your cabinet! Utilize space and see all of your spices easily with this hack.

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Kickstart your next organizing spree and try these no-nonsense organizing hacks for your home!

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