7 Tips to Tell a Joke Like a Pro

What does a puppy say when someone surprises it?

So, you love telling jokes... but you want to sharpen up your technique to keep the people around you laughing hysterically at your jokes. While humor is highly subjective to each person, here are our 7 Tips to Tell a Joke Like a Pro.

What do you call someone who is good at public speaking and making breakfast?

1. Know your audience.

If you only remember one of our tips, this is the one! If you don't consider your audience, your joke is likely to flop. Ask yourself:

  • Who are you telling the joke?
  • What are their preferences?
  • What sensitivities should you consider?

2. Believe in your joke.

If you don't think the joke you're telling is funny, what makes you think they will? If you think your joke is funny, your audience is more likely to think so, too.

3. Nail the joke components.

Different types of jokes have different components, but the two basic components you should know are the set up and the punchline. It sounds basic, but don't leave one out or your audience will be confused (to say the least).

4. Keep it simple.

Use straightforward language and keep your joke concise. Simplicity in humor really packs a punch! Don't over-tell a joke.

5. Jazz up your delivery.

While we encourage keeping the joke itself simple, using hand gestures, body language, facial expressions, and playful tones can certainly positively impact the joke. What do you call a dog that is left handed?

6. Timing matters.

The timing of your joke is important. We recommend pausing just before delivering the punchline to build the anticipation in the room.

7. Relax.

Last, but certainly not least—relax! If you are feeling awkward, your audience will pick up on that. Just take a deep breath and have fun!

While these 7 tips are certainly simple, we're confident they will help you keep those around you laughing for days.

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