8 Different Types of Eggs (And How to Cook Them!)

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Full of protein, healthy fats, a delicious taste, and easy to throw together, eggs make the perfect breakfast food! Once you learn a few tips and tricks on how to make your eggs tasty using a variety of methods, you'll be off to the races and fueled each and every day.

From scrambled to frittata, to hard-boiled or in a quiche, this list of 8 Different Ways to Cook Your Eggs will make your mornings fueled and fun!

But first... why eggs?!

Not only are eggs easy to come by in the grocery store, but they're also budget friendly! With the rising cost of groceries, eggs can help you pinch pennies while feeling full. If you're looking for a protein-rich and nutrient-filled way to kick off your day (or end it... let's be real, breakfast for dinner is pretty fun), then eggs are for you.

Stretch your budget while also staying fueled with 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of good fat per egg. That means you'll fight off hunger and be ready for whatever comes your way! No blood sugar spikes and hard drops midmorning.

The Possibilities Are Endless:

There are many different ways to cook an egg; each method gives you a slightly different experience (or egg-perience, shall we say?). Let's start off with some of the most well-known ways to cook an egg.

1. Scrambled

Beat two or more eggs in a bowl. Then, heat a pan with butter or oil on the stove and cook on low heat until fluffy, while breaking up the egg mixture into small pieces. Season with salt and pepper, if you desire.

2. Over-Easy

Crack an egg into a warm skilled with butter or oil. Cook the egg for a small amount of time and then flip the egg, for a few more seconds of cooking. Your egg whites should be fully-cooked and your yolk will be runny (perfect for toast dipping!).

3. Sunny Side Up

Crack an egg into a warm skillet with butter or oil. Cook the egg white, but make sure the yolk stays runny. No flipping on this egg... the yolk will stay bright orange-yellow (like the sun — get it?).

4. Over-Hard

Crack an egg into a warm skillet with butter or oil. Flip that egg a few times! The egg white will be cooked and the yolk will be completely firm and cooked when you're ready to serve it.

5. Hard-Boiled

Don't crack this egg! Your entire egg will be cooked (shell and all) in boiling water until the egg white and yolk are firm and cooked. After cooling in an ice bath, just peel the egg shell off and enjoy!

6. Soft-Boiled

Similar to hard-boiled, this egg is cooked shell and all, but removed from the boiling water before the yolk is completely cooked. The yolk should be a bit jammy and soft (hence, the name!).

7. Baked Eggs

Throw those eggs in the oven! You can mix your eggs with a variety of ingredients that you have on hand. Think deli meat, veggies, cheese, herbs... you name it! You can bake your eggs and additional ingredients into a casserole, a frittata, a quiche, or even into individual muffins for on-the-go!

8. Poached

This once takes a bit of practice, but is so delightful once you master it. Remove the egg from the shell and carefully crack it directly into simmered water with a dash of white vinegar to cook for about five minutes. The egg white will begin to cook and will start to look soft and pillow-y while the yolk remains runny on the inside.

Now that we have some different types of eggs down... let's chat recipes!

These recipes are simple and easy to make... all with the beloved egg taking center stage! Keep these easy recipes on rotation throughout your week.

1. Scrambled Egg Taco, Wrap, or Sandwich

We're starting off with a simple and delicious option! Make some scrambled eggs (easy and quick!) and then you have a variety of choices of how you can enjoy them. Wrap them up in a tortilla with salsa and cheese for a breakfast burrito, put them on toast with avocado for a quick breakfast sandwich, or enjoy alone and topped with your favorite sauces or pairings for an egg bowl. You really can't go wrong here!

2. Make-Ahead Egg Muffins

If your mornings need to be quick, you can prepare your eggs ahead of time. Egg muffins are an easy way to do this. Simply combine eggs, veggies, cheese, and meat (if you prefer) and bake in a muffin tin until cooked all the way through. You can store your muffins for up to five days in the fridge! Get creative... your mix-in possibilities are endless.

3. Fried Egg Sandwich (or Eggs in a Hole!)

Fried eggs are beyond delicious. Add a buttery piece of toast and you're set! Instead of placing one or two fried eggs between two pieces of toast for a delicious sandwich, you can try making Eggs In A Hole. Eggs In A Hole is a fried egg cooked inside a slice of buttery toast. Sounds complex, but really it's simple! Just cut a hole in the center of your toast (use the top of a cup or jar if you'd like), place your toast in a buttered skilled, and crack your egg into the hole. Cook covered for two minutes. Now you're ready to dig in and eat!

4. Omelet

The omelet is a classic breakfast dish that looks complex, but it is easy. Also, this is a great way to add extra veggies or ingredients to your eggs to make your meal even more filling. For an omelet, you can use two or three eggs and cook them in an even layer in a buttered skillet over medium heat. Once your layer of eggs are cooked, you can add cheese, veggies, herbs... you name it! Fold the omelet in half, or thirds, to cover up your fillings. Viola!

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