8 Positively Delicious Recipes for Pasta Lovers

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Spaghetti, penne, farfalle... oh my! Gooey, delicious pasta is the best thing to warm your belly when the days are long and you need something comforting and filling. These 8 Pasta Recipes are bound to turn any pasta-loving person into an ultimate fan!

8 Pasta-Obsessed Recipes to Try Today:

1. Magic Chicken Pasta

Magic Chicken Pasta 3

Magic Chicken Pasta got its name because it tastes so good, you won't hardly believe it's real! But believe it or not, this dish is filled with Italian-seasoned chicken and a buttery, lemon sauce... not a magic potion! It's easy to understand why you would question a dish so simple and so yummy... you can trust what you're seeing and tasting here, though, because Magic Chicken Pasta is the real delicious deal!

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2. Barb's Baked Spaghetti

Barb's Baked Spaghetti

Barb swears that making spaghetti via casserole is the best way to do it. After trying Barb's Baked Spaghetti, we can't disagree! The pasta is tender and bouncy, perfect for twirling around a rich, meaty tomato sauce with plenty of tangy, creamy cheeses. Everything is baked together so the flavors really harmonize while the cheese gets all melty. Mmmm, Barb's Baked Spaghetti really does know how to bring out the best in pasta night!

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3. Ultimate Winter Harvest Pasta

Ultimate Winter Harvest Pasta

When comfort food gets a healthy-ish twist, everyone wins! Ultimate Winter Harvest Pasta will help your pasta craving lean towards a little less guilt. When you combine al dente cavatappi pasta, tender butternut squash, fresh kale, crispy bacon, and (the surprise guest) pepitas in a deliciously seasoned white wine sauce, this dish is sure to be a people-pleaser. Cozy up to this Ultimate Winter Harvest Pasta for a bowl full of amazing flavors. It's so good!

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4. Pretty-Pretty Penne

Pretty-Pretty Penne

When something tastes as good as it looks, you know it's a keeper! Pretty-Pretty Penne is easy on the eyes and yummy in your tummy! A beautifully seasoned, creamy tomato sauce, with a touch of white wine and loaded with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, surrounds the tender penne pasta like a warm hug. Adorned with a piece of your favorite garlic loaf, Pretty-Pretty Penne becomes a feast for your senses, both visually and internally. Enjoy this fetching meal!

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5. Jump Shot Mac 'n Cheese

Jump Shot Mac N Cheese 01

You have to work to get some things right. Jump Shot Mac 'n Cheese is worth the practice, and it will be a sure shot for your next meal. When you add al dente macaroni along with cream cheese, melty cheeses, a little spice, and top it all with panko breadcrumbs, you've definitely made the side dish team! Take your dinners to new heights with Jump Shot Mac 'n Cheese. It will be the game winning pasta-dunk your family will cheer for!

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6. Creamy Carbonara

Creamy Carbonara 1

Mmm, Creamy Carbonara! The pasta dish responsible for making us feel like the professional chefs we aren't. When we make this dish, which calls for lots of ingredients we already have in our pantry, the pasta always seems the bounciest, the veggies the tenderest, and the sauce the creamiest! It's simple enough to replace your go-to buttered noodles, and brings so much more exciting flavors! Be proud of your pasta when you serve up this Creamy Carbonara!

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7. Rasta Pasta

Rasta Pasta

The sunny shores of Jamaica are flipping the script and making a vacation stop to your kitchen rather than the other way around! We can't say we mind, not when we have a big bowl of Rasta Pasta in front of us! With sweet and savory shrimp marinated in zesty jerk seasonings and a creamy, spicy sauce loaded with bell peppers, Rasta Pasta knows how to make the faraway island feel just a little closer to home. Not bad for a meal you can make in less than half an hour!

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8. Homemade Hamburger Helper™

Homemade Hamburger Helper

Free yourself from the tyranny of boxes and think outside the box! It's all so easy with this Homemade Hamburger Helper™! A few simple but zesty, aromatic spices for flavor, tender pasta for heartiness, milk for creaminess, cheese for, well, cheesiness, and of course, ground beef for phenomenal meaty goodness! Homemade Hamburger Helper is all the comfort, speed, and ease of a supermarket staple, but with all of the freshest ingredients!

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What noodle are you going to try next? Get ready to lick the (pasta) bowl!

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