9 Jackie Kennedy Inspired Recipes

Jackie Kennedy's Strawberry Compote 3

An icon of style and one of the most recognizable First Ladies of the United States, Jackie Kennedy, has never left the public's interest... including ours! Check out these 9 Unique Recipes that are inspired by Jackie O. herself — everything from breakfast, dinner, and dessert. Yum!

9 Delicious Recipes Inspired by Jackie Kennedy:

1. Jackie Kennedy Brownies

Jackie Kennedy Brownies

Presidentially perfect brownies are just around the corner! Jackie Kennedy Brownies are fudgy and deeply chocolatey, with melted chocolate baked right in! Tender, and yet filled with crunchy, buttery pecans, Jackie Kennedy Brownies make a statement on the dessert table. Generally, that statement is "oh wow, these are amazing brownies!"

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2. Jackie Kennedy's Baked Potatoes

Jackie Kennedy's Baked Potatoes

Jackie Kennedy's Baked Potatoes have a secret; they aren't baked potatoes at all! Nope! These potatoes are actually slow-cooked, ensuring they are extra tender and guaranteed to be cooked all the way through (don't you just hate it when a baked potato has that weird harder part in the center that just didn't cook?). They're perfect for piling high with... well, whatever suits your fancy! Jackie Kennedy's Baked Potatoes are as stylish as their namesake and ready to impress!

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3. Jackie Kennedy's Favorite Poached Salmon

Jackie Kennedy's Favorite Poached Salmon image

Jackie Kennedy's Favorite Poached Salmon is fish like you've never had before! Each filet of fatty, flavorful salmon is poached to perfection in a herbaceous, full-bodied sauce. The final dish is flaky, tangy, juicy, and First-Lady-approved! Jackie Kennedy's Favorite Poached Salmon is an upscale, delicious entree you'll want to make again and again — and since it only needs 20 minutes to make, you certainly will!

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4. Jackie Kennedy's Melon Mix

Jackie Kennedy's Melon Mix

Jackie Kennedy was a woman of class and grace. She wouldn't be content with just throwing some cut-up fruit together and calling it a fruit salad. So, you shouldn't be either! Jackie Kennedy's Melon Mix takes the fruit salad and makes sure to zhush it up to presidential levels! The melon cubes are soaked in corn syrup to ensure each one is truly sweet before they get mixed with sunny strawberries, electric oranges, and tropical pineapples! Oh, and a touch of cool mint means Jackie Kennedy's Melon Mix is as refreshing as any treat on the table! Let the summer roll off you!

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5. Jackie Kennedy's Special Casserole

Jackie Kennedy Special Casserole 1

Jackie Kennedy's Special Casserole, sometimes called Casserole Marie Blanche, was apparently a beloved dinner when the Kennedys were in the White House, served to honored guests and family members. Once you try it for yourself, you'll see why! A seemingly simple, tender noodle dish with plenty of cheesy, tangy flavor, and the refreshing garden sharpness of chives, Jackie Kennedy's Special Casserole is delicate and hearty at the same time, heartwarmingly homemade yet delightfully classic. You'll love every minute this is on your plate!

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6. Jackie Kennedy Waffles

Jackie Kennedy Waffles

No joke, this is actually how Jackie Kennedy made waffles. And wow, Jackie Kennedy Waffles blows other waffles out of the water; who could have known the style icon also knew how to bring breakfast to the next level? The waffles are crisp on the outside and so, oh-so impossibly fluffy on the inside. They're like little clouds of tender delicious goodness, ready for butter and hot maple syrup for the full breakfast experience! Jackie Kennedy Waffles are how to do waffles justice!

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7. Jackie Kennedy's Eggs

Jackie Kennedy's Eggs

It must have been tough being a fashion icon like Jackie Kennedy. If you're going to constantly dazzle the world with elegance and class, you need the right breakfast to get you going! Jackie Kennedy's Eggs are simple but hearty, speedy, and very delicious. Hard-boiled and ready to go, these are the perfect pops of protein to keep you on your feet no matter what the morning throws at you. Garnished with black pepper and fresh herbs, Jackie Kennedy's Eggs are just as fashionable as their namesake. Make these up and seize the day!

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8. Jackie Kennedy's Strawberry Compote

Jackie Kennedy's Strawberry Compote

Jackie Kennedy: style icon, socialite, and remarkably great cook, it turns out! She could wow people with her meals, and then dazzle them with dessert, especially when she made Jackie Kennedy's Strawberry Compote! The sweet, ruby-red, summery fruit is roasted until jammy, with only a few little additions to enhance the sweetness and the bold flavor. Served over vanilla ice cream, Jackie Kennedy's Strawberry Compote is a simple, yet elegant, treat that will have your guests feeling high-class!

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9. Jackie Kennedy's Dinner Pie

Jackie Kennedy's Dinner Pie

A presidential pie that's fit for dinner at any table! Sounds amazing! Jackie Kennedy's Dinner Pie does its namesake proud with its barbeque-sauce-and-garlic-infused beef layered under a creamy, rich, fluffy mashed potato topping. Melted cheese on top takes everything to the next level! Make dinner a diplomat to great taste with Jackie Kennedy's Dinner Pie!

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