Brighten Your Next Gathering With These 20 Spring Appetizers

The Very Best Whipped Feta Dip 01 1

Warmer days call for more gatherings. Celebrate spring with our handpicked appetizers bursting with the colors and flavors of the season. Every satisfying meal begins with a fresh start, and these 20 Spring Appetizers will be just that!

1. Crispy Artichoke Bites

Crispy Artichoke Bites-5

Whether you're having an intimate gathering or a full spread for many, it's always a challenge to come up with a unique appetizer that hasn't been seen (or eaten) again and again. These Crispy Artichokes Bites will be a welcomed surprise for all of your guests! The not-new-to-you artichokes get bathed in a crispy self-made shell that is the perfect bite-size tasty treat. Not only do they taste amazing, but they are also a beautiful eye-catching addition to your appetizer entourage. Let our Crispy Artichoke Bites take center stage at your next lowkey or high traffic event. It will be an unbelievably great experience for all!

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2. Crushed Deviled Eggs

Crushed Deviled Eggs-1

We know you've got this! Make Crushed Deviled Eggs for your next gathering and let your relatives know you have truly made it! Famous for centuries, this rare breed has kicked creamy deviled eggs up a notch with some higher powers that be — bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, and crushed potato chips! Mic drop! Don't let your potluck be humdrum and basic, share the rising star you lovingly call Crushed Deviled Eggs, and let everyone know a new egg is in town. We know that you're crushin' it!

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3. Fresh Guacamole

Fresh Guacamole image

It’s hard to beat the freshness and flavor of homemade guacamole! Fresh Guacamole is creamy and full of delicious textures, perfect for serving as a dip or as a complement to your favorite Mexican dish! Avocados are mashed and mixed with crunchy onions, savory garlic, herby cilantro, and tangy lime juice for a creamy and zesty bite. For some spice, you can add some jalapeño and cumin into the Fresh Guacamole; it’s the dip that you can customize to your heart’s desire! So get dipping!

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4. Better-Than-The-Jar Onion Dip

Better-Than-the-Jar Onion Dip

Hosting a great party often hinges on great dips. People crowd around dips, they congregate, they converse (mostly about how good the dip tastes). And Better-Than-The-Jar Onion Dip is designed to make the best impression on your party-goers! Creamy, tangy, and with plenty of garlic and sweet caramelized onion flavor, Better-Than-The-Jar Onion Dip is better than anything you could find at the store! Let's get the party started!

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5. Mom's Veggie Dip

Mom's Veggie Dip

This is how Mom always makes a great first impression at dinner parties and cookouts. She gets a big plate of vegetables and places her classic vegetable dip right in the center. That's what brings in the crowds! Mom's Veggie Dip uses creamy and tangy cream cheese as the base, then she amps up the flavor game with sweet ketchup, savory Worcestershire sauce, and plenty of zesty seasonings! With Mom's Veggie Dip on the table, the vegetables become the most appetizing dish! Who would have thought? Well, Mom really does know what's best!

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6. Ranch Crack Dip

Ranch Crack Dip

This is not just any ranch dip. This is Ranch Crack Dip; the epitome of ranch dips! The inclusion of succulent bacon bits certainly does elevate it, but it's more than that! It's the tanginess and the zestiness of the spices mixed in, the cheesy goodness and the sharp savory flavor of green onions. You'll be more than eager to crack into this Ranch Crack Dip!

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7. Perfect Corn Salsa

Perfect Corn Salsa

Everyone thinks of tomatoes when it comes to salsa, but a good corn salsa can really change up your Tex-Mex game. Perfect Corn Salsa goes even further, blowing almost any tomato salsa out of the water! Tangy, vibrant, sweet, a hint of spice, Perfect Corn Salsa has it all! Whether you're serving chips and salsa as a snack or as a topping for salads or burrito bowls, this salsa does it all!

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8. Energy Nut Balls

Energy nut balls-2

You're gonna go nuts for these Energy Nut Balls! Some people need their coffee for a burst of energy, but we prefer chowing on little spheres of sweet goodness to get us back on our feet and conquering all the day's to-dos. These oat-y bites bring hints of citrus, tart cranberries, sweet dates, crunchy almonds and are so, so easy to whip up. And that way, you can chill them in the fridge until you need them most! Don't be tired! Munch on some Energy Nut Balls and get a little nutty!

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9. Crack Crab Dip

Crack Crab Dip-6

Crack Crab Dip is the one all your friends will be begging you to bring to the next party. It's the one that's creamy, cheesy, and loaded with tender crabmeat and all sorts of savory seasonings. It's the one that's got a soft and smooth inside and a crispy, crunchy, cracker topping. It's the one that tastes quite literally amazing with a slice of your favorite bread or some buttery crackers. Mmm, Crack Crab Dip is the only snack you'll ever need for every occasion!

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10. Easy Shrimp Cocktail

Easy Shrimp Cocktail image

You can bring cocktail hour from the ballroom to your home kitchen. Easy Shrimp Cocktail is an upscale appetizer you can enjoy anytime… quite literally, since it only takes 5 minutes to make it. The natural sweetness of the shrimp becomes irresistible with just a dip in that scarlet cocktail sauce… especially because the cocktail sauce is also homemade! You can serve your Easy Shrimp Cocktail to your dinner guests or keep it to yourself when you want to treat yourself to a black-tie appetizer!

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11. The Very Best Whipped Feta Dip

The Very Best Whipped Feta Dip 01 (1)

It's time to party! You will be dancing to a new tune with The Very Best Whipped Feta Dip. Delightful feta cheese and creamy Greek yogurt get jazzed up with some tangy garlic, zesty lemon juice, and nutty olive oil. They're blended on a smooth note for your taste buds' enjoyment and dressed up with some of your most beloved garnishes. Serve The Very Best Whipped Feta Dip any time you need to get the party started. It's a dance-worthy kind of dip!

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12. Pimento Sausage Balls

Pimento Sausage Balls 2

When you're about to have a ball (as in a party), then you need a tasty sphere to get the good flavors rolling! These Pimento Sausage Balls are definitely it. The way the spicy sausage melds so tastily with the creamy pimento cheese makes it easy to see why this app is always the life of any party. We love that they're super easy to make, so whether it's a big or small occasion you're planning, a nice spread of Pimento Sausage Balls is always great to have around!

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13. Ranchero Dip

Ranchero Dip

Yee-haw partners! It's time to get this party started the right way with this Ranchero Dip! This creamy, spicy, vibrant dip mixes the cooling flavors of buttermilk and mayonnaise, the zest of ranch seasonings, the herbaceous flavor of cilantro, making it a great pairing for fresh vegetables or hot savory wings, or whatever snacks will blaze the trails for your tastebuds. The Ranchero Dip will whip the appetizer course into shape!

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14. Bacon-Ranch Roll Ups

Bacon-Ranch Roll Ups

Roll up! Roll up! Come and see the snack everyone is raving about... in between bites, of course! Bacon-Ranch Roll Ups are filled with zesty, creamy savory goodness, plus cream cheese, ranch seasoning, shredded chicken and, of course, succulent bacon all making prime appearances. Rolled up into pinwheels and eager to please and impress, Bacon-Ranch Roll Ups get the good times rolling!

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15. Whipped Goat Cheese Spread

Whipped Goat Cheese Spread

Just dipping into this Whipped Goat Cheese Spread is a special occasion! It's creamy, tangy, rich, and vibrant, with notes of lemon and dill for a refreshing, herbaceous flavor! By being whipped, Whipped Goat Cheese Spread is also delightfully light, perfect for piling on top of crackers, veggies, or basically anything you have on hand! With crispy sage leaves on top, this dip becomes more than a snack... it becomes a party-starter!

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16. Beloved Potluck Dip

Beloved Potluck Dip

Everyone's happy to see this dip make an appearance at the party; that is, after all, how it got its name! Beloved Potluck Dip is a refreshing vegetarian dip ready and loaded with nutty, lime-infused quinoa and a hearty, creamy, spicy black bean purée. There's also plenty of bright veggies and a tangy avocado to really display a dazzling array of flavors! Beloved Potluck Dip is ready to amaze right from the start, and win even more hearts and taste buds!

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17. Secret Corn Salsa

Secret Corn Salsa

So, you must be wondering: What is the secret of this Secret Corn Salsa? Surprisingly, there is no secret, except if you want to keep the recipe secret so you don't have to share! Seriously, this salsa is something else: bright and summery with just the right amount of spicy jalapeño and poblano heat, with notes of sweetness and citrus electricity. Perhaps the real secret of Secret Corn Salsa is that there never seems to be enough tortilla chips to eat it all!

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18. Alaska Dip

Alaska Dip

Making this Alaska Dip is easier than crab fishing, that is for sure! Just mix the ingredients together and you have the creamiest, richest, most herbaceous dipping sauce around! With succulent, smoky bites of salmon mixed in, it's just the thing for toast, crackers, or even vegetables! Alaska Dip does the Last Frontier proud!

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19. Dream Roll-Ups

Dream Roll-Ups

These little wraps are rolling up to your door to bring good times and nourishing flavors! Dream Roll-Ups are filled with tangy, creamy, nutty, sharp cheeses, aromatic garlic, and tender vegetables, all wrapped in a lightly crisp and warm tortilla. Isn't a great vegetarian meal like that, one that's low-fat but big on flavor, the dream? Dream Roll-Ups certainly think so and they are making that dream a reality!

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20. Fried Zucchini

Fried Zucchini 1

Move over french fries, there's a new big dipper in town. Fried Zucchini opens up a whole new, almost-healthy alternative to the mundane spud stick. So versatile and so delicious, these golden-fried, sensationally-seasoned, parmesan-and-panko-encrusted zucchini strips are a win-win situation for just about any meal. Use your imagination with the pairing of dips, the types of sandwiches, or even the main dishes that the new, pan-fried, fan-favorite, we call Fried Zucchini, can sidekick with. Unbelievable! Take a break spud-cakes! We are rolling out new zucchini fries that will have the whole town in a tizzy. You haven't tasted anything like them!

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