Count Your Blessings With 18 Dishes Perfect for Church Lunch

After Church Pot Roast 04

Can't figure out what to bring to your upcoming Church Lunch? Let this list be the answer to your prayers! Extend the joy of togetherness beyond the pews and into an afternoon filled with community and heavenly dishes that are aptly named for such an occasion. These 18 Dishes Perfect for Church Lunch will have everyone singing praises and asking for that recipe!

1. Holy Moly Casserole

Holy Moly Casserole

Holy moly! Now, isn't this a good casserole?! Drawing inspiration from classic favorite flavors, Holy Moly Casserole is literally loaded with everything you love: juicy, beautifully seasoned chicken and savory roasted potatoes with a melty, sharp cheese topping and crispy, succulent bacon bits. Green onions add a touch of refreshment from all these beloved and rich flavors. Oh yes, you'll be shouting "holy moly, you have to try this," once you bite into Holy Moly Casserole!

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2. Church Morning Casserole

Church Morning Casserole 5

If your Sunday mornings are filled with fellowship and a rumbling stomach, make sure to grab a bite to eat before heading out for praise and worship! Church Morning Casserole is the perfect thing for this glorious occasion. You will be sure to leave your house full, because this beloved bake is loaded with spicy pork sausage and melty cheese on top of some flaky crescent rolls. Can we get a "hallelujah?!" No more checking your watch in the pews because you need lunch ASAP. Church Morning Casserole will help you (and your belly) enjoy this day even more!

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3. Stairway to Breakfast Heaven

Stairway to Breakfast Heaven 1

Let's get ready to rock! Start your day off with the most iconic thing since a certain guitar riff that everyone likes to fangirl over. The flavors of Stairway to Breakfast Heaven ascend you to a place you've never been before. With just one taste of this fluffy egg bake, featuring layer upon layer of crispy bacon, spicy sausage, creamy maple béchamel, and lots of melty cheese, you'll definitely be gettin' your groove on. You might even find yourself joining a rock 'n roll band and living life on the road. The good stuff can do that to ya. The Stairway to Breakfast Heaven is about to start a morning meal revolution, so get ready, because you were born for this. Can't stop, won't stop!

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4. Church Lunch Bake

Church Lunch Bake

You can't have a church lunch, a potluck, or a great get-together without the perfect casserole. There might even be a rule about it somewhere. Not to worry, the Church Lunch Bake will make everyone who tries it happy in an instant; all they need to do is bite into the tender pasta, the juicy, savory chicken, the rich tomato sauce, and the melty cheese. How could anyone not be satisfied with the Church Lunch Bake? Once you bring this to the gathering, don't be surprised if people ask you to bring this dish to every future party!

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5. Hallelujah Hash Brown Casserole

Hallelujah Hash Brown Casserole

Sing praise and give thanks, because breakfast has truly become heavenly! This Hallelujah Hash Brown Casserole elevates the best part of any breakfast, the potato, and makes it spectacular, with tender vegetables and browned succulent pork. Plenty of cheese will make any crispy potato all the better, and this Hallelujah Hash Brown Casserole is no exception to that rule. Get ready for some divinely delicious spuds with this new, sure to be a favorite, recipe!

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6. Have-Mercy Potato Salad

Have Mercy Potato Salad

Have-Mercy Potato Salad is a positively transcendent flavor experience! Hearty eggs, fluffy potatoes, an herbaceous tangy mayo sauce; all the classics are there but elevated to perfection! Notes of spice and sour pickles add flavor dimensions to this Have-Mercy Potato Salad that just tastes divine! Hallelujah!

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7. After-Church Pot Roast

After Church Pot Roast

There's nothing quite like the aroma of a pot roast wafting through the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon. As you step through the front door, the savory scent of seasoned beef, fresh thyme, and tender vegetables immediately envelops you in a warm embrace. The After-Church Pot Roast, lovingly seasoned with salt and pepper, is seared to a perfect golden-brown in a Dutch oven, creating a crust that locks in the succulent flavor. As the roast simmers in a rich broth of red wine and beef stock, you can almost hear the meat and vegetables harmonizing in a symphony of flavors. As the final touches are added to the thickened, velvety sauce, you can hardly wait to sit down and enjoy this meal with your loved ones. After-Church Pot Roast is more than just a meal; it's a warm, comforting hug that nourishes the body and soul.

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8. Heavenly Banana Dessert

Heavenly Banana Dessert

It even looks like a cloud! This Heavenly Banana Dessert gathers an angelic choir of creamy, delicious flavors, with a cookie and banana base and a fluffy, rich, sweet, and luscious pudding center. On top is whipped cream for that truly ethereal, divine texture and flavor! You'll be on cloud nine as soon as you enjoy your first bite of our Heavenly Banana Dessert!

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9. Welcome Home Bake

Welcome Home Bake

Hey! Long day? We get it, some days can be really long. Why not rest a spell with this Welcome Home Bake? It's the perfect way to unwind with a good meal. Buttery, tender egg noodles in a tangy, creamy sauce, with bites of succulent ham and plenty of crisp and fresh vegetables. Cheesy, crunchy, and amazingly tasty, the Welcome Home Bake really lays out the welcome mat.

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10. Church Potluck Bars

Church Potluck Bars 03

It's that time again! Time for the seasonal church potluck. Last time, you brought something savory, so now it's your turn to whip up something sweet. And you know what that means... you've gotta make some Church Potluck Bars! Everyone will cheer as you make your way into the big shebang with a dish full of these bites of blueberry dream! They're basically like little, perfect, personal-sized pies, and they're the best treat after that wholesome feast. So, get your Church Potluck Bars ready! It's time for some sweet fun and enjoyable fellowship!

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11. Holy Egg Salad

Holy Egg Salad

Can't you almost hear angelic voices singing the "hallelujah" chorus?! Holy Egg Salad is that divine! This creamy, eggy, dilly dish is basically as heavenly as they come. Put it on a crunchy slice of bread, serve it atop a salad, or just eat it right out of the bowl for a glorious escape to blissful deliciousness! You yourself will be singing (maybe not quite as angelically) when Holy Egg Salad is up for grabs!

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12. Angel Dessert

Angel Dessert 4

This Angel Dessert tastes like it literally floated down to your table on a cloud. It's light and fluffy thanks to its creamy filling and topping, sort of like it's means of transportation. It's got the best sweet, tart blueberry goodness that makes it as appealing to your tastebuds as it is to your eyes. Soon you'll feel like you're floating after indulging in the angelic, moist cake cubes fluttering around in this goodness known as Angel Dessert. You'll definitely hear the "hallelujah chorus" with every bite! It's just that heavenly!

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13. Church Supper Spaghetti

Church Supper Spaghetti image

If you’re looking for a hearty meal to feed a crowd and you’re in a hurry, Church Supper Spaghetti is the answer to your prayers! This delicious spaghetti casserole takes a little over an hour to make and makes enough to serve everyone at the potluck. With juicy beef, bright tomatoes, and sharp cheese, this recipe is sure to fill bellies and spark smiles! Church Supper Spaghetti is easy to make and sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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14. Hallelujah Hamburger Steak

Hallelujah Hamburger Steak

A divine dinner just ready to create a sense of awe and wonder on your taste buds? That's the Hallelujah Hamburger Steak in a nutshell! Each one of these tender, beefy, flavorful patties would impress on their own, but partnered with hearty mushrooms and a delicious, thick beef gravy? Well, that's nothing short of heavenly! Hallelujah Hamburger Steak certainly earns its wings!

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15. Heavenly Bread

Heavenly Bread

Oh, what a divine delicacy! What an angelic treat! Heavenly Bread parts the clouds and blesses everyone with this beloved flavor! The tender, golden bread serves up each piece stuffed with a buttery, herbaceous, cheesy filling. This Heavenly Bread is a pull-apart bread, so you're encouraged to share. After all, what could be more heavenly than coming together as a community to share in life's goodness... which this bread definitely is!

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16. Angelic Pasta

Angelic Pasta (8)

It doesn't take an eternity to make great pasta and very quickly. This superbly crafted dish will have you singing to the flavor heavens! Angelic Pasta hosts a bevy of beautiful, out-of-this-world tastes that are unimaginable! Angel hair pasta gets a new do with the addition of cruciferous kale, luminous lemons, and a fluttering of pecans and parmesan cheese. Supportive of your hunger for great food, Angelic Pasta is an intensely satisfying meal the pasta gods will gladly guide you to again and again. We're hoping and praying that you try it soon!

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17. Hallelujah Cake

Hallelujah Cake

Be prepared to sing this cake's praises, because it's going to answer your sweet tooth's prayers! Hallelujah Cake has holy layers of angel food cake and tart-sweet cherry pie filling, plus plenty of creamy vanilla pudding for richness and lightness. You'll be in awe of the majesty of dessert flavor in Hallelujah Cake. It's like a sunbeam of sweetness bursting through the clouds!

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18. Divine Dinner Skillet

Divine Dinner Skillet

A heavenly and hearty meal that should arrive on your table like a sunbeam! The sauce of the Divine Dinner Skillet is enough for it to earn its wings; creamy, fragrant, and wonderfully savory! The succulent shredded chicken, bright peppers, and crisp bacon bits all add to the harp melody of flavor. And it's all served on buttery egg noodles? Well, that settles it; Divine Dinner Skillet is an angelic meal that's ready in just half an hour! Hallelujah!

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