Fresh Out of the Kitchen: Our Newest Main Courses

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Consider your inner chef inspired! With this curated list of our latest and greatest Main Course Recipes, your kitchen is about to get a lot more creative. So, whether you’re cooking for yourself or those you love, get ready to try something fresh and indulge your taste buds!

1. Sea Spaghetti

Sea Spaghetti

Somewhere, beyond the sea, waiting for you is... this Sea Spaghetti! Although, it's actually waiting for you in your kitchen (anywhere on land is beyond the sea, right?). Tender spaghetti acts as a sea bed, with a creamy, tangy lemon sauce complete with waves of garlic flavor... and there's even perfectly cooked shrimp swimming in it all! Sea Spaghetti is certainly seaworthy and about to take your taste buds on an ocean voyage!

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2. My Big Fat Greek Chicken

My Big Fat Greek Chicken

Hey, it's time to bring the family together to celebrate! What are you celebrating? Does it matter when it's an occasion for My Big Fat Greek Chicken? The answer is no. Chicken thighs marinated in garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice are bright, herbaceous, and succulent, pan-seared for a crispy golden skin, and served with tender Mediterranean vegetables. My Big Fat Greek Chicken is a wedding of great flavors and it will be a feast of a dinner! Opa!

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3. Ultimate Steak Sammies

Ultimate Steak Sammies

Steakhouse goodness on buttered bread. The ultimate in lunchtime magic, indeed. Ultimate Steak Sammies don't hold anything back. The steak is a beautiful, rosy medium-rare, served on top of jammy and sweet caramelized onions with bitter arugula for contrast. Sweet fig jam and creamy brie add dimensions and even more complexity to an already luxurious sandwich. There isn't a sandwich more indulgent than these Ultimate Steak Sammies!

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4. Saucy Roasted Chicken

Saucy Roasted Chicken

Saucy Roasted Chicken has a lot going on! Sure, the chicken is juicy and perfectly cooked and succulent, but it's the sauce that makes this so special. That sauce is a homemade tomato-butter; so rich and vibrant, with the nurturing depth only tomato is capable of achieving (with butter added in, a total bonus), slathered all over the juicy bird. Mmmm, and then it comes with roasted potatoes and leeks for a side dish baked right in. When people find out you're making Saucy Roasted Chicken, they'll find any excuse to join you for dinner.

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5. Preacher's Favorite Beef Bake

Preacher's Favorite Beef Bake

Quick! Quick! The preacher is coming over for dinner! Better make their favorite dish! Preacher's Favorite Beef Bake is a beefy, savory, spicy, mix of ground beef, rich tomatoes, herbs, warm spices, and buttery egg noodles. And of course, it wouldn't be anyone's favorite without plenty of cheese. So, for the honored guest, Preacher's Favorite Beef Bake features four different cheeses for marvelous melty magic! This is sure to impress!

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6. Crispy Honey Chicken

Crispy Honey Chicken

Now, this dish is a little hands-on, but trust us; it is so, so worth it. Crispy Honey Chicken is guaranteed to be incredibly crunchy and satisfying, with a heart of beautifully marinated savory chicken beneath the battered and twice-fried crust. The sweet-and-sticky honey sauce brings a fantastic contrast in flavor that will make this the best fried chicken ever. Crispy Honey Chicken is literal music to the ears (you can hear it from miles away)!

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7. Mimi's Chicken Alfredo

Mimi's Chicken Alfredo

Mimi's Chicken Alfredo is chicken Alfredo at its most homespun and classic. No frills, just good juicy chicken sliced atop a bed of creamy, tender pasta. That cheesy, hearty, luscious sauce is the stuff of dreams, coating everything in tasty, tasty wonder! Simple and speedy, yet enticing and luxurious, Mimi's Chicken Alfredo will make dinner something special!

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8. The Best Cumin Beef

The Best Cumin Beef

Beef up your next dinner with something fresh and filling. The Best Cumin Beef stirs up big flavor just for you! Bite-sized pieces of tender flank steak are marinated and stir-fried with a flavorful cumin-infused sauce for the perfect take-out-at-home meal. The Best Cumin Beef really is the best combination of fresh ingredients and spices that will awaken your taste buds. Stir up the best tonight!

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9. The Perfect Picadillo

The Perfect Picadillo

Easy, delicious, authentic... you won't want to miss this! The Perfect Picadillo will quickly become your new favorite meal! Savory ground beef is seasoned with Latin America's best kept spice secrets, along with vibrant, colorful bell peppers, tangy olives, and jammy raisins! Those flavors all come together to make something, well, perfect! On a bed of fluffy white rice or with some creamy black beans, The Perfect Picadillo will be a quick, delicious meal change-up for your busy family!

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10. Toscana Orzo

Toscana Orzo

If you desire an elegant meal for your man that's made with ease, this amazing dish of flavor-fire is sure to please. Show him your amazing multi-tasking skills of spending quality time with him, while simultaneously flexing your prime pasta skills by cooking up some of your famous Toscana Orzo. Add together tender orzo pasta, bright carrots, spicy sausage, and creamy pecorino... it's sure to have him singing soprano! It's always that pasta-loving season with cheesy Toscana Orzo!

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11. Cast-Iron Casserole

Cast Iron Casserole

All the comfort you can dream of in one pan! Cast-Iron Casserole will bring the family to the table in no time! Your favorite combination — chicken, broccoli, rice, and cheese — all together in one place is what we like to see. With a sprinkling of crunchy, toasted breadcrumbs and melted sharp parmesan cheese, this Cast-Iron Casserole joins the ranks of perfect comfort dishes! It's even better than you can imagine!

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12. Creamy Mushroom Chicken Bake

Creamy Mushroom Chicken Bake

When easy and delicious come together, it is a beautiful thing. Creamy Mushroom Chicken Bake is as easy and delicious as it gets! Thinly sliced chicken breasts are tenderly baked in a sauce of creamy, always-tasty mushroom soup and are crowned with loads of melted mozzarella cheese to top it off just right! When the nights are busy or the guests come quickly, Creamy Mushroom Chicken Bake is the perfect meal to keep in your recipe repertoire and the reviews will always be raving! Easy, delicious, and raving reviews?! It doesn't get any better than this!

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