Halloween Pranks, Candy Ranks, and an Award-Worthy Costume — Oh My!

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It's that time of year again — the time of year when everyone is donning their lawn with spooky decorations, raiding the grocery aisles for candy corn, and spewing all their innermost thoughts about Halloween candy.

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To get you in the mood for the season, here are some of the internet's best pranks and strong opinions about candy! Be warned, friend, this is about to get wild.

Part 1: Halloween pranks, anyone?

1. How would you react to this guy?

We would probably react similar to the the first guy.

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2. We're just hoping the second girl isn't hurt.

This is just... cruel.

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3. Use these at your own risk...

Mark Rober is a former NASA Engineer, and obviously, he's using his brains for the good of the world. Ha!

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Part 2: What do you Think About Halloween Candy?

1. Someone please check on the fine folks of Texas.

They don't seem to be okay over there.

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2. #JusticeForMilkyWays

Straight to the trash? That's so upsetting.

Part 3: Halloween Dad Jokes to go With Your Candy

1: It's bad to the bone.

2. Someone give this man a prize.

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3. Sad, but true.

Happy Spooky Season, guys and ghouls! Be safe out there.

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