4 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner

Is there any single meal people look forward to the way they look forward to Thanksgiving? Literally all year long, folks turn their eye to that Thursday in November where they unbuckle their belts and make belly room for a sumptuous feast!

But for those throwing the soiree, that can mean the pressure is on to make it all memorable. After all, it's on you to make sure everybody passes the holiday with glee. Guest lists, decorations, settings, food — it can be a lot.

If that turkey toiling lays heavy on your mind, don't worry — we are here to help. What follows is a checklist that will ensure your Thanksgiving dinner goes off without a hitch. And there's no need to thank us; we just want to make sure you and yours are grateful for this wonderful evening.

1. T-Day Teamwork

Putting together a Thanksgiving dinner party is a lot of work. If you're in charge of the whole affair, think of yourself as the team captain and delegate tasks. Friends and family can do everything from help set the table to washing up after. You can even reach out before the event and ask guests to provide items like sides, desserts, or even libations. A little help from each guest will go a long way!

2. Pre-Game Prep

It can take hours and hours to prepare a great Thanksgiving dinner. But nobody said all of those hours had to be squeezed into a single day. Use the week leading up to the event for advance prep. Peel potatoes the day before (just plunk them in water so they don't brown). Bake those pies ahead of time. Set the table in advance! More work yesterday means less today.

3. Gear Up

For all your hard work, Thanksgiving fumbles happen. One way to avoid them is to be sure you have all the right cooking and serving gear. Think sharp knives for carving, gravy boats for pouring, casseroles, pie pans, peelers — the works!

Pro tip: check your menu ahead of time and take note of what you will need to get the job done.

4. Take Care of You

You've been so busy making sure everybody else at your Thanksgiving dinner is happy that you've forgotten to take care of yourself. An unhappy cook makes for an unhappy kitchen. So, be sure to take breaks for self-care like time sitting on the couch visiting with your guests or a nap. Have wine to sip on and some relaxing music to keep you going. Your love is going into the meal, so be sure to love yourself, too!

Thanksgiving Dinner 2

Thanksgiving comes but once a year! Follow our advice to help make sure it all comes out good for you and the whole gang.

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